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� Akoto Alexander


Thankfully the police officer accepted my bribe and told me he will pass by my father’s house when he closes from work. I was a bit relieved that at least the chief matron upon getting the message will immediately contact my late father’s lawyers who will see to my bail instantly. Later in the afternoon the chief matron together with the lawyers came to the police station to facilitate my bail, the senior lawyer amongst them was very mad at the station officer for the punishment they had imposed on me. To him they had trampled on my human and legal right by not arranging me before court for over 2weeks now, he requested to see the commander of the police station for clarification but as the commander came in, he made it known to my lawyers that he knew nothing about my detention, he pleaded with my lawyers to remain claim and asked for my immediate release. As we were about to leave the police station a message came in that the police officer who sent my message across to the chief matron had been knocked down by a sewerage car and that he was in a very critical state right now at the police hospital. I felt sad for him but there was nothing I could do about it, I left with the chief matron to my father’s house to have a good rest and visit the hospital the next day for check up on myself. That night I had series of nightmares that in one of them the maid told me point blank that anyone who comes to my rescue during my predicament will have her to contend with and that she has started with that police officer and my senior lawyer was next. I woke up sweating badly, I tried calling my lawyer but his phone number was not going through, I tried countless times but to no avail so I gave up on the calls and decided to call him very early in the morning to caution him on his movement. Around 4:30am I heard a very loud knock on my door which woke me up to run to the bathroom, I taught armed robbers had invaded my house but later I overhead the voice of one of the security men, he wanted my attention and presence that very moment. I opened the door to see total chaos in the entire house, I asked what was going on and I was told the chief matron had committed suicide by hanging herself in her room inside the boys quarters. I was shocked because the chief matron never told me she was having any problems with anyone or something was bothering her, in fact she was the last person I spoke with last night and she seemed very happy. I quickly rushed to get my phone to call the police but as I entered my room i heard the voice of the maid once again, she was laughing and she told me that she has just started with her punishment on my life and that anyone I call upon for help or assistance will end up dying mysteriously, she further went on to tell me that in less than 15seconds someone will call me to break the news of the death of my senior lawyer. Just as the voice ended a call came through my phone, the caller told me that my lawyer has been found dead in his car some few metres away from his house. I felt the whole thing was getting out of hand, I called one of the maids to call the emergency lines of the police so they could come and carry the corpse of the chief matron away. My happy life was now falling apart whiles I couldn’t do anything to remedy it and now the hard part of it all was that I was now scared to call on anyone for assistance because I didn’t want to endanger the life of anyone again, “they say once beaten twice shy”. In no time the police came to the house to take the body away and commence with serious investigation, weeks pass and nothing had been concluded yet by the police investigation team, to me I knew the death of the chief matron was not a physical one but who was I to utter those words, who was going to believe me anyway so I kept mute to myself. A month pass and still nothing had been done, I requested for the body to be released for me for burial because the chief matron never introduced anyone to me or any of the workers in the house that she had a friend or family relation. I led my workers to give her a befitting burial. Some weeks after the burial I was lying down one night when I started receiving lashes from nowhere, the flogging I was receiving was not a visible one but I was seeing the marks of the beatings on my skin. I couldn’t bear the beating and pains any longer so I rushed out of my room for refuge somewhere, I sat in my car and hurriedly left the house without any destination in mind. I was driving when I saw an elderly woman and a little girl stopping me on the way, I don’t know what came over that made me stop to help them since where they were standing wasn’t looking safe. As I stopped to ask her where she was going some guys came out of the bush with guns and machetes I wanted to get down and run but the leader ordered me to sit in my seat or else he will blow my head. I was adopted by this robbers to be their driver for that evenings robbery operation, they ordered me to drive to a certain supermarket about 20minutes drive from our current location. I complied and listened to the command that was given to me, we got to the supermarket and all the robbers got down leaving one person behind with me, he was instructed to shot me if I made any funny move. They went in and about 12minutes later they came out of the supermarket firing gunshot in the air, I think the police was given a hint so as we moved from the supermarket car park we bumped into them and the was an exchange of bullets battle between the robbers and the police. One of the robbers told me that if I don’t drive them to safety and we are caught I should bear in mind that I was going down with them because they will glady point me out as the leader of the gang. With this revelation I had no choice them to start driving like a pro, as the exchange of bullets was still ongoing one of the police officers fired directly into the back windscreen which hit the shoulder of the leader of the robbers who was sitting next to me at the front seat. The sniper amongst them took a clear shot and fired at the driver of the police car, it hit his chest which made him loss control of the wheel, the car skipped to the other side of the road and run into an approaching trailer, the police car caught fire at that very moment. We managed to escape from the hands of the police as we got to a cemetery along the way the robbers ordered me to stop, they asked me to get down from the car and by the count of three(3) I should be out of their sight. I never knew I had that speed in me as I left their sight with a tough speed, I covered about 70meters in a less than 5minutes. As I went a bit far I heard a blast and of which I saw flames coming up from the direction I came from. I think they burnt the car to cover their trace and of which I was very glad about that…



I think they burnt the car to cover their trace and of which I was very glad about that, I was happy simply because there was not going to be any trace of the police chasing after my life which was gradually turning upside down. Luckily for me I had money on me which could pay for my transportation back to my rented house close to the school. As I got to that place I went straight to bed without even taking a shower, for the first time in some weeks I had a very sound sleep, I woke up around 6am and turned the radio on to listen to the early morning news. Almost all the radio stations I tuned in were talking about the robbery incident that took place the previous night leading to the death of seven police officers, the IGP released a press statement early that morning and said he had a huge sum of money to give any informant who brought a tip off about the robbers who killed his gallant men. I was very alarmed but I kept my composure knowing very well that the police will find it very difficult tracking me down. Around 8am I decided to go to one powerful mallam I have heard much about, he resides in a bush at a small village somewhere in the Volta region for protection. I managed to locate the place after asking for help from some villagers on the way, he prepared some charm and concoction for me to take back home after I told him my purpose for coming to his shrine. He gave me the likes and dislikes of the charm and told me to be coming to his shrine once every year to renew the charm and also bring my appreciation token to the gods, he told me bluntly that failure to come to the shrine will attract a great punishment for me without mercies from the gods, after that he asked me to take leave without taking a pesewa from me. He told me to go straight back to campus and catch up with the academic work. When i got to campus i saw that i had missed a lot of things in school, everybody who saw me looked at me as if they had seen a ghost, I was a bit perplexed but I acted brave and went to my class. I asked one of the guys in my class what was the reason behind the suspicious look everyone was giving me, he laughed and told me that there was rumours about me that am dead so that’s the cause of the look I was getting, I laughed out loud and ignored the gestures I was getting from the other students. Things turned out different after the clash with the robbers and the police, I passed through the school academic activities and calendar peaceful without the disturbance or interference of the ghost any longer. A whole year passed and I had totally forgotten about the instructions the mallam gave me, human beings aways forget their promises after they have gotten what they want from you. I completed the school and decided not to do my national service, I couldn’t stand a transfer to a remote village all in the name of serving my country so I paid my way through. One night I was feeling so horny that I went in for a night commercial worker to satisfy my sexual desire, I probed in all the ladies available and I got my taste of preference, I brought her home to do justice to her. As we got home and entered the bedroom she requested I turn the light off so we start business, I was surprised because this commercial workers never felt shy to expose themselves but because my libido had risen up I complied quickly, as I was about to touch her I heard that strange sound the ghost of the maid use to make, I quickly rose to my feet and went to switch the light on only to see a transformed person on my bed. The commercial worker had turned into the pregnant maid and was lying down laughing at me signalling me to come to her, I screamed for help but it seems no sound was coming out from my mouth till I passed out. I woke the next day around 2pm, I felt I was no longer safe so I made a quick trip to the mallam who helped me earlier on. As I got to his shrine, he drove me away from his shrine saying he was going to cast a spell on me if I don’t leave his presence at that moment. He told me I was ungrateful and that my world is going to cave in on me anytime from now, I left his shrine feeling weak and dejected as I walked from the bush to where I had parked my car I met an old woman standing next to my car, she told me to confess if I wanted to be free in my life. I chuckled and told him to leave my presence before I rearrange her disorganised teeth for her, I sat in my car to move but I didn’t see any sign of her again in the inside mirror. I got down of the car to see if I could set sight on her but she was nowhere to be found, I drove back home in a confused state of mind.


*Do you think Obed can come out to confess to anyone his sin against the maid?

*What will happen next to Obed?


…to be continued


  1. The only thing i dnt like in this story is the fact that some people who don’t know what Obed suffered with him….. Obed should be their target na… You will not go Scot free

  2. Yes ooo, I agree with you Susan, well it has been writt
    en when a sinner is been punished, the righteous will a
    lso take part. But Obed should be the only to suffer. Ne
    x pls

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