Differences – A Romance Story



Differences By Tunde Oni


The story “DIFFERENCES” is the tale of a lady named Nneka, who after two years of marriage, things turned the negative for her. The bliss she enjoyed escaped through the open windows. Marriage became a living hell for her.

Something tragic happened which brought her husband terrible pains and sorrows and he has her to blame for it again. He rough handles her during sex making her whole body hurt, all in an attempt to make her go through pains like himself.

But Obinna who had been in love with Nneka even before she married makes himself available and is ready to show her love which her husband denies her.

But is Obinna really an Angel like he appears? Or is he someone who had come to add to the pains? Will Nneka ever find bliss again?

Find out in this mind blowing story.


  1. Hmmmm christmas gift naa abi?
    No wahala i ve already seen dat
    d writer has already garnished
    dis story very well, no shaking
    am waiting.

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