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� Tunde Oni

The conversation between Segun and Nneka that morning was bound for disaster. As soon as he raised the issue, he knew she was going to flare up but he refused to let that deter him. As far as he was concerned she was being irrational. Ever since he first raised the matter two weeks ago, she had consistently refused to listen to the voice of reason from him or her parents who he had resorted to reporting her to.

“Segun, let me say it again as I have said so many times before, it will not happen. You will not bring her to this house. This is my home and I have a right to decide who comes here, Nneka said”

“Madam, nobody said it’s not your house but it’s her house too and you both are equally important to me. No one is more important than the other so you better start getting used to the idea of living with her”.

“Oga, you are a joker. This is the problem with you Yoruba men, your stubbornness is ridiculous,” she retorted sarcastically.

“So now it has to do with tribe abi. You are not seeing the fact that you are being unnecessarily intolerant, it’s stubbornness you are seeing. Anyway, I am done with this conversation, Funsho is coming to stay in this house and you will accept it and be happy about it”. He didn’t wait for any further response before picking his car keys and leaving the house.

Nneka stared at the door for a long time after he had gone and she felt her heart break. It felt so surreal that Segun could totally break her trust just two years after marriage. There was no part of their life together they did not discuss during courtship so for him to start making changes two years after marriage was indeed a betrayal as far as she was concerned. She slowly walked back to her bedroom and she thought back to everything that led to this day. She remembered her bestfriend vividly warning her and telling her this day will come and she laughed as she placed a call to her best friend Toyin, to tell her that indeed the day has come.

As soon as Toyin picked the call, they sarcastically discussed the matter at hand.

“Oluwatoyin the soothsayer, the future you predicted is here” Nneka said with sarcasm.

“Abeg which of my predictions have come to pass because you know me I always see the future in fact if I wanted to make money, I should be charging people for it”.

“Segun said he is bringing funsho to this house to come and live with me. Just imagine. After he promised me”

Toyin laughed with so much glee as she struggled to even end her laughing bout to continue her conversation.”Madam, did I not tell you this will happen? It was just about two and half years ago when I warned you but love was clouding your brain. You were forming Segun and I are on the same page. He agrees with me. He won’t go back on his word” She said mimicking Nneka’s voice.

“Toyin please abeg,i did not call you to gloat or mock me. It’s okay. It’s the solution I need you to find for me. What do I do? ”

“Nneka, seriously what can you do? The man says he wants to bring his daughter to his house, will you say no?

“Of course I will say No. I have already told him No. We sat as a couple even before marriage and discussed it and we both agreed Funsho should keep staying with his mother like she always has and now suddenly because his mother told him the presence of a child in our house will make me pregnant he is going back on our agreement? Who is he supposed to listen to? His mother or his wife?

“If you want me to answer that question then I will say his mother. You know mother knows best. See ehn stop giving yourself headache. What’s the worst that will happen? Let the girl come and live with you. Isn’t she your daughter by default?

“Toyin,you don’t get it. It’s not just about the girl it’s the fact that my mother in law wants to keep controlling her son. It’s the fact that Segun and I decided to start our life on a clean slate, fresh start.

“See ehn, I get you Nneka, but you cannot prove a point with this matter before they label you wicked. Just relax”.

” Toyin, I have heard you but I know how to handle Segun and his mother. They will know I am a true Ibo girl.

“Madam Ibo girl no problem,just remember that you knew he had a child before you decided to marry him. He didn’t deceive you in any way. So on this one you are truly making a mountain out of a mole hill” Toyin said as they ended the call.

Nneka began to ponder on the next step to take. She had thought Toyin was going to give her creative ideas but obviously she was wrong. She decided to take the bull by the horns and give her mother in law a call.

…to be continued


  1. Hmmmm babe ve to pipe low o, afterall he rold u dat he has a child b4 moving in, dear for me o, i see nothing wrong, nice one anyway.

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