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Episode 11

� Blair

Tare held her breath as Richard did all the talking,she didn�t know the guy was this handsome.She wouldn�t have shouted too much on him the other day,but he deserved it.She felt God had special likeness for some people if not why would someone be this cute and some very ugly! she pinched herself to stop stealing glances at him.

So what do you say?

Wha�I mean what she stammered. The cutie didn�t know she had been lost staring at him.

I said I need your help with my studies,you see I haven�t really been following with school activities.

Why did you think I can be of help?

The way you were so focused earlier I was lost staring at you,I believe you can be of help.please I will pay you well.

That got Tare very angry, so he feels money is everything. This is what she hated about the rich spoilt kids,they always put their money first.

So you feel am some girl looking for money right? and you have the guts to flirt with me,Mr man I don�t need anything from you.

Richard was shocked to some extent, he had to explain what he really meant.It wasn�t as if he was bragging he had money,he believed in working for himself. The girl was so smart,how did she figure out he was flirting with her.He just couldn�t help it, everything about her entices him.

please that not what I meant by that,I.mean�

save it,Tare cuts him short.

I don�t need any explanation from you,she said and walked away quickly before Richard could catch up with her.


Richard opened the door in suprise,looking at his clock before glancing at the lady in front of him.

Mitchell looking ravishing in a black bum short and a blue sleevleess top.

Bae did you check the time before leaving your house?I mean it big time late.

Boo I did, I called earlier but you didn�t pick. I mean what happening? where is the love we once shared.

Richard almost laughed at the sound of that,what love is she talking about. She�s even the biggest mistakes he had ever made.

Bae am sorry, I was in the library.

Lib�.did I hear you right?she laughed sarcastically.

Richard wasn�t in the mood for all her talks,she had come just in time. It wouldn�t be bad if she warmed his bed for the night.He smiled at his thought and decided to act sweet.

He held her by her arm and their lips locked in a passionate kiss.Richard started undressing her without wasting time but their fun was cut short. Chell�s phone had starting ringing,they had ignored it for the first time but when it rang again,she decided to check who was calling.

Doc mark.

oh no,she couldn�t ignore this particular call.after talking to the caller for few minutes she turned to Richard in a sorry tune.

Am sorry, I have to go now it�s urgent. She went over his mirror and arranged her weavon.

What�s wrong? he asked though pissed.

I have to go now bye.

Atleast let me drive you it late,he needed to do that it was very late and jos isnt a secure place.

No thanks.

Richard knew something was definitely amiss, On a normal day Chel would have begged him into driving her home. But wasn�t it strange? whenever they wanted getting down there�s always a distraction.He was getting scared,was it some sort of force or a trick chel is playing? No that can�t be the girl didn�t look like a virgin and besides his touch melted her,he ought to be more careful with her.


Mum,you�v got to accept Ray is gone.

Mitchell his not,I left him at the park to get you two snacks remember? why did you let your little brother live your sight?

Mum,please forget that already am here for you and will never leave you please mum forget Ray.

No his my last baby,my baby needs me�She broke into tears

Mother,why are you doing this to me? why can�t you accept loss like every normal human being. I need you mum,why is you and dad making me feel like an orphan.She broke into tears.

But it all your fault, you didn�t look after him. it all your fault she said wailing like a child.

Mitchell cried as she remembered the event, she was five and her kid brother was 3.Their mum had taken them to a park .Along the line,she left them to get snacks.There was an explosion and everything went dismay.They never saw Ray again,and her mother�s life was never thesame again. She became mentally unstable ever since then.

Mitchell locked her car as she headed for her flat,she was more than exhausted.Anyone could tell from her look,Spending the night with her mum wasn�t an easy one.She didn�t even get a little sleep,happy she was home again. All she wanted was a warm bath and sleep.

She had knocked twice with no reponse,she tucked her hands in her clutch to search for her keys.Vanessa could be a terrible one with sleep,she always slept like a log of wood and no amount of noise could wake her up.

No,this can�t be,what�s going on here,Mitchell screamed.

Am sorry Mitch,I�.didn�t want this to happen

Godfrey said wearing his clothes.

Mitchell turned to Godfrey with tears in her eyes.

Get the hell out of my house.

Mitch,I swear I never wanted this to happen,please give me a listening hear

I don�t want to hear any of it,just go.Of all girls why didn�t you pick from outside? why my own best friend?.

Mitch I came here�.She cuts him short.

I don�t need your explanation,it makes me sick please live before I do something I will regret .

Godfrey opened the door and left.

If looks could ki*ll Vanessa would have died the moment Mitchell stared at her.

Why Vanessa? I gave you everything. Is this what I get for paying your bills,and treating you like blood? She shouted in rage.

Am sorry,chel am very sorry. I�d never wanted this to happen,please�.she went on her knees

still unclad

Save your explanations,pack every belonging of yours and live my house.

Mitchell,please don�t do this to me.Think about all the memories we had, please.

Vanessa pleaded with tears streaming down her eyes.

I don�t want to see you here when I get back. She took her clutch which she had thrown on the bed and left.

Vanessa bit her lower lip in frustration, what had she done? betraying the one person that had been nice to her. Mitchell can be authoritative but still very caring. She fell for him the very first day she set her eyes on him.But he had wanted Mitchell instead. He got close to her to get chell,it hurt had hurt her but who was she to complain? Besides who sees a fat short lady and fall for her?What was more irritating was the ever constant pimples on her face.She had tried out all the face creams she knows both expensive and cheap,all to no avail.

And last night he came looking for chell to work things out with her.Somewhere along the line they got talking when he decided to wait for her.And then it all started unplanned with a kiss he had started.

She threw her belongings into her suitcases,as the tears on her face gave her know breathing space. It wasn�t all about the money but the guilt she felt seing herself as a traitor.

Story continues…


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