Tarasha 2 – Chapter 14 Part 8

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Henry stepped out of the room slowly with the gun in his hand raised. He looked towards the right first and just as he turned to the left, his eyes met with the eyes of the man in the mask. He tried to sh00t but it was too late, a bullet was already coming his way.

The bullet narrowly missed the right side of his face and hit the frame of the door. Henry was back into the room in a second, slamming the door shut.

Rex followed after immediately, seeing that Henry was a weak prey which he could use as hostage against Tarasha. He got to the front of the door and kicked it with the back of his door but the door refused to give way. He then pointed his gun at the handle and fired two shots at it.


Tarasha turned back with her gun raised as she heard the first gunshot. She could tell it was from the corridor and she continued towards the room where the Inspector General was kept as she didn’t see Rex coming after her yet. She stopped suddenly at the entrance of the room as she heard more gunshots. The direction of the sounds was from the passage she just left. She suddenly realized that Henry must be the one Rex was shooting at. He had gone into his room after leaving hers.

She turned back and proceeded back towards the passages with speed.


The door gave way immediately after the second bullet hit it but bullets began to pierce through it from behind just as about the same time. Rex moved swiftly away and hid behind the wall of the door. Henry was trying to fight back and was now shooting at him. The gunshots ceased. Rex remained in the same position, he fastened his fingers to his gun and waited for the right time to move. But Tarasha showed up at the exit again and fired two quick shots at him. He quickly bent down to dodge the bullets and began to run towards the entrance of the place while she continued shooting at him. He fired two shots while running but was totally off target.

‘Henry!’ Tarasha called as she stepped into the passage. ‘Step out now,’ she said, still firing shots with guns in both hands towards the front entrance, spraying the bullets up and down.

‘Tara,’ Henry called in low tones as she stepped out of the room, still holding the gun in his hands.

‘Go this way,’ Tara said, directing him with a hand to leave through the exit. The bullets in her pistol finished at that moment and she dipped her hand into her pocket to bring out another gun while Henry ran towards the exit.

Rex was quick to notice the pause in her shooting and he took advantage of it to enter back into the corridor. He began to sh00t at her before she could raise up her gun. She dashed into the room and hid behind the wall, raising her gun above her shoulder in readiness for him.

The gunshots from Rex continued for some more seconds, Tarasha watched the flow to see if she could come out bending but the bullets were being shot from up to down. After thirty seconds, the shots ceased. Tarasha concluded that he had run out of bullets, she positioned her finger on the trigger.

But just as she tried to take a step forward, something hit the head jamb of the door frame and fell to the floor by her side. It was a grenade.


Most of the stores and shops on the streets were already being locked up. Very few vehicles are now on the road and almost no pedestrians was seen by the roadside. The sound of police sirens could be heard from afar. Dave and Lizzy already had their car parked opposite the gate of the building but at the other side of the road. Dave had just finished calling Dan and the SSS office for reinforcement and the police officers at the nearby station were already on their way in response to the sounds of gunshots being heard.

‘You need to leave here now Liz,’ Dave said to her as he fixed in bullets into his gun.

‘Yes, I know but what do you plan to do?’

Dave finished loading his gun before looking at her face. ‘I have only six bullets in my gun, I’ll be in trouble if I go in there right now. So I’ll stick around and wait for the police officers to get here, I should be able to get more from them. You have to leave now, you’d have a lot of trouble with the Agency if you are seen around here.’

‘I’m fully aware of that. But what about you, do you have a NIS protection mask?’

‘I left it in my car.’

Lizzy pulled out a mask from her bag and handed it to him. ‘Here’s mine, it might be a little big for you but you can still manage it.’

‘Thank you,’ Dave said with a very brief smile as he received the mask. ‘I’ll call you as soon as I can,’ Dave said and stepped out of the car.

‘Stay safe,’ Lizzy said to him before driving off.

Dave stood on the same spot for almost a minute, staring at the gate of the building. He was expecting Dan to join him in nothing less than five minutes. But the police had arrived already in three different vehicles and he had to get into the place before it was too late to do anything. He put on the mask and crossed the road to meet the officers at the other side.


Henry got into the other passage and made his way straight to the room the Inspector General was kept. He got in to meet a surprise, Tomi was in a fist war with a man and he had knocked her down already. He was about to twist her neck when Henry fired a shot into the man’s shoulder. He fell off to the floor weakly and Henry hit the butt of the gun on the back of his head.

‘What do we do to him?’ Henry asked, pointing his gun at the Inspector General who was still laying on the bed. The man was now awake but still weak and unable to move his body because of the drugs given to him.

‘I don’t know,’ Tomi replied as she struggled to her feet. ‘I don’t know if the boss wants him dead now or still left alive,’ she said, still breathing heavily.

‘No, we can’t ki*ll him.’ Henry said, shaking his head.

‘Then we have to move him out of here, the police would soon surround this building. We can take the backdoor,’ Tomi replied.

‘Where do we take him to?’

‘We’d just take him out first, hijack a car and get across to Cole.’

‘Where’s Cole?’

‘Cole just left with Dr Ekwueme. He told me that the boss asked him to find somewhere safe for us. He would call me as soon as he finds somewhere good.’

‘Okay,’ Henry kept his gun into his pocket and hurried towards the bed. ‘How do we carry him?’

‘Can you carry him on your shoulders or we lift him together?’

‘Let me see if I can have him on my shoulder, I hope he would not give me problems.’

‘No, he won’t. The drugs have made him totally weak.’

Henry bent and pulled the man up to sit upright. He placed the man’s hands on a side of his shoulder and was trying to lift when they heard a voice from behind.

‘Stop right there!’ Stainless ordered, standing at the entrance and pointing a gun at them.

Tomi eyes widened in surprise on seeing Stainless at the door. She wondered what Stainless was doing there. It had never occurred to her that he could part of the guys who had come to attack them.

‘Stainless!’ she exclaimed almost voicelessly.

Stainless ignored her and tightened his grip on the gun, ‘Both of you should go on your knees.’

They obeyed, going on their knees slowly with their hands raised in the air. Stainless proceeded slowly towards them with his gun still pointed at them. Tomi still stared at him in surprise.

‘I’m still amazed at the boldness you guys had to kidnap the Inspector General,’ Stainless said as he moved closer to them, the gun now aimed at Henry’s forehead.

He was going to ki*ll them both. That was Rex’s instruction, to ki*ll everyone they could to rescue the Inspector General.

Tomi finally realized what was happening as Stainless approached. It dawned on her that she was the cause for the attack.


Flashback — The day Before

Tomi paused and stared at her phone’s screen for a moment, anger boiling up in her heart. The slut called Patricia was really proving to be a whore. She wondered why she was calling her just few minutes after she had spoken with Cole.

The call ended without being answered and Patricia proceeded out of the house. She got into the car and drove out of the compound. The call from Patricia came in again after she drove out through the gate. She ignored for the second time. The call came the third time and it enraged Tomi. She pulled over to the side of the road and stepped out of the car with the phone.

‘Why the **** are you calling my line?’ she voiced into the mouthpiece.

‘Hey! Calm down,’ a calm voice responded from the other end. ‘Good evening.’

‘Shut the **** up and go straight to the point!’ Tomi slammed. She wasn’t going to calm down. Patricia was really a slut who knew how to get on her nerves. Not only was she taking Cole’s attention from her but she was also doing it in a way to annoy her badly. She remembered the day before when she received the last call from the slut’s number, she was greeted by very annoying sounds. For the whole ten minutes of the call which she listened, Cole was shouting on top of his voice how he loved Patricia for the first two minutes and then moans of sexual pleasure followed all through. The call had been a terrible one and it was the reason Tomi wasn’t willing to answer her call again.

‘I’m only trying to be nice but I’ll go straight to the point since you want me to,’ Patricia sounded pissed off from the other end. ‘I knew you listened when I called you yesterday and I’ve been feeling guilty ever since then. I knew you would be feeling so jealous as you listened to the man you claimed was your boyfriend confessing his love to me and giving it to me so hard. So I’ve come with an offer for you. With this offer, we can both enjoy him together without any party loosing. So, I want to ask if you’re interested in striking a deal with me.’

‘You’re crazy,’ Tomi slammed, feeling infuriated. ‘I’ll ki*ll you when I see you.’

‘Hahaha,’ the voice from the other end giggled. ‘**** off b****, he is for me and me alone.’ the call ended.

Tomi got into the car feeling so annoyed. She drove in that annoyance to the pharmacy and got the drugs she needed. Then she decided to visit a joint she used to be regular at, to cool off her mind with cold beer which she knew would be odd taking at the base at that moment.

She was cooling off with beer when Stainless appeared before her. It didn’t meet her as a surprise as the joint was also regularly visited by Stainless and his men.

Stainless joined her table and they eventually began to talk. He was able to convince her to speak to him what bothered her and she told him how she met with Cole, one of late Don Dan’s boys and was now working with him. She deliberately left out the part of Cole’s relation with Samantha Osman and did not in any way hint about knowing anything concerning Samantha Osman. But she never knew Stainless was aware of who Cole worked for.

Stainless was able to calm her down by promising to help deal with Patricia, the only thing Tomi had to pay him with was a good round of sex.

Unknowingly to Tomi, she was traced to the base that afternoon.


Tears formed in Tomi’s eyes as Stainless stopped at their front. She knew she had caused something terrible for the gang.

Stainless smirked on seeing the frustration on Tomi’s face. He shook his head in mockery and then turned his gaze to Henry’s face. He stared Henry for a while. Henry had been staring at him and Tomi and wondering what was between them with the way they stared at each other. Stainless smirked at Henry. He was glad to have the opportunity to be the murderer of the famous Computer programmer and developer.

Tomi closed her eyes as she saw Stainless’ finger pushing the trigger slowly.

Bang! The gun was shot.

Henry fell to the ground.


…To be continued

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  1. It’s all Tomi And Cole’s fault. They just kee
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    n danger. Henry should not die. Nice upda

  2. Y won’t Tara and Cole brief Tomi about Rex and
    stainless wen she joined the gang ,with that she
    wouldnt have made such a costly mistake. Oyin
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  4. I’m waiting for today’s update

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    Oyin, pls over to you…

  5. LESSON FOR Tarasha
    when members of ur team have a
    problem get involve and remedy it,
    don’t just say u don’t care…
    if she steps in to settle e issue all
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    Oyin carry this message to Tara 4

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