You listen again to be sure the sound came from your door… ‘kpom! Kpom! Kpom!’ You hear it again. You start to wonder who could be disturbing you this early Christmas morning when everyone in the city of Lagos had gone to church. You leave the kitchen for the door, but not before mentally deducing it couldn’t be your parents knocking, the priest wasn’t known to dismiss church service early, talk more one of significant festivity. You decided not to attend Christmas service because of the backload of meals to prepare; mom travelled to Ghana last week on official assignment and you had to be the mother to your father and elder brother Mike as your elder sister Michelle hadn’t yet returned from Unilag.

You open the door and see the neighbor’s daughter Sarah carrying a large bowl in one hand and a bottle of red-wine in the other. Sarah is your agemate and friend, so there’s no need for pleasantries. “Is that food?!” Your question has an exclamation attached to it, and when she nods in reply your excitement triples. You’re that hungry.

Sarah is in a hurry, her family’s in the car about driving to their church two streets away, so you decide to hold back appreciating her mother till they return. You take the offerings from her, blow her kisses, and hurry to the kitchen. You’re so happy because God heard your inner cry for food.

You place the bowl on the kitchen counter and introduce the wine into the refrigerator… the latter was unabashedly your dad’s, no one wriggles that glory with him; but with the food, you could have your way.

The sizzling sound of tomato in oil caught your attention… you struggle to share it with the food calling you in all its glory to ‘please, eat me’. You attend to the pot, enough to buy you five minutes before you get to stir its content again. You clasp your hands and relax to eat. You take the first spoon… and that’s when you start to black out. The last thing you remember is seeing Michelle let go of her bag at the kitchen door; she’s screaming but you can’t hear anything.

Awoof dey run belle, shine your eyes this holiday. No go chop winch!


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