Judgement On Earth – Episode 12


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The youngest amongst the 3 girls who was a virgin until I forced to sleep with her undressed herself as they were thrown out of the house, sat on the bare floor, dragged her buttocks on the ground and screamed some words, after this action there was this heavy thunder and lightning that stroke and every electric gadget in the house went off. It took the male workers of the house a hell of time to get the generator of the house working, as the light came back I couldn’t see a trace of the girls around the house or any where in the area as I climbed to the roof of the house. I felt bad for putting those girls in that stranded condition, that night I refused to take my supper because my conscience was really battling me. In fact for 3 consecutive days I didn’t eat anything and when my dad was informed about my actions, I forged a lie to him that I was not feeling well and that am now recovering from my sickness.
After sometime my pride entered into me again and I remembered something my father always tells me, “the lion never eats grass even when there is no prey to attack, ki*ll and eat”. The meaning of this proverb means the lion never displays it’s weakness in public, I managed to sweep this encounter under the carpet and my life was back on the asphalt road again. One Saturday morning I was taking a walk in the compound when I overhead some maid servants gossiping about their colleagues who had been thrown out of the house. One of them was asking if the others heard the words of curses the girl was spitting out that night? Her colleagues responded in a chorus voice that they all heard it. One of the other girls started explaining deep into what the girl was saying screaming in the rain, according to the girl in their village where she comes from, when someone does or says those kind of words her former colleague said, then the one who is been referred to is “doomed”, because that form of curse is irreversible and that the only thing left was for you to wait for, was your miserable death. I nearly defecated in my pants when I heard that statement, I had to position myself well at the place I was standing and eavesdropping on them. The man in me had left me the moment I heard her utter those words, I couldn’t handle what my ears were hearing so I came out from my hiding place to question them on the hot gossip that was taking place. They were been adamant so I to threatened them before they started talking, one of the girls told me that the curse was not going to have effect on the person its been said unto now. She said the curse will be a generational curse if the lady doesn’t reverse or evoke the curse from the one been referred to, the more she spoke the more frightened I became so I had to stop her from talking and warned her and the others that if I should hear another person discussion this same issue in the house, I will see to their dismissal personally. The butterflies in my stomach got activated in my system immediately, as I left their presence I started weeping inside me as to the new revelations that had been made known to me. I went inside my room and said the last prayer Jesus said before he was arrested by the Roman soliders, I asked God to avert the curse on my behalf and that I am going to turn a new chapter immediately, I promised God I will give help to the needy and also attend church regularly. My fear and worry was that this curse was going to destroy my future and unborn generation, I was sad because I knew my father had made great plans and investment for me as the only heir he had on this earth. I started hating my father for the lifestyle he lived that had found root deep inside me, I now decided to oppose all his womanising exploit secretly. He usually brings women for the weekends on Friday nights but leaves the house early Saturday morning to his oil palm plantation in the Eastern region and returns home very early on Sunday morning. I taught of taking charge of the women in his absence and in all my advances towards this ladies or women they fell for my trap. I slept with virtually every lady my dad brought home after taking that opposing idea.
On one faithful Saturday morning as my father left the house, I went straight to his bedroom room to meet my sex partner, as the saying goes “everyday for the thief, one day for the master”, we were busily doing the thing that we were carried away into cloud 9 that we didn’t hear the sound of my father’s car as he came back to the compound. I believe he had left some documents behind so he was coming back for it so he could rush back to his plantation, as my dad opened the door to his bedroom he saw what he never taught I knew how to do not to think of doing it in his bedroom and on his bed plus his woman……





I believe he had left some documents behind so he was coming back for it so he could rush back to his oil palm plantation, as my dad opened the door to his bedroom he saw what he never taught I knew how to do it not to think of doing it on his bed plus his woman. He dropped his car key and that was what drew our attention to the third person in the room, my dad tried talking but words were not coming out from his mouth even though he forced himself to speak. I was dumbfounded myself and tried to explain myself but dad rushed to hit us, he missed his steps which made him slip, he hits his head at the edge of the bed. He started bleeding badly, I signalled the lady to get dressed before I screamed for help from the workers in the house. As the workers rushed to the room I wished to the lady to take leave of the house as we rushed my dad to the hospital as quick as we could for treatment, when got to the hospital my dad was rushed to the theatre for an immediate stitches to be made on his head, the doctor returned from the theatre after the wait that looked like a whole century, he had a bad news for us. He told us that too much air had entered into my father’s head because we didn’t cover the cut on the injury on his forehead, the air had caused damage to his brain and that has escalated to a brain stroke. In simple terms my dad had lost his memory for thinking, sensing and acting, my dad was now a handicap, a once healthy and energetic man has all of a sudden been rendered a liability to his family, someone who was in good shape some few minutes ago. I asked the doctor if flying my dad out of the country could yield any positive results but he bluntly told me it was going to be a waste of time and money. He rather wrote a prescription of drugs for me to go and buy for him to keep him in a bit of good shape, my dad stayed in the hospital for almost 3months in the intensive care unit before he was discharged finally. A personal nurse was hired to take care of my dad but my father was becoming to difficult to cope with, he had turned into a rebellious person all of a sudden. He wanted to bath and brush his teeth about 12 to 15 times in a day and when you don’t comply with that then it means he won’t eat for the rest of the day. I regretted my actions on that faithful day my dad caught me sleeping with his girlfriend but it was too late to do anything about that ugly encounter.
One day I came back from town to see the faces and mood of the workers in an abysmal way, I called a few of them to ask why they were all looking sad and moody but none of them could voice out anything to my hearing, I left them to the hall and that was where I was hit with the bomb. My dad had pass away early in the morning when I left the house to pick something in town, he fell from the staircase when he was trying to descend to the hall. His personal nurse was off duty that day and it seems he wanted something, as he fell and he was rushed to the hospital the doctors pronounced him dead upon their arrival. After some weeks I gave my dad a befitting and resounding burial, I called his lawyers and bankers to update me on his assets and financial standings, I was amazed with the revelations I got that day. My respect for my late father increased to a higher level because he had made a fortune out the money he was compensated with by the British government, I decided to go back to school to further my education and also learn how to manage the properties my father left behind.
I applied for admission into the premium university of the country and I gained admission to study Business Administration.


Will going to school change anything from the curse on the head of Obed?
Only time well tell!!!!!

…to be continued


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  1. Reckless life u had lived. And the
    curse laid on u will surely follow u till
    thy kingdom come but could be
    revoked if only the same girl that
    curse choose to forgave u…

  2. Speechless………. You wasted your life, just pray that the girl curse should not fall on your
    unborn generation, if na only you, it good for you, but not on the heads of those that didn’t knw
    about it.

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