I’m Sorry – Episode 1

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More sheets please, I raised up my right hand very high and the invigilator quickly came over.
He gave me a sheet and I immediately settled back to the question I was still answering. It was our final examination and the very last paper before we finally depart to our homes. Economics been my best subject and the very last to write filled me with much delight as I answered every single question with ease. Within an hour and a half I was done with the paper. I then glanced through and signalled the invigilator and handed over to him.

It was after I had handed over the paper to him that I caught a glimpse of an attractive and stunning figure seated at my right side. She was indeed a beautiful flower with all colours. Her beauty was far beyond measures. I just couldn�t take my eyes off from the adorable nature of God’s creature. Indeed her beauty was spectacular. As I kept staring continuously I realized the invigilator alerting me to exit.

It was like a blow to me. How I wish I saw her on the very first day of the examination but due to the electives differences that�s why I couldn’t see her earlier. I humbly left the examination hall not to the dormitory but to a spot where I could approach her after the paper. I stood silently there whispering some text from the bible. I kept on fumbling on one which was �� every good thing cometh from God � and with this text I realized our meeting wasn’t by coincidence. I then heard the bell ringing. My heart began to beat to the unusual.

I then began to stare into space just imagining how I would approach her immediately I see her coming out. God who answers prayers led her to pass at the very spot I stood. I gathered some courage and walked closer to her. I greeted her and she responded. It was when she got closer that I realized that she is an angel. I introduced myself to her as Kobby and she Annie. We chatted for while until a friend of hers came over to alert her that her mum was in.

I felt really bad instantly because I thought that wasn�t the right time . I stood up requesting to escort her but she refused and hugged me as a goodbye instead . I couldn�t stand the hug, it was really lovely. She gave me her digits and finally left. I was surprised on how everything happened without any interruptions. I realized that it was an opportunity I would have missed unexpectedly. I smiled to myself and left to pack my things and finally take leave home.

Immediately I got home, I rushed into my room for my cellphone. I entered the digits and tried calling. I got a signal which alerted that it was busy. I tried several times but still with the same response. I became annoyed at the moment and left to the bathroom to wash down. I came back after some minutes but realized I had series of missed calls on my phone. Surprisingly, it was Annie who called. I dialled her number again but sad enough it was switched off.

I became confused thinking of what to do next. I just didn�t know how to get in contact with her than only with her number. I kept staring at my cell with much assurance that she may call. Minutes turned into hours and I didn’t receive her call. Tears began to drop down my cheeks like the rains. How I wished the call will go through I kept imagining. I dozed off after many failed attempts.

While in my sleep, I had a dream which was wonderful, Annie came over to visit me without a prior knowledge. Immediately I saw her, I got closer to her and gave her a warm hug and we began acting crazily. I lifted her up to my bed which I had just laid a white bedspread on. We kissed passionately . I just couldn�t hold the joy which I felt within me. Her lips were very soft and well enticing. I then lifted her up all naked about to insert into her when I was interrupted by something ringing.


To be continued.




Two more episodes to be posted today


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