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� Akoto Alexander


Mrs Nettey never slept that night and the night looked like a year to her because it was the longest night ever in her life. Her prayer was for this lady to call her, even if she wasn’t having airtime she should just send her a text message that she is the lady who was asked to call earlier on in the day and she Mrs Nettey would gladly return the call but all this was just a wish which never came to reality. The long dark night gradually made way for morning to creep in, Mrs Nettey went to shower even when it was not 5am and she left the house in search of this angel who was no where to be found even when the sky was not that clear. A caring, loving wife, mother and companion would always go to the extreme to put her house in order at all cost, because she was in a rush to leave the house in search of this lady, she forgot to check if everything was intact with her car before she hurriedly drove out from house that morning. On her way she saw that her car was not pulling even as she driving on the forth gear and heavy smoke was coming out from her exhaust pipe, she had no option than to park her by the side of the road. She tried all she could to make the car work properly but her efforts proved futile, she waited to see if she could get a car so she could board or a by passer who she could ask for help but no one passed by and neither did a car pass by for almost close to an hour. All she could think of now was to start walking till she got a car to board, she took every important thing she needed from the car and locked it so that nobody could break into it.

She started her journey by foot with the hope to get to the school campus on time, it was a 2hours drive from where her car was spoilt so you could imagine how many hours it was going to take before she got to the school. At a point she got fed up and wanted to give up but her spirit was not giving in to what the body was saying, she was not going to give up on her husband and the father of her children just like that. An approaching car stopped by Mrs Nettey to give her lift but as she saw the people in the car, she declined. The car was filled with only men and not even a lady was seated in the car, they tried to persuade her but she took to her ground the decision she had taken. The driver and people in the car had no option than to continue their journey after an unsuccessful persuasion. As she walked ahead about 50meters she saw a bus parked at the opposite side of the road filled with young students with the inscription of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Department for Hospitality) on the bus. As she got closer to the bus she fixed her eyes on the people in it if she could see the young lady she spoke with the previous day, but she didn’t see any such face amongst the people in the bus, as she turned her attention back to the road, she heard someone calling her from behind Madam! Madam!! Madam!!!

Mrs Nettey turned and she saw the young lady she was expecting to hear from. The young lady started to apologise to Mrs Nettey for not calling her last night, she further said she misplaced the number Mrs Nettey gave her and that was the reason why she couldn’t call her as she promised. She pleaded for mercy and asked if the discussion Mrs Nettey talked about the previous day still holds valid, Mrs Nettey nodded in a positive way. Mrs Nettey asked where she was going and of which she told her that they were going to an exhibition programme organised by the school for the Hospitality Department Students. Mrs Nettey told the young lady the purpose of her coming to search for her that early in the day. Mrs Nettey offered to give the young lady enough money that will see her through her education if she was ready to take up the job she was about to offer her, the young lady was adamant to avcept the job offer of Mrs Nettey. It took Mrs Nettey 2hours just to persuade the lady to move to the school campus with her, initially the young lady was scared to go to the court because she heard if you go and bear witness to a case and you lose the judge punishes you for wasting the court’s time. As they got to the school it took another 2hours again to convince the young lady finally to go to the court with her. The young lady went in to change herself and also get Dufie’s diary she had in her custody without telling Mrs Nettey. They got to the roadside to board a car and getting a car to the court premises was now their problem, they had been by the roadside close to an hour and any taxi they stopped the driver was not ready to use that road because that place was always choked with heavy traffic. From no where they say a police car approaching the place they were standing, they quickly stopped the car and gave out the purpose for stopping them. As the police officers heard their reason they told the 2ladies to quickly join the car so they head to the court premises, they put the siren on so they could move freely to the court smoothly. Mrs Nettey prayed that it won’t be too late when the get to the court, well the police officer driving was a genius that he got to the court yard within a short period even though the traffic to the place was massive. They run to the court room screaming on top of our voices, as they entered the room the judge was reading his verdict on the case before he finally pronounces his jail sentence to Dr Nettey because there was no evidence to jail Prof Awude. The young lady screamed to the judge to wait and listen to what she has to say on the case and as she said that the judge raised his head to see who was disturbing his court proceedings, he said to the young lady that she will be charged with “contempt for court distraction” if she didn’t have any special thing to say on the case.




The young lady screamed to the judge to wait and as she said that, the judge raised his head to see who was disturbing his court proceedings, he said to the young lady that she will be charged with “contempt for court distraction” if she didn’t have any special thing to say on the case. The young lady replied to the judge that she had more than enough facts to prove to the court and the entire nation that Prof Awude was a tyrant and he was not suppose to be allowed to mingle with people freely. The young lady was asked to come and stand in the witness box by the court clerk, she was asked if she was sure about what she wanted to do before she swears to the court and everyone present. She said she was very ready so she was asked to choose between the Quran, Cross and Bible and of which she chose the Bible and she swore to the court to speak the truth and nothing else. The judge then gave her the chance to tell the entire court what she knew about Dufie’s death and that of the culprits(Dr Nettey and Prof Awude).

The young lady started to say everything she knew about Prof Awude and her late room mate, as she was speaking the lawyer of Prof Awude stood up to object to what the young lady was saying but the judge overruled it and asked the lady to continue with her narration. As she finished with her verbal narration the lawyer of Dr Nettey was asked to cross examine the lady but she declined the offer and said she didn’t have any questions for the lady but Prof Awude’s lawyer was eager to be given the chance to cross examine her with his questions. He tried everything humanly possible to confuse, frustrate and intimidate the young lady with his professional prowess but the young lady was too smart for all that. Every question he raised was handsomely answered by the young lady to the satisfaction of everyone present, little did the lawyer of Prof Awude know that the young lady had in her possession the day to day activities written in the diary of Dufie and what he passed through in the hands of Prof Awude. The lawyer finally asked the young lady that all she had said what was the proof that what she was saying was not a made up story by the plaintiff to tarnish the image of his client, at this time the young lady saw it necessary to bring out the diary of Dufie she had in her possession. She tendered it in as evidence to support her claims, the court clerk received the diary and labeled it as an evidence to the case, the diary was handed over to the judge to glance through it to see if what the lady was saying was true or false. The judge took time to read through the diary line by line and page by page, after he did that he asked the lawyers of both the plaintiff and the accused to also take a look at the evidence in his possession now and of which they complied. He asked the prosecutor of the case to get some of Dufie’s exercise books which had her hand writings so that they could compare and contrast if it is true Dufie wrote the things in the diary before her untimely death. With this the judge asked to go on recess for a short while so that the prosecutor, investigators, court clerk and all the lawyers could put things together before the case continues again.

At this moment Prof started sweating again, some few minutes ago he was smiling broadly but as at now all the cells in his system responsible for laughter and smiles were dead and no powers on this earth could resurrect them to live once again. He called his lawyers aside to ask if there was hope for him to walk about freely without going to jail? The leader of his legal team told him point blank that with the new evidence before them he’s afraid Prof had no chance to escape or win the case, the little thing he can do now was to see the judge privately in his chambers and plead for a lesser sentence when he passes his judgement, Prof nearly fell but the lawyers helped him from falling and asked him to be a man. Thirty minutes later the court resumed and the court clerk read to the entire court the details of the comparism they made, he made it known to the court that as they compared the hand writings in the diary and books, they were all the same. With this revelation the court was filled with laughter and jubilation, it took the clerk a hell of a time to bring calmness to the court room once again. The judge wasted no time in pronouncing his judgement to the 2 accused persons, Dr Nettey was given 20years whiles Prof Awude was sentenced to 33years imprisonment without pardon or favour from anyone. Mrs Nettey went to hug thw young lady and started singing praise to the brave young lady, indeed she was a heroine for that day. Prof Awude bowed his head in total shame as he was led out of the court by the police officers in the court room.



2nd Prisoner: So my friend, thats my story. I am the Professor Awude in that story I just told you.

1st Prisoner: This story sounds like a scripted movie my friend. If someone had told me this I wouldn’t have believed it. So where is Dr Nettey now?

2nd Prisoner: Hmmmmmmm he died after serving 8years of his jail sentence.

1st Prisoner: Oh so so unfortunate for him. May his soul rest in peace.

2nd Prisoner: Enough of me my friend, so what brought you to this part of the world, I see you to be a gentle and also very well educated.

1st Prisoner: Hmmmmmmmmm its also a very long story. I see that our sins really caught up with us even before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

2nd Prisoner: You can say that again.

1st Prisoner: I think its time for lunch so lets go and eat, when we are done I will tell you my story. But I must confess I have learnt a great lesson from your story!!!!!!


…to be continued


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    ur from anyone. Fair enough but they shou
    ld have added “hard labour” to it and it’ll ha
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