Judgement On Earth – Episode 7

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The regional commander upon get the alert of Dennis current state immediately ordered the Inspector who led his boys to apprehend him to quickly rush him to the Okomfo Anokye hospital. After giving the order he placed a call through to Lawyer Akuffo and briefed him about the situation of the boy he made them arrest the previous day. Honestly, Lawyer Akuffo was not pleased with the news at all, although he wanted to punish Dennis, assaulting him to the extent of him collapsing was not part of the plan. What if he didn’t survive the trauma he has been subjected to? What story will he tell his family and the entire world?

All this while some of the police team members that went to arrest Dennis the previous day stayed behind to conduct a massive search in the area and house of Dennis to see if they will find Dufie there, but after hours of gruesome search they didn’t get any clue that showed that she had been there. They called the office to give a situational report to their boss about their unfruitful search in the area, the instructions that was given to them was, for them to stand on standby in a hibernation position (out of sight tactics).

Meanwhile the sick father of Dennis was having a premonition of the safety of his son Dennis and this made his pressure run very high, the only solution now was for him to be conveyed from his house to the Okomfo Anokye hospital. As they got to the hospital they were reliably informed that the Social Security Health Scheme was owing the hospital much money so they were now running the cash and carry scheme, that means before they will receive any treatment, they had to deposit enough money before medical attention will be commenced. The money on them was not much, the payment made could only cover for his hospital card and folder, the only thing that was done for Dennis dad was to be given an injection and drip at the OPD, he was left in a wheelchair because the beds in the male ward were all occupied. At this moment the police land rover got to the hospital and they took the OPD direction with Dennis seated in a wheelchair, he was still unconscious.

The mother of Dennis was going out to buy malta for herself because she was feeling hungry that time, as she was about to exit the OPD she saw her son in a wheelchair with a swollen face and in a blood stained shirt accompanied by 4 armed police officers.

As the woman saw her son in that state, she screamed in a very loud voice “Dennis my Son what has happened to you?” and she fell down, the nurses around and the police officers quickly carried the elderly woman to the female ward where doctors quickly rushed to attend to her but unfortunately the doctors who attended to the woman pronounced her dead. All this while the little sister of Dennis was following her mum to persuade her to buy 2 bottles of the Malta, she saw how her mum screamed and later fell down on the flat, she rushed to where her father was seated in the wheelchair to narrate what she saw. Out of shock the man rose to his feet to go and check on his wife but he also fell heavily on the ground as a result of the injection that was given to him earlier. The little girl called for help and as doctors came around to check on the man, he was also pronounced dead. The little innocent girl broke down with heavy tears that it took 3 people to hold her down and console her. A family friend of Dennis family who came for antenatal check up saw the little girl so she came around to ask what brought her to the hospital and why she was wallowing in tears that Saturday morning. A woman sitting there told the woman how the little girl lost her family just in a day. The woman said that she was at the female ward when the girl’s mother was pronounced dead and as she left the ward and came to get some fresh air at the OPD she also heard another doctor pronouncing a man dead and she believes the man is also his father because she saw them when they got down from the taxi earlier on. The little girl came to this place a while ago with her mother and father but she has turned into an orphan in less than an hour, everyone around felt pity for this girl. The Inspector had by this time gotten enough evidence that Dennis is related to the 2 people who were pronounced dead some few minutes ago and he really felt bad that he was part of the team who apprehended Dennis, lynched him, locked him up, got him beaten by th cell inmates and later brought him to the hospital. He called the regional commander to break the news of what just happened to him, as the call ened, guilt was written all over the face of the commander, he told the inspector to see to it that the bodies of the dead people be taken to the hospital mortuary and that he is on his way to the hospital immediately. Before he left his office he called Lawyer Akuffo to put a hold on anything he was doing and meet him at the Okomfo Anokye hospital immediately. In about 45minutes the commander and Lawyer Akuffo were at the hospital mortuary entrance, lawyer wanted an explanation to the call he got and the reason why they were standing in front of the mortuary, before the commander spoke something happened.





In about 45minutes the commander and lawyer Akuffo were at the hospital mortuary entrance, lawyer wanted an explanation to the call he got and the reason why they were standing in front of the mortuary. Before the commander spoke a police car rushed in the mortuary, the got down from the car saluted the commander before the brought out a dead body from the car. The commander asked them where they brought the body from and what led to her death. The sergeant who led the team briefed the commander that from the scene she was picked from, it seemed that she/they tried to do abortion and as a result she died, but a night security man close to where the body was picked said he saw a car that came to drop the body. He even took record of the number plate of the vehicle that came to drop the body and at the moment he(security man) has been taken to the regional command to write down his statement. Out of curiosity the commander and lawyer Akuffo decided to take a look at the dead body they had brought, lawyer Akuffo screamed when he saw the body, the dead body was that of Akosua Dufie. Lawyer Akuffo broke down in an uncontrollable tears as he saw the lifeless body of his only source of happiness on this earth. Dufie was gone and the worse part of it was her body had started smelling because it was days now as she died and her body wasn’t properly taken care of by the people she died through their hands. The commander instructed his men to get the body properly deposited at the finest fridge at the mortuary and then consoled his friend about his lost. He told him a lot is there to be taken care of but first they should pass by the male ward to check up on Dennis and how he was fairing by now. Per the narrative of the sergeant who led the team to bring Dufie’s corpse, he said someone dropped the body with a car and all this while Dennis had been in the custody of the police, so that means he is very innocent against the charges levied on him. Fortunately as they got to where Dennis was, he had regained consciousness and as he saw lawyer Akuffo he started crying, lawyer see what some police officers has done to me, I didn’t do anything to anyone one, I haven’t stolen anything from anyone but see how brutally they have dealt with me. I want you to take them to court for what they have done to me. I want the law to deal with them rigidly and please where is Dufie?

With this request lawyer Akuffo started shedding tears like a small boy, in fact he wept like Jesus Christ did in the Bible. The commander spoke to clear the tension in the room, my boy Dufie is very fine. She has been writing some exams in school and as at now she is even at the exams hall writing her last but one paper. She wanted to be here with us but the father instructed she finishes the paper for today first. Dennis took a look at lawyer and asked why he was crying that way? The commander told Dennis that he is crying because of the way he saw him on the hospital bed, he didn’t know you had been assaulted this bad and with this the commander told Dennis not to worry because he was now a free man. His medical bill will be taken care of and also as soon as he is fully fit he will be discharged. He held on lawyer’s shoulder and said to him, bro we have a lot to talk about so let’s get to my office so we talk about it. As the commander and lawyer left the ward Dennis was confused about what lawyer did which left him pondering on some questions he asked himself, “does Lawyer Akuffo like me so much that he had to cry like a baby in my current condition?

Does it mean he has approved of me being his future son-in-law?

Many funny questions were what were running through his mind. He smiled and said to himself that at least I know am a free man again and that I won’t be sent to that stinking place again, but little did he know that sorrow was his next bus stop. What was ahead of him was even painful than what he had already encountered.



Sometimes we think those who smile at us, is for a friendly purpose or course but we might never know that some smiles are that of betrayal or deceit. Some pictures are different when you view it in close range and that same picture will be seen different when you stand in a long distance range.

Be careful who you turn your problems to, they meant be the reason for that same problems you might be passing through.



…to be continued


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