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Blue Light – Episode 2

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A Story By Abhynha Yankey

We drove home and left to our individual rooms. She came knocking on my door very early in the morning that she needed money for groceries. I gave her some unknown amount of money without asking her how much she would be needing. I just needed her to be out because I was expecting a visitor.
I had made arrangement with the lady I met at the club and so I was waiting graciously for her. There was no way I was going to flop, that wasn’t my style. Few minutes after she had left, my club girl came around.

There was no time to waste. We had it at the hall. She wasn’t sweet though she was good in bed. I only wanted something to keep me active for the week.
Just when I was about to cum, Strawberry entered the hall. That was super fast on her side.
I didn’t care about her presence because I was going to hurt myself if I stopped at that gracious hour. She ran to her room for reasons best known to her.
After the girl had left, I went to my room to wash down. That was when realised the wrong I had done. Well, she wasn’t my girlfriend so there was no need for apologies.

I came out later to find my food already served with a note placed on my chair. Was she ignoring me already? I went to knock on her door but she had made up her mind not to allow me in.
“Strawberry, I’m sorry,” I shouted and left to my room without touching the food. This went on for some days. We were not seeing each other nor hearing from each other, though we stayed in the same house.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to her room one evening. I silently opened the door and sneaked in. She was taking her bath.

I couldn’t help but go stand at the entrance of the bathroom and watch her as the little drops of water dripped off her skin creating patterns only mother nature could understand. She looked good. Very good to do modeling until the photographer asked her to pose naked for a naughty magazine.
She turned, her pupils widening in shock. I looked at her directly, defiantly as I unbuttoned my jeans. The next thing I knew, I was getting closer.
She was like the sun, beaming in its full radiance. She was so big and bright that I couldn’t help but get closer. What would happen if I got too close?
“I need you to stop,”she said. Stop? “I need you to stop what you are doing to me. You are driving me crazy. I’ve been thinking of you since I saw you with that ass,” she continued. I swallowed the lump in my throat. She narrowed her eyes. They were gleaming with passion. “I need to get you out of my mind,”she said. I bit my lower lip as i stared in her eyes. I wish I could say same but I couldn’t. I held my breath as she stepped closer. Her hands reached for my nipple and played with it.

“You’re something else Dela. I won’t be able to pull away this time. I’ve tried so hard to control myself but not today.


Her eyes brought out tears as I zoomed forward, and my hands automatically went around her. I could feel her shoulders and soft body shake in response to my hug. She won this time round. We both closed our eyes and for a moment,just a moment allowed myself to enjoy the thrill of it. My heart climbed to my throat when her hand zigzagged to my boxer shorts.
“Kobby,” my name came out of her lips in a breath of air. I felt intoxicated… “just a taste,” I inhaled deeply. “You smell so good.” I couldn’t prevent my hands from touching her once again.

Gentle and teasing, my hands stroked down her body until I gripped her hips. “Kiss me,” she coaxed, sucking my bottom lip between hers, licking and biting lightly.
My hands snaked around her waist, pulling her against my body while my other hand secured the back of her neck. Her lips became hard and demanding, challenging me to kiss her like a Frenchman. The kiss was a magical one that could bring Princess Feona to life.
I finally succeeded in ******g her real hard till she could scream no more. I loved the way she moaned and raised the legs. It was a beautiful scene as she squirted. I realized she was shy, but it was the most wonderful thing I ever wanted to see a lady do. A fountain in my own home. “Hey…I would forever call you strawberry. Trust me, you sweet and magical. Tell me,were you jealous of what you saw? Anyway, I’m sorry,” I teased. “Sorry? For what? My jealousy got you in my pant,”she replied. We teased each other,laughed and giggled, forgetting we were both naked.
“Hei,tell me about yourself. Funny enough,you’ve been staying here with me and I barely know you,” I said. “Well,sex can do all things. You know my name right? I’m the only child of my late parents. I lost them when I was 16years and since then the club has been my home. I know you too well so need to talk about yourself. The only son of the wealthy Kwateng Amaniampong family. Everybody knows you,”she said. “You are right but there’s one thing you don’t know yet. I don’t know how you going to feel if I tell you though,” I said.

“Huh? What is that? Tell me before I find out myself,” she said. So I asked, “…and you find out first, what would you do?” “Nothing, nothing I can do so pleeeaaassseee tell me okay,” she said putting up a baby face.
“Well, the whole thing is that I have a girlfriend and… “,”…she would be coming down soon right? I know she’s not in the country,” she quickly ended my statement. How did she get to know of all these?
Well, like she said, she knew me too well.

“Her birthday is in a weeks time so she would be coming down with my parents, that’s why I asked that you made sure my parents did not see you whenever they came around,” I said. “Yea I do understand you. Besides, we only stole a chance to do that. Do you still think I shouldn’t allow your parents to see me? I mean I wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack,” she said.
“Yea…but I would make it simple. You would go lodge in a hotel a day or two before they come, and as soon as they come, you also come around. I mean I’m going to start talking to them about you,” I said.

She looked scared. It seemed she wanted to ask me a question but I ignored her and kissed her again.
“Hei, I would be leaving the country soon. My marriage ceremony is set for two days after her birthday. Once we are done, we both are going to leave. Don’t worry because there are many surprises in stock for you. All I have to do is to make sure they all like you and yearn to see you,” I said and continued with my kiss but this time around, she didn’t involve herself that much.

I guess she was thinking about what I said.
“Kwabena, I would miss you though the rich and poor have got nothing to share,”she said with tears in her eyes. I dried her tears and told her, ” between the two of us,nobody is richer than the other.”


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