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It is very late when Chris approaches the Boys Quarters.
He is still running.
He had ran from Effe’s house all the way here, and he is out of breath.
His T-shirt is soaked and plastered to his skin.
He is breathing in wheezes, and his huge frame is still vibrating from the night’s severe torture.
His porch is dark, and as he climbs the steps to the porch a dark figure detaches itself in the shadows and approaches him.
He can see in the dim sky light that it is a woman. He stops and frowns.
Chris. It’s me. Babs.
It’s late, Baaba. What’re you doing here?
I’ve been waiting for hours, Chris. I came with a taxi because I didn’t plan to leave, and I didn’t want your sister-in-law questioning me. She returned a few minutes ago, and I stayed in the shadows so she didn’t see me.
Chris walks past her and inserts his key in the door lock.
Go home, Baaba, please. I’m not in a good mood this night.
She says nothing as he goes inside.
She follows him and kicks the door shut.
Chris rips his T-shirt off and kicks off his sneakers. He pulls his jeans down and his boxers follow shortly.
Naked and in emotional pain, he walks past her into the bathroom, gets under the showers, and turns on the ice-cold water.
He emerges forty minutes later, sure that she is gone.
She is not in the living-room. He locks the door and, still naked, pads into the bedroom.
Baaba is standing near the bed.
She has taken off her dress, and she is wearing only black panties and bra with her back to him.
He stops, and as he looks at her she slips one bra strap down her shoulder, and then the other one.
She turns the bra round, unclasps it, and lets it fall to the ground.
She hooks her thumbs into the edge of her panties, and then she pulls them down her hips and down to her feet.
She is bent over now, her incredible behind jutting out and up, the dark shape between her thighs sharply accentuated.
She stands up slowly and waits.
Chris shakes his head as he feels a sound like thunder in his head, taking his mind back.
Chris sees Effe!
He sees Steve naked, erection pointing to the floor as it wilts.
With a little moan of pain he bridges the distance between him and Baaba.
He clamps hot hands on her waist and pulls her into him. Her derriere is now nestling on his enraged manhood.
She arches her back, curls one hand around his neck, and offers her lips to be kissed.
Make me a woman, Chris, please make me a woman!
His hot lips blaze down her neck and he nibbles her earlobes as his hands creep up and cup her firm breasts, his thumbs flicking her nipples.
She moans.
Chris steps back suddenly, his face tortured.
Damn it, Baaba! I can’t! You need gentleness, but this night I’m savage. I can’t do this to you. My soul is shattered, and I just want this pain to leave my heart. I’ll just be using you, and I’ve vowed never to do that to any woman ever again.
She turns fully into his arms, drags his head down and clamps her hot wet lips on his.
She kisses him fiercely, violently.
She takes his hand and slips it between her legs.
With a lost groan he caresses her inner core, and her body trembles as if she is in a gale.
Her hands are clamped on his erection, tugging impatiently.
They fall on the bed.
He nibbles her nipples!
She moans, her body going into incredible arches and curls like a horny snake.
He is lying on top of her.
Her legs part, and a moment later he slips into her.
Her breath catches, and her hands grip him in a choke hold. Her thighs grip him tightly.
He grips her beautiful derriere.
She draws his head down and kisses him feverishly, in total abandon and submission as he begins a gentle rhythmic stroke.
He sees Effe’s face, and he moans, moving faster in desperation, forcing himself to concentrate on Baaba, to drive Effe and her pain out of his system.
She is squirming and groaning with pleasure beneath him.
It is a long night… and they don’t sleep till dawn…
Much later, as she sleeps the sleep of the dead, he gets off the bed and pads to the bathroom.
Oh Effe! How could you do this to me? Oh Effe, my precious, my treasure…
He has just made marathon love …but it is Effe he still misses terribly, and craves for with every dot of blood in his body!
He returns to bed and lies down.
She is curled in the foetal position, and as his hand touches her shoulder slightly she flinches, and lashes out suddenly with her leg, catching him solidly in the stomach, making him grunt with pain.
She lashes out with her other foot, straight into his balls, and this time a muffled scream escapes through his lips as he doubles up with pain.
Leave me alone, Daddy! Don’t do it, Daddy….pleeeeeaaase!
Chris is holding his balls, gasping with pain, when she bolts upright on the bed, her face terrified, sweat drenching her, her wild eyes sweeping around the room.
She sees him bent in agony, and the fear leaves her face, and she comes to him, her face contrite.
Oh! Chris! Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, baby, please, forgive me! I’m so sorry!
It’s okay. You kicked me. But it’s okay.
She pushes him on the bed, and then she slowly massages the knot in his belly away.
I’m sorry, Chris. I have these nightmares sometimes, about my father forcing me again. I’m so sorry.
Chris relaxes and smiles weakly at her.
She is trembling, but slowly she smiles at him, and tears forms in her eyes.
Why are you crying? I said it’s okay.
She wipes tears from her eyes, and she smiles, and her lips tremble.
Oh. They’re tears of joy. I made love, with my own will, for the very first time. You made me a woman, Chris, my love. Thank you.
He says nothing, but the image of Steve’s erection intrudes in his mind’s eye, and he shuts his eyes tightly with pain.
Baaba is running her right hand down his belly, and slowly he opens his eyes.
She is looking shyly at his manhood, and then she blushes furiously and looks at his face.
I… I haven’t really seen a p*nis before.
Chris chuckles then, much against his will, and a moment later he laughs gently.
Baaba smiles nervously too, and then she puts her hand just on top of his right thigh.
Can …can I?
Touch it? Please? Can I see it?
Chris smiles and shakes his head.
If you want to.
She blushes furiously again, and then she turns round and puts her face next to his loins. She reaches out, tentatively at first, and then she touches him.
Hesitantly, slowly, unsure. She lifts him up and examines what lies beneath.
She touches him there, lifts and weighs his scrotal sac.
Oh! I can feel the two balls inside! Oh! Why is the skin loose here? Is it painful? Oh!
She bends lower, examining him, and suddenly she sits back with a startled cry, her eyes bulging, and he looks at her with raised eyebrows.
What’s it now?
She points a timid finger at him, and he looks, and he is erect due to all her fondling.
It’s …it’s up! Again!
Yeah. It’s because you touched me.
Oh. Oh! I see!
Chris smiles and lies back again.
Sleep, Baaba. It’s late.
He reaches up and presses the dangling switch that puts off the light.
She lies down carefully beside him, and a moment later he feels her hand on his thigh, and then she grips him.
Oh! It’s …it’s still …hard!
He says nothing.
She still holds him.
Can we… I want you to make love to me again.
Chris says nothing.
The initial desire is gone. His heart is now beginning to fill up with guilt, and regret, and the pain of knowing Steve has indeed been making love to Effe.
He had been filled with pain, a jealousy so green that if he had stayed a second more he would have killed Steve.
He loves Effe.
It is the simple truth.
He will always love her.
And in his pain and agony, in a bid to forget the pain, he has taken advantage of this kind girl who needs a real man, someone who can give her total love, gentleness and understanding.
He is not that man, because his heart is taken.
What has he just gotten himself into?
He just cannot bear to hurt Baaba. She is a traumatized victim of an abusive and incestuous father.
She needs and deserves more than he can give.
He gasps with surprise when he feels Baaba moving all over him, and in a moment she is astride him, and slowly settling herself on top of him…
He sighs with resignation.
Trouble knows him by name… and it seems to him he has just been found, again, by trouble!

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