Differences – Episode 5

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Nneka ran into the hospital really agitated as her friend Toyin walked closely behind her trying to get her to calm down. Immediately they walked in, she spotted Segun walking out of a room by the side with just a little plaster on his forehead. She breathed a deep sigh of relief and immediately ran to meet him.


”Oh babe, thank God you are okay. I was so worried” she said in relief while trying to check his face and body for other injuries.


Segun immediately pushed her hand away looking at her with deep revulsion.


”Are you mad? I am asking you, are you crazy?” He said.



Nneka stared on in confusion very perturbed. ”Babe, just calm down. I hope you are still not angry. Anyway where is mummy and Funsho? How are they? What is the extent of their injuries?” She asked.


”Don’t ask me stupid questions, don’t talk to me, infact you don’t know me, because everything that happened today is on you. Keep that on your conscience” Segun said as he walked away.


Nneka and Toyin looked at each other in confusion. ” Let us ask the nurses or find the doctor to understand the situation”, Toyin said to Nneka.


Twenty minutes later as she finally listened to the doctor explain everything that had happened, Nneka crumbled on her seat in tears. Her step daughter was dead, she died on the spot because the collision was directly to where she was seating in the car and she broke her neck. Her mother in law’s case was extremely critical because both her limbs were crushed and needed immediate amputation. In between her tears, Nneka listened as the doctor analysed the long road to treatment her mother in law was going to take.


”I am telling you madam, coupled with the fact that mama is already old. I cannot even assure you she will survive the treatment. We are talking not just amputation, there is prosthetics a lot of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and it is going to cost a lot and her chances of pulling through is just about 30 percent especially with her already high blood pressure. I was discussing with your husband about moving her to a government hospital which might be cheaper for you but he insisted you both can afford the cost and that you might decide to fly her outside the country. I will strongly advise against that due to her health condition. It is not safe”. the doctor said.


Nneka still groaned in pain as she could not get over the fact that her step daughter was dead just like that. She struggled with guilt and so much sadness at the same time but she knew she had to be strong.


”Doctor, how much money are we talking about at least to start treatment”. Toyin asked.


”Not less that N3.5 million for a start. that will go a long way in the treatment process as everything is time bound” the doctor said.


Nneka screamed again as she heard the doctor’s response.


”Toyin what am I going to do? Where am I going to start from? Segun does not have any money to contribute and he already blames me. If his mother dies, he will never forgive me” Nneka said in despair.


”Thank you so much doctor, we will be back soonest. Please just help us make sure mama is okay, let us try and gather the finances” Toyin said and let Nneka out of the room.


They got outside and looked around for Segun and he was no where to be found.


”Toyin, what will I do? I have just about 4 million in my account and that’s all my money in this world. Segun has made it impossible for me to have much. Our rent is already due, I was supposed to send the N2.5 million to the landlord on Monday since Segun did not come up with anything”.


”Wait, Nneka, let me ask you, are you really going to spend all your life savings on a woman that is old already and who has very low chances of survival and leave yourself homeless?” Toyin asked.


”Toyin, what am I supposed to do? Leave her to die? Nneka asked.


…to be continued


  1. don’t be surprised if segun is collecting the money to build house for himself and latter marry another lady.y

  2. Peculijosh.. U’ve got a point..
    Am so pitying Nneka right now.. God help her..
    Weldone Tunde.
    Nice write up..

  3. I think i agreed with you guys, babe wise up, who know maybe he is using you all this while. Leave him alone to sort his problem himself, you have really try dear, let him sort out his mother by himself, no one will blame you for that

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