Differences – Episode 9 (Finale)

� Tunde Oni

Nneka was getting ready to leave the office for lunch at around 1pm that Monday afternoon when Obinna peeped into her office, saw she was alone and walked in.

��Hey baby�� he said as he came around her table, dropped the shopping bag he was holding and pulled her close. ��I am so sorry you had to go through that, God!!! I still can�t believe that son of a b***h raped you��.

Nneka took a step back from his arms as she ran her hands through her hair in anxiety, ��It�s fine Obinna, he was probably just angry and horny and didn�t know how to ask nicely��.

��Babe, please stop making excuses for him. He is a total a$$ and he doesn�t deserve you or any good woman for that matter��.

��Obinna, I am not making excuses for him. I just needed to find a way to wrap my head around everything. I just wish all this could go away and he could be nice to me for just one day. It�s tiring�� she said as her voice begins to quiver with threatening tears.

��Hey, hey, hey, don�t cry. What can I do to make you feel better apart from lunch which I already brought?��

��Make love to me� hey I am just kidding before you take that seriously. I just want to forget you know��.

Obinna held her jaw with his fingers and tilted her head a little high, �� Let me do this for you babe. Let me help you forget�� he said as he lowered his lips to hers in a kiss so passionate she was breathless.

Trying to catch her breath from the kiss, ��Obinna, anybody can walk in and by the way I am supposed to be going out for lunch��.

��Nobody is coming in, I locked the door when I came in, come here�� he said as he pulled her closer and lifted her onto his laps as he sat on the chair. ��I�ll be nice, you are going to set the pace but enough of the torture, you deserve few minutes of pleasure��.

No other words were needed as they got lost in passion for the next 20 minutes doing all they could possibly do in such a short time and in their corporate outfits.


Nneka had called Obinna to meet her up at �The Lounge� after work and he walked in at about 6:30pm, giving her a peck before taking his seat opposite her.

��Thank God you finally stopped avoiding me�� Obinna said. ��Seriously, you didn�t need to run so far away just because we had mind blowing sex��.

��Yes, I needed to Obinna. I have never felt so connected not even to my husband while making love. I could not let it continue. It will destroy us��.

��I Know. Didn�t you notice I actually let you be? I didn�t know what we felt for each other was so real and passionate until that day. Damn girl, you got me scared and the crazy part is I don�t feel guilty. Seriously, you were meant for me��.

��Well that�s too late now, we already made our choices. It�s sad I married an a$$ but your wife is amazing and that�s good enough for you��.

��I know. She is amazing. You just keep messing with my head��.

��Anyway, I am making it easy for you. I requested for a transfer and it has been approved. I am leaving this town. I am leaving Segun��.

��What??? Why? Okay I know why but why so sudden? I thought you wanted to make it work��.

��I can�t make it work like this Obinna. He can�t even see what he is doing or he is seeing it and he doesn�t care. He is always drunk these days. He hasn�t bothered to work or do any business in months. The verbal abuse is unbearable and I don�t know what else to do. ��

��And I am pregnant���

It took a minute for Obinna to hear that.

��Did you just say you are pregnant? Oh my God, you have wanted that for so long but wait Nneka, that baby could be mine��.

��I know Obinna. I don�t know whose baby it is. It could be you or Segun. I am not waiting around to find out. I worked my transfer to Akwa Ibom, I am going to head the branch there. I will just start over and take care of my child. Obinna please I need to do this and you need to focus on your marriage��.

They sat staring at each other for what seemed like eternity.

��Okay�� Obinna said. ��I think this will be good for you. If that baby is mine, I will ask for him/her someday, just keep that in mind. You are not just a fling. I have always loved you and will love that child. I wish and pray the child is mine. Anyway, when are you leaving? ��

��In two days. I am resuming on Monday over there. I will call my parents when I get there but I expect the worst from them. You are the only one that knows where I am going to��.

��Let me give you some money Nneka, you need money to settle down. You need some money to survive as a single mother��.

��Obinna, I will be fine. The office is giving me some relocation allowance and I still have my job��.
��It doesn�t matter, I won�t forgive myself if you ever get stranded. Thank God I brought my cheque book��.

He wrote her a cheque of N20million and she eventually took it after much resistance. As she left some few minutes later, Obinna wondered if he will ever see her again.

True to her words, Nneka left the house two days later. She left a cheque of N5 million and a note for Segun and she hoped he will turn his life around.


��David, David!�� Nneka called earnestly as she came out of the kitchen.

��Yes mummy, David answered, I was watching T.V��.

��You know you have school tomorrow, you should be doing your homework. Anyway, will you eat spaghetti?��

��No mummy, I want Indomie Noodles�� David said immediately giving his puppy face.

��No baby, you�re definitely not eating noodles. Please let me make you spaghetti and I promise you some fresh orange juice��

He immediately jumped up dancing,�� I love orange juice. Okay I will eat spaghetti and I will do my homework�� he said as he ran back into his room.

Nneka brought out some diced chicken from the freezer and some frozen vegetables and set to make some dinner for David and herself. She quickly wiped her hands on the kitchen towel as her phone rang and she picked her call after checking the screen and seeing Toyin�s name.

��Hey you! What�s up Mrs Adebori��.

��Nawa for you ooo. Will you ever call me Toyin again and drop this Mrs thing for at least a day?��

��I have told you I won�t. Calling you Mrs makes me happy my bestie is happily married especially as my marriage didn�t work out��.

��Biko, drop the pity party and that�s why I called by the way. Segun is coming soon��.

��What do you mean Segun is coming soon? Coming where? Are you crazy?�� Nneka said visibly shaken by this unexpected news.

��Babe calm down and listen. Segun is dfferent. I just refused to tell you. He has been trying to meet you again for over a year now. I refused to give him your contact until I was sure he had actually turned his life around. I have watched him for a year now and he has indeed. He even has a very good job now. He just wants to talk and I haven�t told him about David yet��.

��Toyin, I am not happy about this at all. How could you have kept this for a year? For Christ sake, we talk every week if not almost every day sef. God, I am not ready for Segun�s wahala. I have been truly happy. Work is good, David is the best gift I could ever have asked for and you know I even joined the work force in church. I am truly happy. I don�t need drama in my life��.

��I know Nneka, you both need closure. I am not asking you to move in with him, just talk to him. After all, you have refused to formally file for divorce��.

��Okay no problem. Thanks for the heads up though. God saved you for not letting him catch me unaware, I would have killed you��.

��You know you love me. When last did you hear from your mum though?��

��Oh she still called yesterday. You know talking to her grandson is her hobby and if David doesn�t hear from her, he won�t let me rest with screams of ��I want to talk to grandma��.

��Awwww how�s my little godson though?��

��He is fine and you are delaying his food. Go and take care of your husband and let me finish dinner��.

About four days later, Segun and Nneka sat at a restaurant during her lunch hour as she listened to him give tales of how he had turned his life around and was trying to get a fresh start. She was thankful he didn�t bump into her house and confuse David who had never seen a man in their house apart from grandpa who came to see them about a year ago.

��Segun, I am really happy for you. I am happy you picked yourself up and cleaned up your life but that is all I feel for you, gratitude to God. What do you need from me?��

��I don�t know. I was hoping we could walk things out you know. I know I really messed thing up but I want to try��.

Nneka laughed as she looked at him, ��No Segun, you don�t want to work things out? How do you plan to do that? Remember how you said I killed your family, all the pain, the emotional, verbal and even physical abuse. You did this. You destroyed us and I am finally happy. I have peace and marriage is definitely not for me anymore��.


��I am not your baby Segun. Call me Nneka or do not call me at all��.

��Okay Nneka, I am not asking you to move in with me today. I just want us to start over, you know. I am willing to put in the work. I will court you again, I will go on dates and be there for you and I will hope that you can one day fall in love with me again and want to be my wife��.

��You don�t even know if you want that. You don�t know what you want��.

��I do Nneka. It feels so empty without you. I still love you��.

��You do? I have a four years old son, Segun. His name is David��.

Segun stared with his mouth wide open. ��We have a son? Nneka, we have a child? Oh my God��
��Segun, I don�t know if he is yours��.

��I don�t get it Nneka. Are you seeing someone? Toyin told me you were still single��.

��Wait, if he is four years old then he should be mine. Please explain��.

Finally, she told him about Obinna. How they met two weeks to their wedding. How he helped her with money over and over again, how she slept with him and how she left him.

��I haven�t seen Obinna since then but David could be for either of you and I haven�t done a DNA yet to know��.

Segun sat in silence for what seemed like eternity before he finally spoke.


��Okay what?�� Nneka asked?

��Okay, can I meet my son? It doesn�t matter who fathered him, I choose to call him my son��.

��No that isn�t going to happen. I am not exposing my son to uncertainties. You want to get to know me, that�s fine. I will give you the chance but you are not meeting David till I say so and that is if this works out. I don�t trust you one bit��.

��Okay, that is fair enough. I understand��.

��Segun, I have to get back to work okay. Call me later��, she said as she picked up her bag and left the restaurant.

Segun sat there for a long time staring after her departure and hoping he could somehow make it work someday.


Thanks to Tunde Oni for sharing this beautiful story with us. Please leave your comments to encourage the writer.


  1. what a lovely story, more inks to your elbow. May God continue to lead you through. but i dont like the way it end joor.

  2. Nneka make a good decision for staying away from Obinna and for you realize your mistake but it a little bit late.

    Weldon mr writer next time let us know whose David father is.


  3. Nneka I like d way u handle d whole tin, if not so Sugun won’t ve sit up, bravo my guy bt d end of dis story is some he.

  4. Is it only me that doesn’t like how this story came into conclusion??
    Well,all the same..
    Weldone Tunde..
    Nice write up..

  5. Nneka d babe she decided to take a step and leave dat ingrate. Even though Nneka cheated on her husband d ingrate course it tanks to you bro Tunde God bless and strenghten you in Jesus Name Amen

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