Round Table – Episode 3

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� Abhynha Yankey

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.He stretched his leg to pick his trousers as I also stretched my hand to reach my other pillow.

“Here,” we both said. How funny it looked. We were both having condoms in hand. Did he really plan for it? Anyway, this wasn’t the time.

“Mine first,” I said as I took his and tried to hide it. He also told me his first. I just loved the way he was playing the game. I quickly tore it, pushed him unto the bed and put it on his black African d***. I made sure I did it well by expelling the air at the tip first, as I rolled down all the way to the base of his rod.

“mmmmmm ouch…ooow, ” he moaned as I played with his balls and waved my hands through the hair on his chest.

His balls were so bouncy. They hardened as I played with it. His facial expression changed. All he did was to beg me to jump on him or allow him have his way, but I resisted. I loved to play with it. More especially the tiny hair around it. He shook his leg uncontrollably and cried like a baby.

I’m sure he really needed it but, first rule (foreplay) of the game still stood. I pulled his nip*le playfully.

Before I could say jack, he had already cum. I mean cum as in cum. What the f**k! How possible could that be?

That was the moment I wanted to do my own thing.

I fell unto the bed, a bit down. He saw how my mood changed all of a sudden.

“Vi, I’m really sorry for this. I know you wanted us both to get to the peak but….”

I chipped in very fast and told him to save his breathe.

“I understand,” I said.

“You do?” He questioned.

“Yes I do. I was supposed to give it to you but unfortunately delayed. I promise I’m gonna give you the best the next time we meet. Until then, have me in your heart and mind,” I said.

“Sure. You really gave to me what I’ve been dying for. I just needed someone to bring out the real man in me,” he said. I didn’t understand it. I thought he was married.

He got up from the bed, sat down and narrated, “my wife has been busy. She’s always busy. She hardly spends time home. It’s always one business trip to the other. She doesn’t make me feel that I’m married. Trust me, the first time I saw you, I realized you were be a naughty girl. I wanted to know you more but my profession doesn’t allow that. An office remains an office.” I sighed and said, “…but you really made me shy. Anyway, thank God I have you here. I will make you feel like a king. I swear you will forget all your woes. I hope you will spend the night with me and go home very early for work. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer. If it’s about how you going to wash down, forget it. I’ve got new towels and sponges here.” He smiled, bent down to me and gently kissed me on my forehead.

Trust me, this man has really got soft lips.


I put my head on his chest and we both slept. Waking up in the middle of the night, I saw the lights on.

The weather was very cold due to the long rains. I didn’t need to disturb him. He needed all the rest he could get. I reached for my soft fluffy blanket and covered him up.

He opened his eyes and said with a sleepy voice, “you are very loving and caring.” I didn’t want him to waste that precious time. I kissed him and whispered to him,”sleep for me.”

I woke up very early to wash down. I got the towel and sponge ready at the bathroom and warmed some water for him since it was cold. I quickly fixed breakfast. I needed to treat him like the king he was, though he wasn’t mine.

We both had the same plight, the ‘No sex’ issue. When I got to the bedroom, he was up already. I gave him the ‘good morning kiss’ to usher him into the new day, was already sunrise. I took him to the bathroom, gave him a new toothbrush and paste, showed him the necessary things he would be needing and pointed out the warm water to him.

Heading out of the bathroom he breathed my name softly. I turned to him and he said,”thank you.” I smiled and walked out. I went to the bedroom and put his things in order, laid the mattress and sat in the chair in anticipation.

“Here, you can use any of these on your skin,” I said when he entered the room. “Thanks, but I would only need enough for my face. I will rush home and do the rest,” he said while wearing his dress. I told him he would go home but he needed to consume my special hot lipton treat before going. It was good for him since the weather was cold.

He accepted to take it but without milk and sugar. That sounded weird to me, but that was his take so I had to allow him.

He rushed home after he had finished taking the lipton.

Wooooow, that was what my heart had been yearning for. Just something to brush it, I mean something to make me feel like a woman…. Someone to tell me that, “Vi, you got the sweetest hole.” I continued to smile while I reminisced in the chair. Guess I needed something. Rest, that was it, rest.

I couldn’t sleep well last night because I had to make sure my visitor was safe. Was it only about safety? I kept admiring him as he slept like a baby.

Finally, I had gotten him.

I ran to my bed and embraced my pillow so tight that it felt more like heaven. He called me when he got to the office. Such a wonderful man he was. I mean for him to report to me that he was at work. I’m sure he was reminiscing over our encounter.

I got a plan. I didn’t tell him about it. I jumped out of the bed, dressed up and decided not to put on any underpant or whatsoever.

I picked my bag which contained my NHIS and left for the hospital. One thing was for sure, I was missing him.

I went to the O.P.D to get my folder,lodged my complains to one nurse who further referred me to the doctor. I made enquiries about which doctor was present. I was told there were many doctors but I had to see Doctor Banda.

I quickly told her I had an appointment with Dr. Yeboah (Fii). She directed me to the place though I knew there.

Fortunately, there was nobody waiting outside when I got there so I knocked. I was happy when I heard him ask me to come in.

He was surprised when he saw me because I didn’t tell him about it.

I locked the door behind me, sat on his table and elevated one leg. He just couldn’t control himself this time around. He forgot about his profession and ethics, I guess. He grabbed me by my tiny waist, put me on the examination bed, kissed me passionately and slowly and inserted his finger. He sure did it so professionally.

Just when he wanted to pull down his trousers, I reminded him that that was his office and anybody could come knock to interrupt everything. I only went there to give him a teaser. I was expecting him at home. He understood me though we were both ready for it.

“Promising to make it happen tonight,” I said while opening the door to go home. “It really must happen angel,”he replied.

I went to see the nurse, thanked her and went home.

Do you now understand what I said? I get what I want.

To be continued by 5pm.


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