Judgement On Earth – Episode 9

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Dr Nettey’s wife was worried and curious about why his husband was in handcuffs and why they were in search for Prof Awude?

The leader of the police team briefed Mrs Nettey as to the reason why her husband was in that position. Meanwhile a signal had been sent to the other team at the airport to be on the alert because Prof might show up at the airport anytime soon. Mrs Nettey hearing this news broke down in tears because she thought the husband had promised to turn a new chapter as his licence was given back to him to practice again. He told the police officers to carry on with their duty smoothly and that if they needed her for any questions, she will glady be there for that. With this the officers asked to search the house to see if they could get any other clues that will lead to the arrest of Prof Awude. All this while Dennis was asking for Dufie’s presence at the hospital because his joy will be to see the love of his life once again but anytime he did so the nurses gave him an excuse and this got Dennis much disappointed. Prof had managed to pick a taxi to the airport missing a police checkpoint narrowly, as the taxi he was sitting in was about to be checked a signal from the headquarters came that they should report to the station immediately so they stopped checking the cars on the road and left the road for a smoother flow by the cars. As the car got to the airport Prof surveyed the area to see if he could see any police uniform around the place before he got down from the car, as his eyes were satisfied that the place was safe he smiled to himself and did the cross sign before he alighted from the car and made way to the departure hall for his check in. The check in went smoothly for him but little did he know it was a trap he was about to fall in, after the check in he was asked to proceed to the immigration check point where he will fill the purpose of travelling forms and then go through the screening checking point. He was sweating and making some suspicions moves which made one officer call him aside to ask him some personal questions, this nearly made Prof to urinate on himself but he played smart and got his way. By then signals had travelled across to every police officer around the airport that Prof was at the airport so they should be ready for a move when a signal is given finally. Prof went through the screening checkpoint successfully and was ushered to the waiting room before they will be asked to go and board the plain. The announcement was made that passengers travelling with flight 9G-ABO should proceed to the boarding zone and of which Prof was in a hurry to do so, little did Prof know that his time was up. The commander, lawyer Akuffo and some of the CID officers were already in the plane waiting for Prof to board the plane so they could arrest him easily without any escape route for him. As he entered and was about to locate his seat he saw lawyer Akuffo and this gave him a rumbling stomach, he turned and saw some 3 other men with one holding a handcuff in his hand. His charges were read to him and the commander handcuffed him personally with a slap coming from lawyer Akuffo as the icing for the show. Everyone in the plane looked at what was happening curiously without uttering a word, Prof was led out of the plane by the officers and by the time they descended the stairs from the plane a police car was already waiting for him on the run way. He was taken to the regional command for further interrogation and statement writing, after which he was sent to the cell to meet his new neighbours. The police lady behind the counter told the inmates what brought their new friend to their cell and as usual they gave him a befitting welcome party. Prof together with Dr Netty didn’t sleep that night, the were ordered to sing and fan the cell leader and his deputy all night long. Early in the morning some journalists came to the station to get their story written for publishing on Monday morning. This was how the whole nation heard of my bad deeds and the President took special interest in the case to serve as a deterrent to my colleague lecturers and teachers. For my friend lawyer Akuffo he wished I was sentenced for life and if not for my connections and bribe that I paid, I would have been convicted for life.


For my friend lawyer Akuffo he wished I was sentenced for life, if not for my connections and the bribe I and my lawyers paid to some top officials, I would have been convicted for life. Hmmmmmmm committees upon committees were formed to deliberate on my case and also to probe on the evidence the police had gathered so far to pin me down but funny enough the police didn’t get any solid evidence to back their claim that I was at fault or guilty, my lawyers were so good that any track that could get me locked was cleared to perfection. Dr Nettey was very surprised that I was denying all that he said about me and I could read from his mood and gestures that, he curse the day he met me. His wife also was trying everything possible not to get me out of that hook at all cost, she left no stone unturned. Mrs Nettey went to the school campus and all the female hostels to see if she could get information about Dufie’s last movement on campus before her untimely death. On one of her rounds to the school campus, she came across a stranded lady whose direction was heading towards the school, the taxi she had boarded had developed a fault that the driver couldn’t fix instantly.

Guess who the lady was?

It was no one but Dufie’s room mate. She was now recuperating from the accident she had when she was on her way home for some stuffs for her practicals and project work. Mrs Nettey had the edge to help the young lady who looked stranded by that time she came across her, as she helped her she decided to engage this young lady in a friendly conversation since her instincts was really pushing her to do so. She obeyed her instincts and the conversation started smoothly, she asked what the name of the lady was and where she was going and of which she got an answer from the lady. For the answer she got it arose her interest in the conversation more, she got to know that the lady she offered a lift is a student of the university and that she was also a resident student in one of the female hostels. She took advantage of that and started to dig deep into the girls mind, she asked questions upon questions and finally as she had tricked the young lady to feel comfortable in their conversation, she dropped the issue of Dufie into the conversation.

The lady chuckled and registered her displeasure on the matter that had been brought on board, she told Mrs Nettey about the diary she saw and all she knew about Dufie. Mrs Nettey listened to her with an undivided attention as the young lady was pouring out her heartfelt pains and how she couldn’t stop her friend from doing the abortion at the Obenfo Hospital. She cursed Prof for taking away from the world such a beautiful and intelligent young lady who aspired to be a great woman in the future. Alas they got to the school campus the young lady told Mrs Nettey to drop her at the school library because she had some books to pick up from that place, as she was about to alight from the car Mrs Nettey asked her of her name once again to make sure she wasn’t wrong with the name she had already heard. She gave the lady her number and asked her to call her for an important discussion this evening, as Mrs Nettey drove off she felt a bit happy because she knew if what the young lady was saying is true then Prof Awude wasn’t going to go scot free as his lawyers were already anticipating.

That evening Mrs Nettey waited for the young lady’s call earnestly because she knew the young lady held the power to clump Prof Awude down, she checked the time on the wall and it was 9:47pm. She rose up from her rocking chair feeling disappointed and heart broken with the young lady, as she climbed the staircase leading to her bedroom, her phone rang and as she checked it was an unknown number that was calling. The moment she answered the call the line went off, she tried calling the number back but the line was simply not going through. Mrs Nettey wondered if it was the young lady calling or who? She decided if she didn’t hear from the lady before morning she will go in search of her but the sad thing was that she didn’t know where to start her search from since she didn’t ask the lady of her hostel. What scared Mrs Nettey most was that the following day was the day for the final judgement from the court hearing, she thought for once she was about to get a witness who will help her defend her husband at the law court but it seems “man proposes but God disposes”.


Can this woman help save her husband from going to jail for the rest of his life?

To what extent can you go to save your loved one……….

Can you ki*ll for your love one?

Can you give every pesewa you have to save your loved one?

What can you do or give to save your loved one?

If you want to know what this woman did then please don’t miss out on the next episode of this story



…to be continued


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