Judgement On Earth – Episode 16 (Finale)

Judgement On Earth Episode 16

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© Akoto Alexander


I got down of the car to see if I could set sight on her but she was nowhere to be found, I drove back home in a confused state of mind. Now it seems all hope was lost and my world was just caving in on me, even if I wanted to confess who was I going to confess to and where was I going to do the confession? Moreover I never asked the chief matron which village they (the maid and the chief matron) hailed from, indeed some troubles never gave signals when approaching. I sat alone in the garden of my house for close to 4hours thinking and trying to find a permanent solution to my current crisis, an idea popped up out of the blues and I felt it was the best alternative. The idea was for me to travel overseas, my youthful mind told me the ghost hunt couldn’t travel across the shores of Africa. I drove to an accredited travel and tour agency to make a reservation for a first class ticket to London, I was called later in the day that my ticket was ready and my flight will take off in 3days time at 11pm so I can come and pick my ticket up anytime am ready or free.
Fast forward…………….
My luggage was packed with everything I needed to go to London with, I hired a taxi which will take me to the airport, on my way going the taught about Hannah came in mind. I never saw how she was buried or where she was finally laid to rest, I wanted to tell the driver to take me back home but my instincts told me to ignore that thought and carry on with my trip. I got to the airport on time and did my check in minutes later, I was having about 45minutes at my disposal before I boarded the plane so I decided to take some bottles of beer before the flight takes off, I went to the cafeteria at the arrival section of the airport and did justice to 3bottles of beer and decided to head back to the departure hall. On my way going I saw a pregnant woman who was finding it difficult to climb the stairs to the immigration section of the airport, her handbag and luggage looked too heavy for her so I decided to help her out and of which she was so very grateful for. She thanked me and started a conversation with me, as we got to the immigration checkpoint I took the led to be checked, I went through the screening and the pregnant lady also did same. We were ushered to the waiting room of the first class as the pregnant woman was also having a first class ticket, the time came and we boarded the plane. We had a very lengthy conversation all throughout the 6hours journey from Accra to London. The flight touch the ground safely and we all got down of the plane, I again offered to help the pregnant woman carry her handbag till we were out of the airport. Again I took the led to be screened by the London immigration officers, I was asked if the female handbag was mine and of which I told them it wasn’t mine but rather the pregnant woman behind me, they told me there was no one like that behind me, I turned my back and truly too there was no pregnant woman close to that perimeter. They searched the bag and saw a white substance rapped in a transparent rubber, one of the officers check closely on the substance and confirmed that it was “Cocaine”, immediately I was handcuffed and sent to the NARCOTICS cell.
Who was going to be my witness to help defend me in another man’s land?
Who would believe me also as I was very innocent of the crime at hand?

The substance was taken to the lab and it was confirmed that it was truly cocaine which weighed 15kg, I was sent to court and I was judged guilty since I wasn’t having any evidence to prove my innocence. I was sentenced to 20years in prison, I served about 6years in the London prison before I was deported back to Ghana to continue my jail sentence. As I got to Ghana a jury sat on my case and added extra years to what I was already serving, the reason was that the police investigations proved that it was my car that was used for the robbery which ended the lives of 7police officers that night. As I was been brought to the prison I heard the voice of the maid saying U have faced your “JUDGEMENT ON EARTH” squarely and my work with you is done.

So my brother this is how I ended up here as a common prisoner. I even heard the government took possession of all my father’s property.

2nd Prisoner: I taught my story was a serious one but I now know mine was just a tip of the iceberg. Time is up for us to go back to our various cells, it was a pleasure knowing and talking with you my friend. Till we meet again, may God have mercy on us.

Obed died 3days later peacefully in his sleep.
Prof. Awude was released a week later after his conversation with Obed. As he came out of the prison yard a trailer that had failed break knocked him down and run over him, he died at the spot.


No sinner will go unpunished says the Holy Bible. If you think no one is seeing you for your sins and crimes, have a rethink about that because everybody will be judged on earth before you leave this earth.
Till I come your way again with another intriguing and captivating story, stay safe & remember me in your prayers when you go on your knees to say a prayer.


***THE END ***

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  1. Thumbs up to the writer. It’s indeed a judgement on earth. It’s better we live a good life and experience heaven on earth….. Nice story,with so many lessons.

  2. This story is highly empowering and educative. Thumbs up for the writer of this fantastic piece. More ink to your pen, sir.

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