Round Table – Episode 2

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� Abhynha Yankey

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That I guess was a great moment of relief.

I asked permission to leave for home later in the evening. Quaku requested that he dropped me off, but I told him to have some time with his auntie. I didn’t also want to sleep over for the auntie to think otherwise. I boarded a cab which took me to the station to get a vehicle back to Koforidua.

It was raining heavily when I got to Koforidua. June always came with much torrential rains so that was much anticipated. I needed to pick a cab to the house but due to the rain, there was no cab coming around.

I rushed out of my hiding place when I saw an incoming vehicle. I stopped it, and then realised it was a private car. I begged that he gave me a ‘lift’. I jumped into the car, brought out my face towel to dry myself while greeting. His voice was familiar. I raised my head and was stunned to realise it was the doctor.

I was a bit surprised and tensed up as well. He turned to me and said, “how is the pain in your genital area? Has it subsided?”.

I was caught staring at his finger. If my memory served me right, I saw a ring on his finger the last time I saw him at the hospital, but it was no more there. I wished I could ask him but how dare me do so?

“I asked you a question but you seem to be lost in thoughts. This isn’t the first time. Are you okay?”, he asked. For once I was bold enough to answer and question him.”Where is your ring?” He smiled and said, “O that? It’s home. I hardly put it on. It isn’t a sign or proof of love, Is it? It’s mere fantasy.” That was the first time I saw him smile. He looked more handsome when he gave me that smile.

I pointed my house to him so he could drop me off. It was a bit far from the junction. “Can I have your number?” I boldly asked after I had battled severally with my mind. “Sure,why not? Give me a call once you get home for me to know if you are safe. I laughed and asked, “…and if I’m not safe?” “I sure will come keep you safe or better still, keep you company on the phone,”he replied.

His reply was one I had been waiting for. Today must really be a lucky day for me.

Just like Quaku, my mum was no more. I was living with my dad and it seemed he had traveled when I got home. The lights went off as soon as I entered the hall. I managed to walk to my bedroom. In the silence of my heart, I remembered the words of the doctor, “give me a call once you get home for me to know if you are safe.” “I think I’m not safe”, I told myself with a big smile. I reached for my purse, picked the card he gave me and dialed his number. He was busy on the line but I kept calling for him to realize how important it was.

But, he didn’t have my number so how would he know I’m the one?

Few minutes after, he returned my call.

Doctor: hi Vicentia. Are you home?

(Taken aback)

Me: pardon? How did you know my name because I don’t remember telling you my name?

Doctor: yea, you must be right. I saw your name on your folder, and true caller also picked the name when you called so I realized you were the one. Anyway, are you home? I guess you scared because the lights are out.

Me: huh? Do you stay around? I’m not safe and my dad isn’t home. Can you come and keep me company pleeeaassseee?

(He laughed and hanged up)

That was rude of him. He told me to call him if I was not safe so why that? Even if he wasn’t willing to talk to me, was that the best way to end it? I’m sure he didn’t learn much about courtesy.


Dad called just when I was pondering over what had happened. He called severally but didn’t answer. Guess he was at the door because I heard several knocks on the front door. I lazily got up from my bed, a bit bored to go and open it for him. I opened the door, welcomed him and turned to go. I did all that with my head bowed down for him to know I was feeling sleepy.

“Hei, I thought you called me to come over so why this attitude?”

I called him to…? I turned to reply him that I hadn’t called. It was at this moment that I realized it was the doctor. I wished heaven could come down. I was so happy that I forgot about formalities. I hugged him very tightly. The perfume he used changed the whole atmosphere. Oh my goodness,his wife was really enjoying. He wore that kind of sandals that exposed his nice toe nails even in the dark.

“Hei, won’t you let me in?”, he asked. I apologized for ‘skipping protocol’ and led him straight to my bedroom. “Why? Is your sitting room upstairs?” He asked. I was smart enough to tell him I had a special one for him upstairs.

He followed cautiously as I opened the door to my bedroom.

“Is this the hall?” He asked.

“No,but a special one for just the two of us”, I replied. He smiled.

“Doctor, now that you are here, I think I will go wash down. I was feeling hot but was scared. Please don’t go,” I said. He promised me he was not taking a step out. That was a stubborn doctor. I went to the bathroom, hurriedly washed down and came out. I still had water on me. I intentionally left my towel go off when I got to him. “I’m sorry”, I said and quickly bent to reach for it. “Don’t worry but get something to wear,and be sure to cover yourself well to avoid any bad thing,”he replied. Bad thing? What was that? Well, let me forget it. I took my pantie from the wardrobe, and intentionally dropped it at an angle where I could have the chance to sit on his lap while picking it.

“Should I help you with it?” He asked. I quickly responded and told him not to worry. He was getting tensed up as well. I slowly bent down to pick it, exposing my labia majora because it protruded from the back. It took me more than 30 seconds to pick it up.

I saw him steal glances. I gave him the chance to continue stealing it. That was my chance.

I knew he wanted to have his way but he was thinking of dignity and all that. I sat on his lap and felt his erected d***. Oh my God!

“What are you doing? Get up!”, he shouted at me. I had gotten to the stubborn level. I told him I was doing what he wanted to do but was shy to. I managed to hold his erected d***, positioned myself well on his lap and gave him a deep and passionate kiss. He returned the kiss. It continued for about three minutes. I unbuttoned his shirt while kissing and slipped my hand in his singlet to his nip*le. He was all hairy.

Oh wow! He had all Quaku had. I’m sure you would be wondering why I would be cheating on Quaku when I claimed I loved him. He was sex-starving me.

It wasn’t as if we were both virgins. We both had tried it severally and now that I think I wanted more of him, he gave me flimsy excuses.

Now, here I was. I played with his nip*le while my other hand made do with his d***.

I quickly took off the towel, held him by the hand and pulled him to the bed.

He took off his trousers, jumped on me and asked, “do you still feel pain in your genital area when you insert your finger or do you mind I do it professionally for you?” That was a funny and loving question.

“Come on, do it romantically for me. Make me have memories of this day,” I replied.

“Memories? Did you say memories? Memories do fade. I would scribble it in your heart so that you die with it,” he said.

We giggled and continued with our little naughty game. I must confess he was so cool with the foreplay.

It was something I couldn’t do away with. He really got a sweet and magical finger.

What was it with his finger?

“Oow doc, doc… you so sweet. Don’t stop this please,” I begged for more.

“Mmm mmm, call me Fii and I would give you more of all you request,” he replied. “Yes yes yes Fii…go on”, I yerned.

To be continued by 2pm


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