The security at the gate says

I am your dignity

I am your purity

I am your innocence

I am that place that hasn’t been visited

I am your ibale

I am that scared temple that needs to be sacrificed and worshipped. In form of marriage and paying of brideprice

The gate says

I am an entrance to paradise or hell

That place enclosed in a thick wall

Filled with ambush of positivity or negativity

Depending on how he got to the location

That place only the courageous enter and enjoy after sacrificing

Let’s break the gate I hear guys say

For great pleasure awaits us

The determined one closes her eyes and imagines about the pleasure of having that natural microphone in her. And the angelic voice says to her

“zip up, guide your gate and abstain till marriage

For this is a gift that once given cannot be taken back.

She opens her eyes and heeded to remain pure and guide her gate

she smiled and her smile lit up like wildfire

Making her rare and radiant

The determined undetermined hesitates and gave in,she refuses to heed to the angelic voice She fed her flesh and lost her soul

Her gate now a dumping site

An hit and run avenue,which

Accommodates lots and lots of natural microphones

The mics swiftly,speedily swing in and out of the gate

Not even with their real faces, but

Masked faces.

The screeching,bashing and moaning voice,i hear

Blame is crushing

Guilt is haunting

finger is pointing and I hear the word “he used me”

Who used who?

Good things sets in

STD says am here

Pregnancy says am welcomed

“had I known “becomes the cliche.

At last!! The determined one exclaimed

the sacrifice has been made

I have my virtue

I am honored

Ladies guide your gate!!!


© Malik Barakat Timilehin


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