Tarasha 2 – Chapter 14 Part 6

Tarasha 2 – Chapter 14 Part 6

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� Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


Aguda House.




The Vice President had just returned home and was trying to change his clothes in his room when he got the text message carrying the headline on his phone. ‘Nonsense, fake news,’ he said to himself. ‘What’s wrong with Linda Ikeji?’ he added, already blaming the blogger in his mind for giving out false and unverified news. He took off his shirt and returned to the bed in his singlet and knee-length shorts to read the text message properly.

He placed a knee at the edge of the bed and clicked on the link provided in the text message. It led him to the news website and he scrolled down to read. The first thing he saw was the vehicle which he recognized as the Inspector General’s in the bush. He hissed and scrolled to continue, thinking it was just another vehicle of the same kind.

The Inspector General Of Police has been kidnapped this morning while on his way to the hospital for his weekly routine checkup and treatment. How the kidnap happened is unverified yet but our sources say the Inspector General and his escorts were ambushed along Goodluck Road. His car was found in a bush at Ama with the dead bodies of his two escorts in the bush. Efforts to trace how the car got there is yet unproductive as most of the residents interviewed claimed not to have seen how the car got there. More details to be revealed later.

It can’t be true, the Vice President thought to himself. He located his other phone and dialed the Inspector General’s phone number. The number was switched off.

He thought of calling the man’s wife but remembered that the woman and their two daughters lived in the US and may not be able to tell the immediate whereabouts of the man. He then scrolled down, he selected and dialed the number of the Deputy Inspector General in charge of the zone. The call was answered after the first ring.

‘Good evening your excellency.’

‘Good evening DIG, there’s the rumour about someone kidnapping the Inspector General, I want you to find out who’s behind the rumour and get the person arrested.’ Chief Elvis said, getting up to his feet.

‘It is true sir…’

‘What is true?’

‘The Inspector General was kidnapped this morning…’

The Vice President lowered the phone slowly in shock and found himself seated in the bed. He stared at his phone in silence for a while before something popped up in his mind. He checked the time on the phone, it was 7:53pm. He got up and proceeded to the television. He turned on the wall socket and turned on the TV. After two minutes of looking for the remote control without seeing it, he turned off the television and hurried out of the room to the living room. He met Vivian seated there and watching a music channel.

‘Hello Vivian, you have to excuse me for some minutes please. I can’t find my TV remote control and I want to listen to the news here,’ he said as he sat beside the girl on the three seater sofa.

‘Its okay sir,’ she said as she handed the remote control to him. She looked at him for a while and noticed the tension. ‘Hope all is well Dad.’

‘Uhmn… I hope so too.’

The news began and Chief Rikau watched in silence with Vivian. The kidnap was confirmed and everything about the kidnap Chief Elvis had read online was repeated on the news.

Vivian did not need anyone to tell her what the matter was after listening to the news. She knew that the Inspector General was a close pal of the Vice President and believed that they must share a lot of secrets together.

‘Vivian, get me a bottle of Ace from the bar.’ the Vice President said to her with a huge release of breath.


‘Ace Of Spade, get me a bottle!’ he shouted at her.

She got up quickly and found her way to the bar. She returned with the bottle and a glass cup in less than a minute.

‘Here is it,’ she said.

The man opened the wine bottle and filled the glass cup with it. He dropped the bottle on the floor and got up to his feet with the cup in his hands.

‘Tell one of the maids to open the door, I want to spend sometime in the field,’ he said to Vivian.

Vivian stared at him, surprised and wondering what the man was going to do on the field. She remained on the same spot instead of doing as her father had instructed.

‘Didn’t you hear me?’ the man turned back and slammed at her after taking a sip.

‘Dad, what are you going outside to do?’ she said in a loud voice as she sprang up from the seat. ‘You’re not even dressed properly,’ she added, her eyes scrutinizing his looks from head to toe with her eyes.

‘Just get the door opened for me,’ the man replied angrily, biting his lower lip and tightening his fist.

Vivian remained on the same spot without moving. But just then, a maid was seen at the dining area and the man beckoned on her. He instructed her to get the door opened and proceeded slowly after her.




Inspector Dakolo was seated in his living room with James, both discussing about the recent news of the Inspector General’s kidnap.

‘Could the kidnapper be Samantha Osman?’ Dakolo said, more like thinking aloud to himself even though James was in the room with him.

‘I don’t know what to think,’ James replied. ‘There has been reports of her kidnapping people recently and I’m scared this might be one of them, she ends up killing them after the kidnap.’

‘Are you talking in reference to that of Senator Garuba and the former Health Minister?’


Dakolo paused and stared thinly for a moment. ‘The two victims were killed in those cases.’


‘Hmm,’ Dakolo shook his head. ‘So does that mean the Inspector General will be killed soon?’

James also pondered on the situation for a while. ‘No one can tell. But if the kidnappers of the previous two guys are the same with this, then it may have the same outcome.’

‘But this is not right,’ Dakolo said in anger and sprang up to his feet. ‘Someone is toying with the nation’s security. If the country’s Inspector General of Police can be kidnapped, then it means nobody else is safe.’

There was a brief moment of silence.

‘The man was only with two escorts that morning,’ James said, lifting his gaze to Dakolo’s face. ‘I heard that he’s been going to the hospital like they for a couple of weeks now.’

‘There’s actually no problem with that. What I’m really bothered about is the boldness of the person in plotting and executing the kidnap and the inability of the Inspector General and his escorts to foresee a possible attack.’

‘Well, it has happened already. The onus is on us now to make sure the man is recovered safe and sound and as soon as possible.’

‘Which of the agents are in charge of the case?’

‘My team should be, even though I’m yet to receive any directive concerning that. But since it’s a Samantha Osman related case, my team has to be involved. I believe I would get a call from the team leader soon, Agent Tim.’

‘So nothing has been done yet?’

‘Something should have been done.’

‘I heard that a number of the DIGs and AIGs met in the Headquarters earlier this evening.’

‘And what is the result of their meeting?’

‘I don’t know, I’m not sure they’re even done yet.’

‘What about the last two victims? Haven’t you made any investigations on them?’

‘The cases happened outside our territory, and like it should be, other officers carried out the investigations. The reports we’ve gotten so far hasn’t been too bad, Samantha did a clean murder in Eze Okafor’s case except that she made it obvious she was the killer but for Senator Garuba Ahmed’s case, we’re tracing the ID cards already and we would get a complete result after the trace.’

‘What about the other guys she works with, is there nothing that shows their real identities?’

‘Nothing for her members were found in Kwara state and Anambra.’

‘Hmm… Okay,’ Dakolo said and sat back on the chair. He relaxed for half a minute before he began to talk again. ‘So what about your sister, how is she doing now?’

James frowned a bit but tried to hide it, he didn’t like the change in the subject of discussion. ‘She’s fine now.’

‘Did she tell you what happened to her?’ Dakolo asked.

‘No, she didn’t. My Dad has convinced her to keep quiet,’ James replied.

‘But what about you? What do you think it could be?’

He shrugged in a tired manner and shook his head ‘I don’t know.’

‘But you’re the elder brother, I believe you should be able to deduce somethings without being told except you never lived with your family.’

‘I did, but these matters are complicated, you can’t make a conclusion.’

‘Well, if making a conclusion is the challenge, it means you already have some thoughts in your mind.’

‘Yes,’ James sighed uncomfortably. ‘I do think it’s something serious and connected to my father.’

‘Is that all?’ Dakolo asked, raising his brow, he didn’t expect such a vague answer.

‘Yes, I know a lot of things are still being hidden from me but I’m sure I’ll discover them soon.’

‘Yes, I believe we will discover a lot soon. It’s getting tougher and I’ve decided to put in more efforts. I’m going to get to the root of the matter and make sure I clear my name.’ Dakolo said in a determined voice.

James just stared at him in silence. His father’s name and reputation was at stake, so was his. He knew he might have to turn against Dakolo if the man goes far and takes steps that may hurt his father and the family.





James took out his gun as he got to his entrance. He was somehow ready and expecting Samantha’s visit again. He decided not to be intimidated by her threats anymore and talk back to her when she talks. He had also made up his mind to move from the apartment as soon as he could and had already began to search for another.

He pointed in his phone’s flashlight as he entered into the house. The place he always met her was empty. He turned on the switch and the lights came on. His eyes hovered around the living room, searching every corner for her.

‘I’m going crazy,’ he said to himself and hissed. He sat on one of the sofas and unbuckled his belt. His belly was full, he had stopped at a restaurant to take dinner.

He closed his eyes and rested his head on the backrest of the seat for some minutes. He was had slept up for some minutes but was woken up by the ringtone of his phone. His eyes popped open and he pulled out the phone from his pocket. Vivian was the person calling.

‘Good evening Vivy,’ he said as he answered the call.

‘Good evening brother, did you listen to the news this evening?’ Vivy asked, her voice sounding worried.

‘Yes, I did. What’s the matter?’ James replied.

‘Its Dad, since he listened to the news about the Inspector General’s kidnap, he has been acting strange.’

‘Strange in what way?’

‘He’s been drinking, and now he’s still outside the house in the garden. He’s been there for more than two hours and doesn’t want to come in.’

‘Hmm, that’s strange. Why don’t you talk to him?’

‘I have but he’s not listening. He says he’s only trying to think and says nothing is wrong with him.’

‘Well, I don’t know what we can do to him.’ James shrugged.

‘What if you come around?’

‘Its late Vivy,’ he replied and glanced at the wall clock. It was past eleven. ‘I won’t be allowed in this night. But even if I’m allowed in, Dad may not listen to me, he listens to you more.’

‘I’m worried.’

‘I know, just calm down. He’s an adult and he knows how to take care of himself. You just go in and take your rest, he’ll be okay.’


Aguda House


Chief Elvis slapped himself on the shoulder as he felt a mosquito bite there. He checked his palm and saw the freshly murdered mosquito in blood. He hissed and wiped off the stain with a leaf. He wondered how mosquitoes could be in the garden when it was supposed to be fumigated. But then he realized he was no longer in the garden. He looked around and found himself close to the small farm. He hissed. He had left the garden to avoid another reoccurring plea from Vivian to come into the house. He didn’t want a situation in which she would invite others to come and plead with him.

There was nothing wrong with him as the girl thought. He only had to stay out for a while and think. He didn’t think his thinking in the building could produce the results he needed. He had planned his life from the scratch thinking under harsh conditions and it had made him successful so far, he needed to think in that same condition to get him out of the mess.

He chuckled as another mosquito sang past his ears. He remembered the days of hustling and sleeping outside as a young man. His determination was what had brought him out of poverty.

He looked around and located a wooden long bench behind. He got up from the concrete block he was seated and changed position to the bench. He decided to lay flat on the bench for some minutes and think more.

He knew he was safe from Samantha Osman as long as he remained in the Villa. He also decided to increase the number of security officers moving around with him when he was was in public. He had gotten a call a few hours ago and was rest assured that the Inspector General would be rescued, he decided to go aggressive in his plan against Samantha Osman immediately after the Inspector General was rescued.



May 4, 2031


‘Do you know when he entered into the house last night?’ Vivian asked a maid, standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

‘He came in not too long ago,’ the maid washing plates answered. Two other maids were in the kitchen, one cleaning the floor and the other one arranging the utensils. ‘Let’s say around 5am,’ the maid added.

‘5am?’ Vivian widened her eyes in surprise. ‘That means he stayed outside for more than six hours.’

She shook her head and turned back. She proceeded back towards her father’s room and paused at the entrance for a while before walking back to her room.




Tarasha walked into the room where the Inspector General was being treated. Dr Ekwueme and Tomi were in the room by the man’s bed. The doctor had just finished inspecting the intravenous fluid passing into the man’s vein and now had the tip of his thumb placed behind the man’s wrists.

‘Good morning Doc, how is he doing now?’

‘Not doing bad,’ Dr Ekwueme replied and turned to her. ‘One major reason the beating affected him terribly because he had not had anything to eat that day.’

‘Yes, we didn’t give him food on purpose, we wanted him to feel it badly.’ Tarasha replied the doctor. She stopped beside the bed and stared at the Inspector General laying asleep in the bed. ‘He should be conscious already, isn’t he?’ she asked, staring at the doctor’s face.

‘Yes, he woke out of unconsciousness around 2am. He’s only asleep now,’ Dr Ekwueme replied.

‘When will he be fit enough to continue receiving torture?’ Tarasha asked.

‘You still want to torture him?’

‘No, I don’t want to but I may have to. The only way he’d escape another torture is if he tells us what we need willingly, and I’m not so sure he would give in so easily.’

‘But you have to allow him recover at least a bit more than this.’

‘How long will it take him to be fit?’ Tarasha asked.

‘Three to four days,’ Dr Ekwueme replied.

‘Huh?’ Tarasha widened her eyes at him. ‘I didn’t ask you how long it will take him to be fit for his usual activities. I mean how long will it take him to comfortably receive more torture without dying.’

The man sighed and stared at Tarasha with confusion in his eyes.

‘Don’t worry Doc, I’ll help you decide that.’ she said and moved her gaze away from the man’s face to the sleeping general. ‘We’d ask him the questions we have once he is awake and if he doesn’t talk, we’d torture him again tonight.’


With that, Tarasha turned and left the two others in the room. The watched her every step until she got out through the door.

‘She’s going to ki*ll this man,’ Dr Ekwueme said, looking at Tomi’s face.

‘She doesn’t care if he’s alive or not,’ Tomi replied, bending her lips in a nonchalant way. ‘All she needs is the information from him, but he’s also refusing to speak up.’


Tarasha entered back into her room. She picked her phone and unlocked it before sitting at edge of the bed. She was going to use the drug on the man that day and extract all the necessary information. She was going to make him confess all his past deeds in front of a camera and release the video online for the world to see. And she was going to make sure he’s tortured more and drugged before being released to his death. The man had to die a terrible and shameful death, and that she was determined to make happen.

She heard a knock on her door which interrupted her thoughts. The door opened slowly before she could answer and Henry popped in his head slowly. Their eyes met and she looked away. He stepped in and closed the door.

He walked closer to her and stopped a metre away, standing at her front like a kid who was being reprimanded for doing something wrong.

‘Tara, I’m very sorry for yesterday.’ he said after a minute of staring.

She lifted her gaze to his face, ‘Sorry for what?’

‘For what I said,’ Henry replied.

‘I don’t remember,’ she said nonchalantly.

Henry released a breath, he stepped closer and placed a knee on the ground before her. He placed his elbow by the sides of her knee and held her palms on her lap. He looked into her eyes. ‘I know you’re angry with me, but you should…’

He couldn’t complete his words. She pulled his head closer and covered his mouth with hers. She wrapped her hands around his neck and their lips intertwined.

Henry rose up slowly and his knees found their way to the bed, he and Tara now moving slowly and closer to the middle. His hands located the zip at the back of her gown and he pulled it down. They broke the kiss for a moment and he began to help her in taking off the gown while she helped with his shirt.

Someone tapped the doorbell. Both of them heard but ignored it. Henry’s fingers had located the buckle of her bra and he was taking it off. The bell sounded again and a knock followed. They ignored. Henry had taken off the bra halfway when the knock sounded harsher with the doorbell and then Cole’s voice was heard, calling on Tarasha.

‘We gotta answer him,’ Tara said with a sigh and excused herself reluctantly. She got up the bed after strapping back on her bra and walked to the door. ‘What is it Cole?’ she asked before opening the door.

‘Boss, there is trouble.’ Cole said as their eyes met.

‘What trouble?’ Tara frowned at him. She noticed he looked serious and had a pistol in his hand.

‘We are under attack, about six men just got into the compound.’




‘We gotta get them this morning,’ Rex said to Stainless and they entered into the compound through the gate. ‘Give directions to your men.’

Stainless stopped at the entrance of the house and gave directions to his men while Rex proceeded straight into the building.


To be continued.


  1. OMG! Tarasha and Rex again. This is
    happening so fast.

    I believe that Dave’s hand is in
    this. I suspect he (Dave) got
    Tarasha’s base through Tomi’s phone
    and decided to use it against Tarasha.

    Waiting for how all events will unfold.

    Nice one #Oyin.

  2. The greatest story ever, kudos, Oyin. I have an advice for you, please consider speaking with
    a reputable film production company and make a great film out of this story. Thank God l can
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