The Deadly Payback

By�Olarenwaju Precious�



Chris danced into the reception hall with his lawfully wedded wife’s arm in his. Their wedding could be described as the best in the year. The couple were perfect for each other, everybody knew this fact.

The crowd cheered and hailed as the couple, their friends and family danced in. The DJ was also killing it by playing the hottest musics in town. The ongoing one was “Aye” by Davido, the couple and well wishers all rocked and danced to it.

They got to the stage and the Master Of Ceremony called off the dance when they got to their seats. Other dancers and well wishers also returned to their seats and the program continued.

Chris looked at his wife’s face happily as the program went on. He was the happiest man on earth today, he just got married to the most beautiful woman on earth, Effe. He remembered the days of toasting and using sweet sweet words for her. He was happy that his efforts were not wasted at the end and that all of his friends who laughed at him and predicted that their relationship would not work out were put in shame.

For Effe, it was also the most happiest day of her life but she was happy for a different reason, a very bad reason. She accepted to marry Chris Kedem, who was the only son of barrister Ken Kedem just to revenge her father’s death.

5 years ago, on the day of her convocation, her father was sentenced to death by hanging. He had been wrongly accused at his place of work where he worked as a gateman that he killed a man who was actually killed by the general manager of the company. Except on the day of the final judgement, Effe did not hear of the court trials her father was going through. Her father just decide to hide it from her not to disturb her final examinations and final year project. She heard about the story when she was wondering why her father did not come for her convocation and that day of joy was turned to sorrow for her. Barrister Ken Kedem was the lawyer who stood against her father in court that day even when he knew her father was innocent.

She had taken revenge by killing the only two children of the general manager and the police were still investigating the case. This was the last revenge she planned to take. She planned it well to fall on Barrister Ken Kedem’s happiest day. She planned on giving herself to the police after her success with this.

The programs in the party went on the the people danced and danced and danced, everybody enjoyed the party. Chris was happy and Effe was smiling by his side.

“My darling Chris, please can you follow me to the toilet?” Effe begged her new husband.

“Hmmm……… Will it be OK if the both of us go out from this place the same time?” Chris.

“Pleeeaase sweetheart!” Effe begged again with a sexy smile. “You know I always want to see you by my side”

“OK. I will follow you.” Chris agreed as the sexy smile disrupted his system.

The both of them stood up and stylishly passed the back to the toilet.

“Please come inside with me,” Effe begged again.

“I should come inside…..” Chris

“Yes, you are going to help me take off my clothes nao and then you can go out”.


Chris followed her into the toilet and bent down to help her lose something on her legs. Unknowingly to him, she quickly took the knife she asked someone to drop at the window side. She raised it up high and waited for him to look up.

Immediately he looked up, she stabbed him on the chest several times and the blood stained her clothes, hands and face. She smiled because she enjoyed his scream as she stabbed him. She felt so glad when she saw him fall to the floor and give up the ghost with blood coming out of his body.


Meanwhile, Inspector Danso Cuger was now at the party and causing confusion with his other police officers that came with him. He was accusing the bride of being a killer but Barrister Ken Kedem was very angry at him and was trying to send him away from spoiling the happiest day of his life.

Suddenly and shocking to everyone, the bride came back to the stage with her whole stained with blood and laughing like a witch. “I killed him! I killed him!” She kept shouting. Everyone was very shocked.

She keep walking until she reached the front of Inspector Danso Cuger and Barrister Ken Kedem.

“Arrest me now, I am done avenging my father’s death. I have repayed all of them for the murder of my father Steve Jon”.



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