Differences – Episode 8

� Tunde Oni

It wasn’t just about the pleasure, it was the comfort she felt in his hands as he rubbed her thighs and her back at the same time right there in the tub. How he got here she did not know and she did not care. It was great to finally feel Obinna’s arms after years of suppressing her feelings for him. The last few months had not particularly helped matters, she just knew she was horny and she was broken and she needed him.

Just as he finally touched her where she most desired, she felt his rage right from the door before she could even see him. Segun was back and she knew she was dead. If she wasn’t in trouble, she would have laughed at the way Obinna scampered out of the tub and got his very first punch from Segun before managing to escape. She knew he was coming for her and he did not disappoint, his hands went for her neck and he squeezed and squeezed, She coughed and held on to his hands on her neck as she felt herself slipping down into the water. Somewhere far away, she could hear Toyin as she screamed.

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Nneka woke up with a start holding on to her neck as she remembered Segun choking her. She looked round and saw Toyin sitting on the sofa across from her with so much pity.

”Toyin, where is he? Segun choked me, he almost killed me. You met him choking me right?”

Toyin shook her head, ”No he didn’t Nneka, you must have been dreaming. You had slept off in the tub, you were shivering and about to drown when I got in, I don’t even know what made me come here so early this morning. I am so grateful to God for leading me”.

”Wow, that dream was quite vivid. Anyway, I am fine now, just a little bit cold”.

”No, you are not fine babe, did you spend the night in the tub? I worry about pneumonia, please let us go to the hospital”.

”Abeg I don’t have pneumonia joor, I must have slept off there yesterday night when taking a bath”.

”You slept off? How come Segun didn’t bring you out of the there? Didn’t he sleep at home?”

”Segun you said? Does Segun care if I live or die?”

” I don’t understand, don’t tell me you guys are still on all these issues for the past three months plus and you didn’t tell me?”

”Toyin, it has been so hard. Segun hates me. He abuses me at every opportunity, he stays out most nights and he even raped me yesterday night”.

” What do you mean he raped you?”.

As soon as she related the events of the previous night to Toyin, she did not hesistate in asking her to call her mum and take a break from Segun by going home for a while.

”Toyin, you know my mum better than that, she will not allow me leave Segun”

You never know until you try. ”Take your phone and call her now”, Toyin said, as she leaned forward giving Nneka her phone.

Nneka’s mum picked on the first dial.

”Hello Mum, good morning”

”Hello dear, how are you and how is Segun today?

”Mum, we are not fine and I need a break, I want to come home for a bit”.

”Common keep quiet, you are fine in Jesus name. You cannot come home for a bit except if he is beating you and that is if you didn’t cause it. Tell me what happened?”

”Mum, I didn’t cause it. Segun blames me for the death of his mum and daughter, he verbally abuses me all the time. He even raped me last time”.

”Common, shut up there. How can your husband rape you. It is his right, you give him whenever he asks. You don’t wait for him to force you. So because of verbal abuse you want to leave your home for vultures to creep in? Nneka you want to put me to shame? What do you want the neighours to say when you bring your load home?”

”Mum, I don’t care about the neighbours, I am frustrated. Do you know I pay all the bills in this house Nneka said visibly frustrated.

”Nneka, see listen to me very carefully. What you are going through is not special. Women go through worse in their marriages.He hasn’t even turned you into a punching bag yet. He doesn’t bring women home. I know how many things your father did yet I endured. Endurance is very important if you want to have a lasting marriage. There is no going back and you have no home here to come back to. Look at your aunty Ada, her husband beat her up for years and even refused to send the kids to school, she endured it all and sent her children to school by herself. See her today, her husband has repented and is loving her for everything. You will not be different in Jesus name.”

”Mummy, is it until I ki*ll myself before you see the gravity of what Segun is doing?”

”You will not die in Jesus name. Don’t worry, as soon as you get pregnant now, you will not even care what he does. He will love you for giving him an heir. Just take care of your husband okay?”

”Okay mummy, I have heard you”.

”Don’t listen to any stupid advise, you know I will never lead you astray. Just endure. Marriage is not a bed of roses”.

”Okay mum”.

”Okay darling, greet your husband for me and cook him a special delicacy this night”.

As Nneka dropped her call, she rolled her eyes at Toyin,

”What did I tell you? Mum said marriage is to be endured and I cannot disgrace the family by leaving my husband”.

”Are you for real? That’s crazy. Will you come to my place for a while?”

”No Toyin I will be fine. I wouldn’t want Segun reporting me to my parents and mum concluding you are misleading me. I will be fine, don’t worry”.

Few minutes later, Toyin left Nneka’s house and she wasted no time dialing Obinna to give him an update on everything that happened since they last spoke.

…to be continued.


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  1. Na wa o! Some mothers sha!! Must ur daughter go thru it cos u went thru it? Nneka,Pls it is ur life make d decision dat will suit ur life and no one else, Segun is not a man.

  2. Nneka, even if u get d so called pregnant, my dear Sugun will neva change, na me dey tell u, Sugun is animal in human form, is all left for u to decide ur fate dear.

  3. Your mother told you the fact dear, but I want you to wise up to. But don’t deny of sex n food. That is the only thing man can never do without. And also be prayerful, keep our problem to yourself and pray over it

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