Differences – Episode 4

� Tunde Oni


Things were not getting better between Segun and Nneka. It had been six months since he took the loan to start his new business and Nneka already knew he had no plans to return it since he had spent the last two months complaining about how the business did not go as expected.


His mother and her step daughter still lived with her and she was beginning to feel the weight of catering for the whole family’s responsibilities by herself even with Segun’s big boy lifestyle. That morning however, all hell broke loose as she once again refused to have sex with Segun as she had continually done in the last one month.




”See ehn, no matter the money you think you have, I am still your husband and you have no right to deny me sex. Your body is mine”. Segun said.


Nneka was quick to respond quite angrily, ”Mr husband and Mr my right, a husband is someone who is able and willing to provide for his family. No provision no husband rights. I have told you several times that having sex with you clouds my judgement. So no, I am not sleeping with you.� You want sex? Write a cheque afterall if you go meet a prostitute you will pay her”.


”Nneka are you mad? Are you well at all? So I should pay for sex in my own home? What kind of attitude is this? Who is teaching you this rubbish? Segun asked truly bewildered.


”Segun, trust me I am perfectly fine. Nobody has to teach me not to be foolish anymore. My bank account tells me that. In between paying for rent, feeding, giving you money for upkeep and training your child to school, I am drained and I have no strength to open legs for an irresponsible husband”.


Segun burst out laughing, he laughed so hard Nneka was confused as to what was funny. ”You really upped your game this time around madam financier. Are you not spending within your salary? Let me remind you if you have forgotten, who got you that your well paying job in the first place? You think I got you the job so you can be selfish and spend it alone. I was thinking of our future and that future is here. By the way, I don’t uunderstand why you are yet to pay Funsho’s school fees. The school administrator called me yesterday”.


”You know what? I am done Segun. If you want your daughter to go to school pay for it. If you want to feed your mother pay for it. I am done you selfish ingrate”.


As soon as she said those words, Segun’s mother entered the room having heard a little of their conversation.


”Iyawo, that is no way to talk to your husband”, she said. ”What is wrong with you girls of nowadays that you have no respect? When I was warning you not to marry omo Ibo, they lack respect you did not listen. See the result”, Mama said.


Nneka was so angry at her mother in law’s insult, she wasted no time in responding,”Mama, how can you burst into our room to intrude in a private conversation. While you were eavesdropping, did you hear the part where I mentioned how your son has not had a job since and I have been paying all the bills? Do you know he intentionally resigned and has refused to look for a job? Do you understand the pressure I am under?


Nneka, please do not insult my mother, just limit the insults to me okay? Segun told her.


”No, let her talk, Segun, je ko soro. Yes I heard that my son is in the down time of his life. the downfall of a man is not the end of his life iyawo. A wise woman will not even let a third party know she is paying the bills. A wise woman shields her husband. Have you read Proverbs 31 very well, it says the virtuous woman brings food from afar for her family. She willingly works to provide for, to clothe and feed her family and even her servants. Go and study it very well and stop groaning. You that is praying to God for children and are complaining about paying your step daughter’s school fees”.


”Mama please, Is this your response? Is this what you have to say? I am truly shocked” Nneka said


”Don’t be shocked, go and call your mother and tell her to teach you some manners and train you how to truly be a wife because this one you are doing is child’s play. Just because I am helping you in the kitchen, you will lay down on the bed, turning me into your maid abi. I have just been watching you these past few months. O ti baje ju. You are truly spoilt. Segun, please leave her alone to think on her life and come and take me to the hospital for my check up. Imagine the effrontery even denying your husband sex” Mama said as she walked out of the room with her son in tow.


As soon as she heard the front door close signalling she was finally alone in the house, Nneka slumped on the bed. She was shocked at her mother in law’s response. On the other hand, she was not so shocked as Segun never does any wrong in his mother’s eyes. As far as she as concerned, her son was perfect. She knew she needed to talk to somebody so she decided to call her best friend, Toyin deciding that telling her parents will only make matters worst.


By mid afternoon, that Saturday, Nneka was already wondering why Segun, Funsho and his mother were not back from the hospital. She was expressing her concern to Toyin who said,


”I don’t even know why you are bothered. After everything his mother said and all you told me, you still dey form worried wife. I tire for you oooo. Maybe they decided to give you space naaaa”


Toyin had come over in the morning to hear the full story of what Nneka had been going through and was truly bewildered that Nneka had gone through so much in silence. She advised her to stop paying the bills and let everybody starve.


Few minutes later, Nneka’s phone rang and as soon as she saw her husband as the caller I.d she quickly picked the call,


”Yes, this is his wife, who is this? Where is my husband? Nneka inquired from the person on the other end of the line.


”Jesus christ, she exclaimed and shouted at whatever the person at the other end of the line told her.

”Okay where? Okay I am on my way”.


”Oh my God, Toyin I am in trouble, Segun has been in an accident. They are in the hospital, Nneka said as tears already rolled down her eyes. She tried to grab her keys with her hands shaking and Toyin took it from her.


”Don’t worry, let us go with my car. stop shaking Nneka, you don’t know what has happened yet. Just take a deep breath and relax. Whatever happens when you get there, you will need your strength, okay?”


”Okay, but the man that called me said it is serious and fatal Toyin, God I said so many hurtful things to him before he left. I need to see him again. This cannot be the end for us. I love Segun so much”, Nneka said.


…to be continued


  1. In a much as I want to blame Nneka,her mother in-law’s way of responding to the matter at hand is unbalanced..
    Weldone Tunde..
    Nice write up..

  2. Nneka you shouldn’t allow a third party into your marriage matters. But mama you dont handle matters like that, she really try for your sons and your sons daughter. While you that you called yourself, find work to do and stop putting everything unto your wife head

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