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� Akoto Alexander


On the way to the party the unexpected and unthinkable thing happened, from no where some fighting vultures hit the bonnet of the car we were riding in and out of shock I turned the steering sharply which made me loss control. The car hit a pothole and the front tyre of the driver side busted, I skipped to other side of the road and if there was an approaching vehicle there could have been a fatal accident. I managed to keep the car under control and I parked it under a streetlight on the other side of the road but as I got down from the car the light went off instantly, the was total blackout in the area but I had to fix the tyre so we proceed to the party grounds. I waited for close to 30minutes but no car passby so I went to the trunk of the car took the spare tyre, jerk and wheel spinal out to get the tyre fixed, as I closed the trunk a saw a pregnant figure standing next to me, I screamed the name of JESUS loudly and Hannah asked what the problem was but I lied and told her its nothing but a lizard that run in between my legs. I came back to the car and opened the dashboard and I searched for a torchlight to help me see easily and fix the trye, I got hold of it and Hannah came down to assist me by throwing the light of the torch to the front mod guide of the car. In less than 15minutes I had been able to fix the tyre and we were back on the road again, we got to the party venue late and as we entered the place everyone present(family and friends) shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH”, the shock and excitement on her face showed great satisfaction to what I had done for her, she came close and gave me a soft kiss and whispered thank you to my ears, she further told me that she had a special treat for me that night when we get home so I should prepare for it. As the party was on going I felt like urinating so I went to the gents and entered into one of the toilet closet, as I locked the door I heard a feminine voice speak to me, the voice sounded familiar and this was what the voice said “YOU THINK YOU ARE FREE AFTER WHAT YOU AND YOUR FATHER DID TO ME? YOU WORSE NIGHTMARE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN”, after this comments there was a loud laughter that followed. I quickly came out of the closet to see if I could see the person who just spoke to me but there was no sign of anybody there, all of a sudden my mobile phone rang I checked and the number on the screen was that of my father’s house landline, I answered the call and the caller was the chief matron of the house, she was calling to find out how I was doing and that its been long I came home to visit them or even called them. I apologised and told her she will see me before the week ends, as she was about to hangup, I asked her about the whereabouts of the maids my father drove out of the house since she came from the same village with them. She told me the youngest among the girls hanged herself some few days as she got to the village out of shame, she left a note asking for forgiveness from her parents and the embarrassment she has brought upon her family and herself. The painful part was that she was pregnant and in their village if you die pregnant out of wedlock your corpse is thrown into the forest without proper burial and no one mourns you. I cut the call when I heard this bad news, after the call I heard the loud laughter again but no one was close to me. I started asking myself numerous questions which had no answers, I felt a chill breeze all over me and my mood changed all of a sudden. I quickly rushed to where the others were as I got back to the party grounds, excitement was all over in the air but for me it was an exception, I went to the bar and asked the bar tender to serve me something hot and strong, I started taking in the hard liquor to take my mind off what I had just heard because I was scared that very moment. I asked if it was the ghost of the maid that I saw when I closed the trunk of my car earlier on?
Hannah joined me at the bar requesting for a dance with me, she said she had been looking for me for a very long time but is happy she has found me now, we went to the dance floor and danced to the admiration of all the people present, both of us had great dance moves. Shortly after 12midnight Hannah asked for us to leave because she was a bit tipsy and horny after taking in alcohol, I complied but before we were going to leave the place I asked for the attention of everyone present. I had something to say in the presence of everyone, I knelt before her dipped my hand in my back pocket and fished out a ring, I asked if Hannah would marry me? She didn’t hesitate to say “YES” as she helped me on my feet and planted a deep kiss on my lips. After the kiss, I told everyone again that I had something again to say, I put my hand in Hannah’s handbag and brought out a key, everyone was looking at us keenly without uttering a word. As I brought the key out I gave it to Hannah and told her that parked outside at the car park, there is a new Nissan Stanza saloon car and that is her birthday present, she screamed and hugged me, her parents joined us and also hugged me for been a great pillar behind their daughter. They thanked me and we all moved to the car park to see the car of Hannah



They thanked me and we all moved to the car park to see the car of Hannah, everybody was very happy when they saw the car I bought for my fiancee, my father-in-law came to me and tapped my shoulder and gave me a handshake. He was very well pleased with my matured exploits for the previous evening and the early morning, after the much exploitation and admiration of the car, I told Hannah we should be on our way home, since Hannah was not much of a good driver and secondly she was also a bit tipsy I pleaded with the dad to send the car home and later discuss with his daughter how he can convey the car to her. The party was not over yet but we took leave of them to my house since my wife to be had something for me in the house, Hannah was full of praise as we left the place and she couldn’t hide her joy for a single second. As we were about 10meters to the very spot my tyre busted earlier on I saw someone trying to cross the road, I was by then driving at 100km/h speed, the person trying to cross the street was a female who looked heavily pregnant, she stopped in the middle of the street and no amount of horn I blew moved her. Hannah was now wondering what my blowing of horn meant because I believe she was not seeing what I was seeing on the street, I turned the steering wheel with a swift force to avoid hitting the figure in front of me. My tyre hit a pothole again and this time around I lost control of the steering and the car head straight into a ditch, I barely got myself injured but turning to my right, my wife to be was bleeding, blood was coming out from her mouth and looking closely down at her, there was this metal bar that had pierced her stomach deeply. My fiancee was at the verge of dying and there was not I cloud do to save or help her, I managed to come out of the car reached my cell and tried to call for help. Her father answered his phone the moment it rang with shower of praises all over, I screamed at him to keep quiet and after he did I told him I and his daughter had been involved in a fatal accident and that I needed help urgently to help save the life of his daughter. I gave him the direction to our location and he promised to be with us within 20minutes, I cut the call and went back to the car to tell Hannah to hang in there and that help was on the way coming. I felt a tap on my shoulder which made me turn but I didn’t see anyone, I later heard that same voice which sounded like that of the maid saying “THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR TROUBLES”, the message was very loud and clear that I started shaking like a nylon material.


Please before we continue let me ask:
*Do you believe Ghost does exist in this world?
*Is Ghost from God or the Devil?

Well I have a chunk of questions on this matter but we will discuss that sometime later.
Let’s continue with the story:


My manliness had vanished into thin air as I was now scared of what was happening, my mind went back to that faithful day the maid undressed herself and dragged her buttock on the bare ground and screamed some words, was that action the cause of my predicament now? I waited earnestly for help to arrive as that short while looked to me like an eternity, hopefully I saw the car I bought for Hannah approaching and I knew help was finally in. The father pulled the car over to one side of the road and the people in the car rushed to where my car was, there was no time to ask what happened, we tried to get her out of the car with the metal rod still rooted deep down her stomach. We rushed her to the nearest hospital but upon reaching there and the doctor looking at the nature of her injury we were referred to a bigger hospital that was Korle-Bu. Upon reaching Korle-Bu my wife to be Hannah, was pronounced dead, honestly you needed to have seen me that early morning. I nearly killed myself for the death of my love, we were asked by the doctor to get a police report before the corpse was conveyed to the mortuary. We proceeded to Korle-Bu police station to make the report but after my statement was taken the officer in charge ordered for me to be locked because I was smelling of alcohol and my statement also looked like an Ananse story to them when I mentioned that I saw a pregnant figure in the middle of the road, her father was in great support of what the police officer said. To him I have rendered him childless and for that alone he wished I would be locked behind bars forever. Hmmmmmmm someone who was singing praises for me a short while ago now is requesting for me to be locked behind bars for life. Its very true what they say that most human beings have short memory about the good things people do for them. He left the police station in a hurry to the hospital together with the people I went to the police station with so he could convey the body to the mortuary.
That few hours to day break was the longest time I ever had to wait all my life, before day break I feel asleep shortly and in my sleep I had a dream where I saw the maid and she was making fun of me that am yet to encounter my biggest challenge, I woke up with my name been mentioned by the officer who gave the order for me to be locked, Hannah’s father was in very early to see to it that I was not released at all. I spent close to 2weeks in police custody without been arranged to court, luckily enough I remembered I had money in my jeans trouser I was wearing before I was locked, I convinced one of the police officers on duty one night to take the money and go to my father’s house and inform the chief matron there about my current condition so she could get in touch with my lawyers so they could file for my bail. Thankfully the police officer accepted my bribe and told me he will pass by my father’s house when he closes from work to give her the information..

…to be continued


  1. U are in for a big sh*t bro!
    Uhmm… Ghost! All I know from my
    findings is, if u are guilty of a
    particular thing that is not of good
    then it’s likely for u to encounter
    ghost coz u will be imagining things
    whether real or not. But if u ask me
    whether ghost are real or not. Well, I
    think they’re real cos if not there
    won’t be anything like the name
    GHOST in this life.

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