Round Table – Episode 4

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� Abhynha Yankey

Someway somehow he closed from work quite early. Forty minutes after I had arrived home, he came knocking. There was no need going upstairs. I locked the door behind us, kissed and undressed him. Enough of the condom. I pushed him unto the sofa and pounced on him like a wild tigress when I realised he had erected.

I was too wet to control. He pushed me unto the tiles, cleaned my genital area with my dress and thrusted in slowly. I could count how many ridges I had in there. He got a huge wand but trust me, he was hotter than hot. I loved the way he rocked every cell in me. He indeed must have been sex starved for months. I begged him not to cum because I wanted more of him. I turned him down and took over his position, then give him a ride of a lifetime I suppose.

“Vi, you so naughty you know. I love it this way. O m…y goo….,”he said but couldn’t continue. I know he wanted to pronounce the word,’goodness.’ Was I that sweet to make one’s words choke him? Forget him.

I began to bounce on him real fast. How ironic guys think they are the fastest when they are cumming? Hell No! We both cried along as we both reached orgasm. Ouch! Now slowly then a deep breathe. It was really a nice afternoon with him. We slept naked in the sofa without washing down. We woke up and realised it was already late, but he insisted he went home. He wasn’t talking about the wife anymore, it was just me and none other.

This continued for more than a week. One afternoon as I was taking a nap, my dad called that he would be returning the following morning, but with a woman. He advised that I treated the lady nice. Surprised? Don’t be…I had been forcing my dad to get himself a woman since my mum passed on, but he had turned deaf ears to that. Thank God my dream was coming into reality. I only prayed that the woman grew to love and cherish my dad.

“Vi, I’m home,” my dad called out very early in the morning. I welcomed him from my bedroom. I rushed down to put the whole place in order and prepared breakfast for him. I proceeded to his room to call him. As it had always been, I entered his room without knocking. “Daddy, food is ready,” I said. Omg! My legs and eyes had betrayed me. Dad jumped off the lady and covered himself up with the lady smiling at me, but trying to hide her face as well.

“I’m sorry dad,” I said. “Don’t worry,”he replied.

I’m sure he was expecting me to walk out but no way. I wanted to see my step mother’s face. She looked familiar so I wanted to be sure I was not deceiving myself.

“Daddy, I’m really sorry. I should have knocked. I didn’t know you came with her because when you entered the house this morning, you said you are home. That implied that you came alone. I actually wanted to know why she didn’t come with you as promised,” I went ahead to say. “Vice, I just said you shouldn’t worry. I will introduce her to you later ok. You can go where you want to go since that’s why you came here but don’t stay out late,”daddy said.

Too bad. I didn’t get a close look at her face. I went to my room still imagining the face I saw earlier. She was also trying to hide her face. I’m hoping it won’t turn out to be who I’m suspecting.

I stayed in the room without going out with the intention of seeing her face when she came downstairs to eat with dad. If I left, I’s pretty sure I might not see her.

Just when they were about taking in their meal, I came out of my room. Dad was surprised to see me around. He thought I was gone but I told him the friend I was going to see called me earlier that she had gone to town and was now back home.

I ought to see the lady’s face at all cost no matter how hard she tried to hide her face.


“Dad,you promised to introduce my new mother to me,”I said. “Yes yes Vi, this is your new mum. She is a business woman so you would hardly see her. She’s only here to see you and go back since she wanted to meet my only child. She is Debby. Debby,meet my daughter Vicentia,”my dad said. Ooo wow… That was Quaku’s auntie. I thought she was married. Funny right? She’d been caught red handed. No wonder she kept hiding her face from me. Now I’m not sure she can tell Quaku even if she sees me cheating, unless of course she had divorced. “Auntie, nice meeting you. I promise to be a good daughter. Daddy, I would please take my leave,” I said and walked out. I know I left her in a dilemma.

I called Quaku when l left the house.

Me: Bae,sup? You good?

Quaku: yea…except that I’m missing you.

Me: Really? I thought your auntie was with you so why would you miss me?

Quaku: lol…she left angrily the next day. She told me she was going on a business trip.

Me: ok, but what did you do that made her angry?

Quaku: it’s nothing serious. Forget it. Are you coming over?

Me: yea.

I hanged up and went to his place. For once, I didn’t ask him for sex. I realized he was disturbed but since he wasn’t willing to share his problem, I asked to leave. He asked that I spent the night with him.

Huh? Did you just hear that? I had never spent a night with him though he had been my all. I immediately accepted to do so. I called my dad and told him I would be spending the night out. He initially didn’t want to agree, but upon persuasion, he gave in.

I slept with Quaku in my attire. I didn’t want to be the devil here. Late in the night, I felt something creeping on my body. I tried opening my eyes. It was Quaku. He drew closer to me with his erected d*** touching my butts, and his tongue moving in and around my ear. It’s been long since he ever made that move. What could have changed it?

I turned to face him and asked,”…but Quaku, you asked that we kept chaste till completion of school.” “Yes, but I can’t resist you anymore. You glowing,” He replied solemnly. I gave him the chance to do what he really wanted to do.

He held my brea$t firmly from behind, with his tongue still performing the magic in my ear, then thrusted in me sharply from behind. “Oouuch baby, take it easy on me… I love it baby,” I moaned. “You sure you love it? Come on, say something?” He asked repeatedly as I continued to moan harder.

“Can I cum in you?,”he asked as he played it fast. “Yea baby, I’m safe. Give it to me baby. Make me complete,” I said.

He rested on me after he had cum, then finally slept on the bed. “Thank you,”he said.

I smiled and replied, “this is so unusual of you.” “Yea very unusual. I had to do it. I’m sorry okay, but something happened. Forgive me bae. It wasn’t my intention. I was forced to do it,” he said. I didn’t get what he was saying so I asked him to talk to me. No matter what the issue was, I was ever ready to forgive him.

To be continued.


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