Nothing Like Love – Episode 7

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Episode 8
© Blair

Richard laughed loudly at the joke his friend had said,he seemed to be having a good time with his old time friend who had just arrived from u.k to spend the vacation in Nigeria.
Sir you have a visitor .
Who? Richard asked alarmed.
She says it a surprise for you,that I shouldn’t reveal her identity.
A she?okay let her in.
Few minutes later,Mitchell walked in to Richard’s suprise.
Chel,what are you doing here?how do you know I live here?
I guess you are suprised,why haven’t you been picking my calls?
Are you stalking me?
That doesn’t answer my question Richard.
Is that how you act,you barge into my house to question me without even greating my friend.
Richard you are hurting me,why are you treating me like this?
Am done here,suit yourself. He held his friend hand and they left her standing all by herself.
Who’s she? pete asked when they were upstairs.
She’s my girlfriend.
wow,I see one of your numerous flings right?
I don’t know if I should say that,we haven’t had s-x,anything we are almost getting down something stops us,like a distraction.we’v never gone down.
Hmm,I don’t believe you. A whole Richard Ayi-ba emi.
Am for real here.Am so tired of her,she’s like a glue to my life.
ha ha..then break up with her
Have tried bro,chell won’t hear of it.
This serous.Pete eyes fell on the unfinished painting on RIch’s table.
who’s she?
I don’t know her, but I see her in my dreams.
What the hell does he take himself for? treating me like a piece of trash in front of his friend.It not like I love him that much,he only have what I need in a man.Mitchell lamented to Vanessa who had been listening with rapt attention.
I can’t blame him chel,you made yourself desperate and cheap before him.
What are you saying v? I was only trying to protect my man.
You’re are wrong, why don’t you let a guy beg to date you. yes let him fight for your affection not otherwise.
I see Vanessa,start counting yourself as one of those people that hate me.
It not what you are thinking…I was
Before Vanessa could complete her sentence,Chel had carried her clutch already heading for the door.She had driven to Vanessa’s house hoping to feel better after the incident at Richards place.
How much she missed having Godfrey her ex,even though they had misunderstandings know one had cared for her like him.Expecially those times she felt so lonely, when her mother was admitted to the psychiatric and her father decided to reside in china,it was like loosing two parents at the same time but he was a shoulder to lean on.She even spent her holidays with his family,they all accepted and loved her until their break up.It been a year but the love is still intact.
Richard found himself humming to the music he played from his speaker. It had been 3weeks they had resumed to this new semester. He was putting finishing touch to his painting,though it was already good enough to be call perfect but he wasn’t satisfied. And the song from the speaker was turned to his favourite even though he wasn’t conversant with the lyrics.
where I belong by pete andre
I only know am in love when I mean it
wishing you were here today
don’t run away forever
don’t wanna feel this way
when we meet my life gonna change in a minute
nothing gonna be thesame
I know am gonna find u
seem to me like
Am not asking much
this is how I feel
His moment was interupted by his dad who barged in
Dad,when did you arrive?how do you know I live here?
Now listen to me young man,am not here to exchange pleasantries. Your V.C made me make this impromptu visit,you should know I have you watched even though I am not in the country. your first semester result was terrible,and have gotten so many report you’v been partying around and womanizing
Dad please
don’t you daree me Tare,you’v got to work hard because you are my only heir.Stop fooling yourself in painting rubish you don’t belong to that world.
But dad,this is what I have passion for.
Richard was fast enough to prevent the blow,he knew his dad hated painting just as he loved it with passion. He left but after much threatening.
Richard sat down with his hands in his palms,he should have known his dad would have him watched,the old man was a disciplinarian. The whole painting issue was causing a rift between them.But that didn’t stop him from calling him Tare’ meaning he was still in safe hands. He had refused bearing the name since it means
‘love’ .He felt such name should be given to females, but his dad had preferred that to Richard. It seemed there’s something behind the name ‘Tare’.
Angel looked at herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time.,all the make up she had applied didn’t help in bringing her old self back,she was getting too lean this days.Throwing up every thing she ate,she didn’t want her hubby to see her like this,he would get mad.
Just then she heard the car horn,she readjusted her all see through gown which held her loosely,she had loosed so much weight,even her dress to ki*ll motive wasn’t making sense.
She jumped on Jonas which managed to hold his breath.
Baby,have missed you so much. she said and held him tightly
I’v misssed you too,but honey are you sick?
No dear,you worry too much,she held his chick playfully.
But you look sick dear,have you been starving yourself,you really look lean.
Honney,go and have your bath okay so we can eat,I prepared your favourite.
No way,we are bathing together
But dear,have taken my bath already do you want me to ruin my make up.
And who’s complaining? beside didnt you make up for me?
You know you are stubborn right..
He carried her in a bridal style to their bedroom…

Story continues…



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