Tarasha 2 – Chapter 14 Part 12


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Tara did not need to hear Tomi speak before she knew of her guilt. Tomi was vibrating all over in fear of the judgement the boss would make. All eyes were on Tomi. Cole was surprised by her reaction but Henry was not, he had suspected foul when he saw her communication with Stainless earlier.

Tomi fell on her knees in tears, with the way everybody’s gaze was piercing her body, she knew she had been caught already.

‘How much were you paid?’ Tarasha asked in a calm tone.

The place was dead silent. Everyone listened for Tomi’s response but she had none to give yet, her eyes were closed and her head bowed.

‘How much were you paid?’ Tarasha asked again after some minutes of waiting for a reply.

Her voice sounded harsher this time and Tomi knew that Tarasha was already losing her patience. She wiped off formed around her eyes and raised her head. ‘I wasn’t paid, it happened unknowingly.’

‘You brought them to the base unknowingly?’ Tarasha raised her brow.

‘I never knew Stainless worked with the other side, I met him yesterday when I went out for drugs and told him I was now working with Cole, I believe he traced me to the base from there.’

Tarasha turned her gaze to Cole’s face and their eyes locked for a moment. She placed the gaze back on Tomi who turned her face down again. She didn’t know whether to believe Tomi’s story or not. Tarasha could see sincerity from Tomi’s body language but she didn’t want to judge from that. Judging assassin with that criteria alone could be dangerous because she has one knew how to put on a different body language for a different situation.

‘Cole,’ Tarasha called as she rose up from her seat.

‘Boss,’ Cole answered and got up to his feet also.

‘Take her away, search her and search through her devices, identify every lie she has not mentioned yet.’ Tarasha said before she began to walk out of the place. ‘Everyone’s devices should be left in the living room.’

15 minutes later

Cole placed an eye on Tomi as he worked on her phone. Both of them were in another room, one which was almost empty save for the plastic chair Cole was sitting on and the table he was using. Tomi stood by the window, holding the burglary proof and staring at Cole who she considered as the cause of everything.

�Who is this person?� Cole asked, turning her phone�s screen to her. He was on her call register and was checking through the recent calls she made. He noticed that the several calls from the contact named �B***h� was at the same time Tomi went to get drugs the day before.

�I can�t see what you�re showing me,� Tomi replied, not willing to leave the window side to answer his question.

Cole got up from his seat and took the phone to her. She looked at it briefly and looked away. �Who is this person Tomi? You called the number before going out that afternoon.�

�Why don�t you check the digits, don�t you recognize the phone number of the b***h you go around town with?�

Cole stared at her speechlessly for a moment, wondering what she was talking about and how she still had boldness to talk after betraying the gang.

�That�s Patricia, the slut you go around with.� She slammed at him and walked away from his front, she stopped at the table he was previously seated at and sat on the chair.

Cole stared at her with his mouth left ajar in shock. �Patricia?� he said as he clicked on the contact to the view the digits �**** you Tomi, how did you get this number?� he charged towards her in anger.

She hissed and looked away without giving him a response.

�I�m talking to you,� he grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her face to himself violently.

�Are you crazy?� she slammed at him and hit him on the waist with her fist. �Shouldn�t you be asking why your b***h is calling me? You should be asking why she calls me when you people are having sex and you�re moaning like an id**t!�

�Are you crazy? What are you talking about?� Cole squinted at her, confused.

�No, I�m not.� She said and snatched the phone from his hand. �You really moan like an idiot while having sex, she�s turned you to a monkey.�

�Give me the phone,� Cole said in an angry tone but she refused and stepped back as she tried to scroll through. He stepped closer to her and tried to take the phone back from her. She struggled for the phone with him and he felt tempted to hit her on the face but he resisted the urge, he was able to take it from her after pushing her to the wall. �What are you trying to do?� he shouted at her. �You think you can save yourself from the boss� punishment by bringing me in?�

�You�re crazy,� she cursed again. �You�re a fool, the boss needs to know how you moan under the influence of that girl.�

Cole narrowed his gaze at her and shook his head, he was struggling not to hit her.

�I have your voices recorded on my phone and the copy on other devices, that girl would lead you to hell soon.�

Cole was more confused now, �What are you talking about?�

�I have your voice on that phone, go to the voice recorder file and play the last recording.�

Cole stared at her for some seconds before opening the file manager on her phone, he got to the voice recorder file and played as she instructed him. He was shocked beyond words when he heard his voice and Patricia�s. He was shouting loud in the recording and telling her how much he loved her while she was asking him to say it louder.

He quickly stopped the recording as he heard a knock on the room door that moment and the door opened after, Henry poked his head in and stared at both of them. They knew he must have heard them shouting at each other. He stared at their faces for a while before closing back the door.

�We are making so much noise,� Cole said to her in low tones after Henry left.

�Are you just realizing that?� Tomi questioned him, she knew he had been humbled by the recording he listened to.

Cole unlocked the phone and deleted the voice note. �How did you get this voice note?�

�Your b***h called me while you guys were at it and I recorded the call.�

�Well� It�s�� Cole stammered as he tried to speak. His heart was greatly aggrieved and he wondered if she was saying the truth about Patricia. �So, you sold us out because of my relationship with Patricia? How dumb you are.�

�I didn�t sell us out, you never told me that Stainless was working with an enemy gang now and I didn�t plan to meet him when I went out that yesterday.�

Cole stared at her thinly for a while, wondering whether to believe her or not.

�I really do hope that you are not trying to deceive yourself, be rest assured you won’t get away if we find out that you’re on the other side.’ Cole said to her and walked out of the room.

He proceeded into another room where Tarasha was seated and working on table with three laptops on top.

‘Boss, I couldn’t find anything in her devices, I believe she has told us the truth,’ he said to her as he got beside the table.

She continued with her work as if she didn’t hear him talk, not even granting him a glance. He stood there patiently, knowing there was no need to repeat himself.

She finally replied him after five minutes, ‘So, you think we’re free to go back to Base B?’

‘Yes, since she was traced to Base C, they couldn’t have found out about B.’

‘So when should we return there?’

‘I don’t know, it depends on you.’ Cole replied.

‘I’m already setting up security for this place, we’d stay here for sometime.’

‘How long will it take for the security to be up?’ Cole asked.

‘Twenty four hours and it means all your devices would be with me till it’s up.’

‘I understand,’ Cole said and dropped Tomi’s phone on the table where he saw the other phones and tablets devices kept.

‘You’ll be on the streets with Henry very early tomorrow morning, I’m publishing a news article by four am and I need you to get the reactions of the people on the streets. I briefed Henry about it already and he knows what to do. You two should be up early to wear a perfect disguise.’

‘Okay boss.’

‘Yea, I think that’s all I’ve got for tomorrow, for now.’ Tarasha said in a dismissing tone. She turned back to the laptops in front of her and continued her work.

‘Goodnight boss,’ Cole said and took a slight bow before walking out of the place.

He paused for a minute outside the door and leaned against the wall. His thoughts drifted to Patricia and Tomi’s accusation against her. He didn’t remember seeing Patricia making a call on that day they had sex. He remembered it clearly, it was on the day she had called him to come celebrate her new job with her.

He would have called Patricia immediately to clarify things but his phones were with the boss. He closed his eyes briefly and heaved a sigh before walking away to his room.

He stopped on getting to the front of the room assigned to him, he had suddenly remembered that he was to share the room with Tomi. He heaved a sigh of frustration and shook his head, arguing within himself why he couldn’t stay in the same room with Tomi that night. He decided in his mind to pick a cover cloth from the bed and return to the living room.

He pushed the door open and entered.

‘Stop avoiding me, you caused it all. I hate you!’ Tomi welcomed him with harsh words.

One of the phones on the table began to ring some minutes after Cole left. Tarasha reached for it and checked the screen, the caller’s ID displayed was Patricia. She ignored the call and dropped the phone.

She continued with her work for five more minutes before completing all she needed to do about the security. She took her phone and checked her to-do list for the next thing. She heaved a sigh before exiting the list.

She opened the Bitcoin wallet app on her phone to check her balance. After that she switched to the contacts list and dialed Chief Gab’s foreign number. It took a while before it was answered.

‘Hey Chief, Good evening.’

‘Tarasha, Good evening.’ the Chief replied in a sleepy voice. ‘It’s late, hope there’s no problem tonight.’

‘Did you hear the news about Samantha Osman today?’

‘Yes, I did. I heard you kidnapped the Inspector General and he was rescued from you.’

‘Yeah, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the location they met us at.’

‘I don’t get you.’

‘They met us at the new facility you provided for us, didn’t you see it on the news?’

‘Which new facility?’ Chief Gab asked. There was silence for a while. ‘Chief Nonso’s facility which I prepared for you to stay?’

‘I don’t know who owns the facility, I’m calling to find out what we can do to protect the owner from being probed by the police.’

‘It’s for Chief Nonso, I hope he’s not in trouble already.’

‘That’s why we need to do something on it quick, send me his contact details so I can discuss with him personally.’



Dave sat alone quietly in the room, his hands placed on the table and his eyes scanning through the page on the laptop. He scrolled down a bit with the mouse and continued reading for some seconds before he was distracted by a beep sound on his phone. He reached for the phone and unlocked.

‘Oh!’ he exclaimed happily on seeing the WhatsApp notification. Lizzy had just replied his message after reading a long time ago. He opened the notification and clicked on the chat.

‘I already told you I’m not angry with you,’ was Lizzy’s reply.

‘I wasn’t just pleased with the way you left earlier, it’s unusual of us to part that way.’ Dave typed and sent. He waited for about two minutes to see her reply after his message was marked delivered but he got none. He dropped the phone on the table and continued with his work on the laptop.

He was on the Federal Ministry of Works And Housing website and was logged in as an administrator. He minimized the browser and copied an address in text from the notepad application running at the background. He opened the browser again and pasted the address in the box provided. He clicked on enter and waited while his request was being processed.

His phone beeped again, he picked it up and unlocked. He had received two messages from Lizzy

‘I don’t have to leave the same way everyday

I’m about to end my work on Samantha’s man Victor, I think I’ve been able to pull out enough from him.’

‘I just hope you’re truly not angry with me,’ Dave typed as an answer to the first message. ‘Yes, you’ve done so well, very well indeed, Thank you so much. But you know we’re not there yet, you can’t abandon me there now.’

‘We were there today, I led you to their base, I led you to Samantha Osman. It was your opportunity to have caught her red-handed but you missed it.’

‘But you know I tried my best, it wasn’t my fault.’

‘I don’t know whose fault it is but I did my part excellently.’

‘I know Liz, I’ll be lying if I don’t agree with you. But I beg you to stay a little more with me.’

‘I’m not backing out yet, I’m taking one more trial, not for you but just to satisfy myself, I want that Victor behind bars, he disgusts me.’

‘Hmm… Thanks Liz, I’ll try my best to make use of the next available opportunity.’

‘Yes, you have to do. I’m sure Victor would be doubting me soon if he’s not stopped, I’ve done a lot of things that’ll make him suspect me.’

‘I’ll try my best Liz,’ Dave reassured.

The message was read and Lizzy went offline without replying. Dave thought for a moment, he knew she was still angry at him. He thought of the best way to make her forgive him. After some seconds, he opened the chat again and sent her a message.

‘Lizzy, please allow me make up today’s fault to you. Can we meet by 2pm for lunch tomorrow? Please…’

Dave dropped the phone and turned his eyes to his laptop’s screen. His request had just finished processing and the details of the facility owner was displayed. The name was ‘Nonso Abel’ and his current address, his occupation and other details about him were shown below his name.

To be continued.


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