Round Table – Episode 5

Round Table Episode 5

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� Abhynha Yankey

“Hmmmm, it’s difficult to say but I have to. Do you remember the day you came here? I mean the day my brother’s wife called you to come over. She only called to make mockery of you,” he started. I still didn’t get it. Make mockery of me, how? He continued,”she came here in the night with the excuse that she traveled and had only returned to meet the husband’s absence. That meant the doors were locked, so I had to accommodate her for the night. I did so. Late in the night, she sneaked to my room while I was fast asleep. She started touching me all over. I begged her to stop. She turned deaf ears to my plea. She then started kissing me and playing with my d**k. I became vulnerable and gave in.” “No, no wait…so you mean you had sex with her?”, I asked getting angry.

“Yea bae. Please easy with me. I gave in. I asked her to leave the next morning and that was when she called you. The worst of it happened when you kissed me. She started misbehaving after you had left. I didn’t take it any more lightly with her. That was how she left the house,”he continued.

“Hmmmm bae. Who am I not to forgive you? I did worst. For yours, you were forced but for me, I rather trapped the person. I was dying to have sex, and you didn’t want to give it to me. I had this doctor who satisfied me. He also said the wife was denying him of sex with the excuse of going on business trips. We seemed to share common plights so we moved along quite well. He is called Yeboah, but preferred I called him Fii,” I said.

“What! That must be a lie. Do you have his picture? I mean can you make him out if I show you a picture?” He asked impatiently. I told him to relax. I had his picture on my phone so I showed it to him. I didn’t know why he was behaving that way. He asked that I gave him his digits. I did so and he broke into tears.

Upon further enquiries, I came to know that was his brother. The brother who was married to Debby.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. I caused all these. I’m here now. Please don’t go to him again. That is Debby’s husband. I promise to be there for you henceforth,” he pleaded. I apologized to him and promised him I was never going to do such thing again. “Hmmm, there is one more thing. I know you won’t believe it, but let me tell you. Debby told my dad she wasn’t married oo. I saw them both having affair. My father even introduced her to me as my new mother. She couldn’t watch me. I’m sure she would still be there with my dad so we can go there tomorrow.” “What makes you think I don’t believe it? After all she did to me…hmm. We will go there very early but you will call Fii to come over so that we settle everything. As for Debby, I’m not sure Fii would ever forgive her,” Quaku said.


I called dad very early in the morning when Quaku and I were on our way to the house to be sure Debby was around. Dad told me she was washing down. To make things easier, I told dad I wasn’t coming anytime soon. Meanwhile I was almost home.

We opened the door very slowly, making sure not to make any noise. We actually sneaked in. Quaku and I tiptoed to the door leading to my father’s room. They were laughing and giggling. It seemed they were playing.

We went back to my room where I called Fii to come over.

He was shocked when he came and saw Quaku in my room. I explained everything to him. We all felt sorry and bad about all that had happened. He couldn’t hold back his tears as the thought of having affair with his brother’s girlfriend came to mind. Nonetheless, we tried to calm him down and told him of his wife. He got furious when Quaku told him how she managed to have sex with him.

“I knew it. I knew it all the while that she wasn’t a faithful wife. She always told me she was on one business trip or the other. I will ki*ll her if she returns,” he lamented.

“Return? Did you say return?” Quaku and I said and laughed.

“Yes..she told me she was traveling for some business stuff last week. She has since not returned,”he replied. “Okay, no worries. Pick your phone and follow us. We are going to show you something. Make it cool please because that is my father. She made my father believe that she wasn’t married. As I speak, she is in there with him,” I confessed.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” Fii asked in much shock.

“Come on.. Relax until you see for yourself. Now let’s go,” I said.

Unfortunate for Debby, when we got to the entrance, she was kissing my dad playfully. Meanwhile, she was naked. Fii picked his phone to call her. She picked the phone and then dropped it. Human beings must really be wicked. She told the old man that was one of her customers calling to make demands. She finally picked upon subsequent calls and told him she was in the middle of a meeting.

Fii couldn’t hold it any longer. He opened the door and entered the room. My father kept questioning him who he was as Debby struggled to wear her dress.

I know I messed up but Debby was the reason. Debby knelt down to beg her husband (Fii). My father was still lost.

I told my father everything I knew about Debby, I mean how she slept with my boyfriend and constantly denied her husband of sex just to satisfy other men like him.

Debby was surprised how I got to know about the affair between my guy and her. My dad apologized to Fii. We all had no issue with my dad but the whore who portrayed herself as an angel. My dad threw her out of the house instantly.

Fii warned her not to step foot in his house either. It wasn’t as if we were all holy but whatever happened was as a result of Debby’s shameless acts.

I apologized to Quaku and promised to be there for him whenever he needed me to. Doctor Yeboah moved out of the country to start his life all over as he tried to put the pieces back together. As for dad, I’m not sure he would ever listen to me if I should tell him to get a woman to be by his side.



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