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As I turned my data off ,I saw a call which was from Annie. I was shocked at the moment as to either receive it or not. I answered it and she apologized as soon she realized my mood was unusual. While chatting with her I realized another incoming call and guess who it was Ann. I was now confused as to which one to hold or which one to answer. I became mute for sometime although Annie kept mentioning my name but I still remained silent.


I really didn’t expect this to happen. Its strange Annie and Ann has both fallen for me and I didn’t want to create any problem whatsoever. I dearly loved Annie from the very first time I set my eyes on her. My love for her has indeed grown over me. I didn’t want to lose her to anyone. Ann, on the other was hand was gunned up for my love although I didn’t love her. After sometime of silent I internationally coughed while on the call and Annie being worried asked what the problem was but I lied to avoid further questions.


We chatted for sometime but ,I was still not convinced as to which decision to take. Either to choose Annie over Ann, I was puzzled in thoughts. Annie noticed my mood wasn’t very usual as such she requested to see me. I did wanted to object but I felt I wanted to see her too. I then gave her directions and she promised to be there within some hours. I then told her I would be expecting her and finally hanged up.


I left to my room afterwards imagining what would happen if she comes. This been my first time going to be with a girl alone left me wondering what I would to make her happy. I was an introvert and shy type, I thought. I then took my laptop and went through my movies for a telenovela which had all sides of romance in it. I did pay much attention to it as I wanted to be perfect for Annie. I really wanted our presence to be remembered. I watched series of them for sometime until I heard the bell ringing from our hall.



I immediately turned off the laptop switched into a mood that wouldn’t make Annie suspect anything. I left to the gate and there she was. Annie was looking very elegant in a designed top of different colours on a blue jeans. I stared at very speechless not knowing which word to describe her with. Kobby, can you let me in” she finally breaked the silence and I made way for her to enter. She held my hands and I hugged her very tightly for her to realize that I did miss her.


We then left to the hall and she sat on one of the sofa while I made my way to the kitchen to serve her something.

Can I ask you something “ I asked.

Sure, you can .” she replied while staring at me.

I then went to where she was seated and knelt before her. “ Would you be my girlfriend “ I finally voiced out.

Yes, I will “” she replied feeling very enthused and I was dearly happy.


I now imagined it was now the moment to make her feel my presence. I then stood up from my knees and held her up as we began to kiss very passionately.I then lifted her up still with our lips together into my room. I then tossed her on my bed and tried remembering every part of the romance I watched in the movie. I just wanted to make Annie feel my presence. I began unbuttoning my shirts and within some seconds I was done. I then took off hers and honestly every part of her body was dearly lovely and and romantic.


I stroked my fingers between her brea$t in a more chanlleging way as she didn’t object. Although it was my very first time but my action was different. Annie accepted the challenge and we began crazy. As we kept kissing and romancing each other I then heard my phone ringing. I really didn’t want it to interrupt as such I ignored it . The more I tried expecting new moves of romance, than I still heard my phone ringing. I then told Annie to answer it but as she picked up the call I realized a mood of change from her expression. I then took the phone from her and guess what Ann sent a message reading she just arrived and wanted me to meet her at the airport.




As I took off my clothes and hers later I then stroked my fingers around her brea$t in a more challenging way as she didn’t object. We both romanced each other in a lovely way as Annie moaned. Although it was my very first time of doing something like this but my actions were far different from a beginner. Maybe it could be the romanced I watched which had roused my emotions, I thought. As we kept romancing each other, I then stood up as Annie still laid erect on the bed moaning words like “ Make me” I was indeed marvelled Annie wanted to also feel me for the first time.

On hearing that I adjusted myself very erect on the bed in a “ one corner” way I presume was a new style. I then held her up and inserted into her. Honestly I really didn’t know where I was after that. It was like I’ve been sent to another part of the earth. We both gave sounds which I guess wasn’t from our minds. I kept moving within her when I suddenly heard a notification from my phone. I just ignored it since I didn’t want it to interrupt our joyful moment. A similar one came after that and Annie who laid just after my phone tried to check on who it was and surprisingly I was still in her.

I then realized of change of mood from her facial appearance. My heart began to beat as to what it could be. She then stared at me now with tears as she pushed me off her. Honestly I didn’t know how I came out of her but I realized everything ended at a spot. I took my phone to check what it was and guess what Ann , had arrived and wanted me to meet her at the airport. I was now confused as to how to explain things to Annie who was pissed at me.

Still naked I tried holding her hand but she pushed me back and yelled out “” you are a cheater, you are wicked” I was really confused not knowing how to convince Annie I had nothing to do with Ann. Her mood made me know that she wouldn’t listen to anything I said as she kept crying. I felt really sad and kept staring in space speechlessly.


Don’t ever call or WhatsApp me again. You tried to play me, but I realize your intentions now” she said with tears still stolling down her cheeks and banged the door in my face. I felt bad immediately since I was head over heels in love with Annie and it deeply hurt me Ann was creating problems for me. Ann who happened to be Annie’s sister was a carefree person who put herself before anyone else. She didn’t care if someone got hurt for her to be happy.

As I sat down with my confusion, thinking of what to do next. I then heard my phone ringing and went closer to check on what it was. Ann was the one calling. I wanted to dismiss it but the more I tried the more she called. I then answered and she told me she’s now home since I refused to pick her up. As she talked I was mute on the call. She then requested to see me but I wanted to lie but I realized Annie supposedly said I shouldn’t call her or WhatsApp her anymore of which I hurt me deeply.

I realized that scenes of the romance was still rummaging through my thoughts and my manhood was still hard and seeking for someone. It was lust I had for Ann but not love. I therefore gave her directions to my place in order to release whatever that had happened between Annie and I. Just within some minutes later I heard the bell ringing and I dressed quickly to check on who it was. Immediately I saw Ann my body hormones began to rise and my d**k began dancing “one corner “ in my shorts.

Her body was deadly sexy and curved. Her b**bs were very heavy compared to Annie’s. As I stared at her still wondering how her body would taste like, she then came closer and landed a peck on my cheek. I was taken aback but I loved it. Her actions were far different from Annie. She acted like the whites who could even have you right in public. She cared about nothing. I kept wondering why she wanted to see me as we left to the hall.


I tried going to the kitchen to get something for but she pulled me back instead. She then landed a kiss on my lips and whispered into my ears “ I want to feel you , Gerald “” she called out my first name and I noticed she needed something. Still in the hall giving no concern whatsoever, she held my waist as we still kissed. Within some seconds when I pushed her into one of the sofa was when I realized I had no boxer on. I ignored that and within some seconds we were both in action. I pounced on her like a prey and we both enjoyed every part of it.

I really wanted to feel her although I didn’t love her as she did. I then tried to insert in her after noticing how dry she was I then tried to wet her up by romancing her and touching the most intense part of her body. Her body was very soft and smooth. Thoughts of what happened between I and Annie began showing up in mind but I tried to ignore it. I really wanted to feel good now and to realize how perfect I am. I then inserted in her and there she was moaning all sounds of musics like “” Mad over you “ “ Gerald fall on me”

I was surprised she sang all without taking out any word. I kept making her feel good since that was what she wanted me to. I then came out of her but she requested for more.


To be continued



  1. Nice work but am sorry to say your
    story doesnt hold water. Even if its
    fiction, it still doesnt make sense. How
    did ann get hold of his facebook i.d.
    Dont tell me is coincidence. Pls make it
    look a bit real.
    Just thinking out loud

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