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Annie can you please tell me who that lucky person is� I asked her finally but I realized the she kept mute. I then called out Hello, but she still gave no reply and the line went dead. I tried calling again but it was off. I felt really hurt , I just didn�t understand why Annie kept treating in an uncouth way.

Would it be that I was not worth enough to be her friend?

Would it be that she was playing with my emotions?

Would it be that, she was just hijacking my feelings?

It was like a dilemma to me. I kept voicing out words unseeming to myself without answers. I was indeed devastated.

I was the only child of my parent who were always busy with business transactions. Although they lavished me with the best of care and luxurious, I still lived like any normal person. I was an introvert who was always indoors mostly either with my books, watching a movie or listening to music. I did have few friends who were mostly my mates in school. I was easily hurt and disturbed with rare issues because I was an emotional person. That part of me made me stay away from girls throughout my school days.However I was really surprised I became attached to someone who kept toying with my emotions.

I laid on my bed with tears in my eyes. I tried controlling it but the more I wiped the more the tears. I couldn�t understand why all these was going on as I kept staring at my phone. I then mastered courage and texted her. I immediately received a signal which noted that she had received the message. I tried calling but she didn�t answer. I began to fume with anger which suddenly kept boiling within me. A part of me began to develop some hatred for her.

I then took my pillow and went to the hall to release tension. I turned on the television to watch my favorite telenovela titled *Made for you* . I tried watching the movie to avoid thinking about Annie. The main character Dersery has a resemblance with Annie. As I watched I still kept thinking about Annie anytime Desery showed up. Desery was as beautiful as Annie. It was like I was watching my story with Annie on the TV and I just couldn�t stand watching it so I turned it off. I hate you Annie, I hate you ��. I began to shout so loud with tears streaming down my cheeks. Did I even bargain for this? I tried to reason with myself.

The next day began and I dearly prayed to avoid remembering anything about Annie. I switched off my phone and took my laptop to check my Facebook notifications. As I went through it I immediately saw a friend request from one pretty girl.I opened the account and the name was Ann Thompson. I realized she resembled Annie but the awkward thing was that I didn’t know if she was connected to Annie. I went through her pictures and they were indeed marvelous. Although she looked pretty but Annie was prettier than her.

I immediately went to my inbox and sent her a message and she replied. We chatted for a while and she proposed to me without me even knowing who I was. I was indeed astonished.How can a pretty girl behave as such? I wondered. Honestly although I admired her pictures but I had no feelings for her like with Annie. Annie�s love had grown within me. I accepted after several complications. We began chatting very deeply and throughout our conversation she never mentioned Annie to me, so I doubted if she knew her.

She sent me her pictures and I also did same. We complimented each other for our respective beauties. Her background from the pictures specified that she was overseas but I didn�t want to ask any further questions. She took my number afterwards and went offline after that. I became puzzled about things. I stared at Ann’ s pictures compared them to Annie’s, their striking resemblance made me doubt my emotions.

Would Ann be more caring than Annie?

Will I fall for her after all at the sudden turn in events?

I was indeed in a dilemma. I then logged out and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast for myself.

I returned after being okay and decided to turn on my phone. I opened my WhatsApp and there were series of messages from different numbers. One was a foreign number. I opened the messages one after the other and I realized Annie sent me a message and Ann as well. As I tried replying Annie first I realized she had now mentioned the lucky guy which supposedly was me. Ann on the other hand insisted she wanted to see me because she had confirmation from her parents that she would be coming over to the country

I became anxious as to who I should reply or concentrate on The more I tried paying attention to one the more the messages came from the other. I was beginning to panic and get more worried. Annie has finally confirmed who the person was and now Ann was coming over because of me. I began to stare at my messages lost in thoughts as I finally turned off my data to release tension. As I tried turning off my phone I received a call from Annie. I was indeed shocked she had finally opened up. I answered her call and began to chat, within some minutes I noticed another caller and guess who it was.


To be continued Tomorrow


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