I’m Sorry – Episode 2

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While in my sleep, I had a dream which was a wonderful one. Annie came over to visit me without prior knowledge. Immediately I saw her, I got closer and gave her a warm hug as we began acting crazily. I lifted her up to my bed which I had just laid a white bedspread on. We kissed very passionately. I just couldn’t keep calm at the joy which kept racing through my heart. Her lips were very soft and tantalizing. The enticing nature of it made me kissed it the more. I the lifted her up in a vertical way about to pounce on her like a prey when I was interrupted by something ringing.

I immediately woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. I then opened my eyes but I realized my phone had fallen within the sides of my bed. I then scattered everything on my bed in order to get my phone. I was really curious at what exactly it could be and who as well. I finally got it and checked. It was Annie who called. I was immediately overjoyed as I dialled it. It went through and she answered.

Hello, please I saw your missed calls yesterday. Please who could it be’ Annie asked.

Its me Kooby ‘ I replied.

Okay sorry we couldn’t talk yesterday “ she then apologized.

Never mind Annie I am okay, I lied to her.

Okay so can we talk now or you are busy “ she asked.

I became mute for sometime looking at the hours at which I woke up from the sudden sleep and wonderful dream.

Hello, Hello, Hello please are you there? She asked .

I then apologized for being mute as we began to chat.

She asked about myself and I then told her every detail about me and she did same. It was through our conversation I realized Annie had a twin sister also called Ann. She told me her sister lived overseas but would be coming over during the holidays. I was amused at how I paid rapt attention to everything she said. I was an introvert who had few friends and so I was surprised I was able to open up to a girl I had just met. It was indeed a surreal.

I then asked about her love life of which she didn’t hesistate to tell me about. She then said” I began to date at a very teenage age at 10 while in class 5 till we completed. This guy I dearly loved was our class prefect and a very decent one. He was indeed intelligent and handsome. I fell in love with him due to his intelligence. He was always first and I realized my position wasn’t encouraging as such to move up I needed someone to help me out. I approached him and he accepted to help me. We began to learn together until he proposed to me.

I was surprised at first because it was the first time someone said anything like that to me but then I accepted it since I didn’t want him to feel betrayed. Although at that time I had no feelings for him but as time went on I developed it. It was when we became very close I realized he lived in poverty. I felt really bad for him, since I didn’t want the love of my life to go through any pain. I began taking extra money to feed him and myself since my parents were wealthy and I lacked nothing . I bought very expensive things for hin . My sister Ann who noticed the unusual attachment advised me to control myself but I ignored her.

I did this for the guy until oneday he called me while on holidays after we had completed Junior high school and told me he needed space. I was really hurt at the pace at which he voiced that to me. It felt like I had been pierced through my heart with a spear . Ann encouraged me and I was able to come back to normal. However I hadnt fallen in love with any one up till now”” she finally concluded.

I was indeed surprised at what she just told me. I felt sad and happy at the same time. Sad because someone had taken this wonderful diamond for granted and happy on the other hand because I would eventually have her as mine I imagined.

It’s alright dear all is well’ I tried to console her.

So have you ever thought of falling in love again, I asked her .

She was mute for a while before answering, “ I can’t really tell for now, but I think I have fallen for someone already ” she said. On hearing the reply my heart missed a beat as to who exactly it could be.

Is the Angel I’ve been attracted to taken?

Does this precious diamond belong to someone?

Who exactly could it be?

I kept asking myself questions thinking about who the lucky person could be.

Annie, can you tell me who the person is”” I asked her after I had gathered some courage.



To be continued.



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