ACT OF LOVE – Episode 5

By Friday Samuel Ahiaba 



By Friday Samuel Ahiaba (Fridex)

The shooter didn’t missed his target a bit because the bullets had straightly found his way into Chris left shoulder and neck. Elaine who had also received two bullets from the shots in the head, she’s now lying dead inside her own car.

Although, the shooter was said to have rode on a power bike according to the eye witness but no one seems to have seen his face as he was with helmet.

Chris who was rushed to the hospital is in the operating room fighting his way in hade just to see himself in the land of the living.

Doctor Jummybabe and the nurses seem to be highly engaged just to see that their patients live.

Effe pacing tiredness in the hospital. Her red eyes evidence of a crying face. And Ken had rushed to the hospital the instant he heard about his friend lying helplessly in the operating room at City Hospital.

Effe’s parent who also happens to be with their daughter in the hospital were seen to be engraved in prayers for their in-law to survive.

Two hours gone, yet no news from the operating room. Everyone now seems to be too worried and growing out of patience.

And for that reason, Effe who is still pacing around suddenly grasped the nurse who just came out of the operating room. She quickly enquires about what is going on in the operating room. She holds tightly on the nurse almost chocking her to death. If not for the help of Ken’s strong hands it would have been a different story entirely. No doubt of course so many doctors and nurses must’ve fallen victim of such act.

Meanwhile, the door to the operating room opened just as they were eager to learn about Chris’ present condition from the nurse.

And there came Doctor Jummybabe who is responsible for Chris operation. Doctor please how is he? His condition, is he going to make it? They all rushed towards the doctor and throwing all sorts of questions on the doctor.

Please, I’ll like to speak with the patient’s parents in my office right away.


Since you’re here, (referring to Effe’s parents) I think there’s no need for delaying all you need to know. The doctor saying this as they’d just explained to her about Chris being an orphan.

Oh doctor please just tell us if he’s fine or not, that’s all. Effe sounded from behind her parents who were also eager to learn about Chris condition.

Alright then, the young man, we’re able to successfully remove the two bullets in him. Luckily for him the bullets didn’t cause too much damage to his body. Although he has lost a lot of blood. He’s presently in a coma, and hopefully he’ll wake up from the coma very soon.

Oh thank God he is still alive, Effe muttered under her breath.

But there’s something more serious that should be looked into before it gets out of hand. The doctor said looking at their faces perhaps to see if they’re following up.

What is it doctor? Mr Nathan, Effe’s dad asked quickly as he grew worried in his sitting position.

Doctor (clearing his throat to allow him speak well) from the test we carried out on him we have discovered that he has kidney infection. I mean his right kidney has been infected with chronicle kidney disease. It has almost gotten to the end-stage of kidney failure and this automatically shows that there’s need for urgent surgery else once it affects the other then that’ll demands for kidney transplant. She said ending her speech therapy with a sigh of relief.

So what do we do now doc, Mr Nathan asked quickly again without hesitation.

I am afraid the young man has three months before the other kidney would be affected too

We need to start the process of the surgery before then only if you are ready.

Please doc what did you mean by only if we’re ready?

Well sir, what I meant by that statement is, the surgery will cost you three million and five hundred thousand naira.

Ewooo! I am finished. Effe exclaimed loudly.

Take it easy madam, it’s going to be fine, Okay!

And least I forgot, to start the surgery we will need a deposit of one million and seven hundred thousand naira.

And where do we get this kind of money from? Mrs Nathan who has been sitting calmly listening to her husband as he spoke with the doctor suddenly busted out.



Investigation is being carried out by the inspector of the police department Mr Osaz Derulo. The case about the murder of Miss Elaine Kevin, and the murderer who is also the shooter of Mr Chris Nathan.

The inspector who personally took it upon himself to fish out whoever is involved in the case has now find his way to Mr Kevin’s residents. To extend his condolences and perhaps to ask some few questions that might lead him to the perpetrator.

Sir when did it get to your notice that your daughter has being shot? Mr Osaz asked his last question with saddened face as it seems he is not getting anything to hold on to.

Well, about it, I got to know the same day of her death. But that should probably be between 10:45pm and 11:00pm after I had pushed a call through to my lawyer “Barrister Kwan Bosco” to remind him of my decision to change some things in my will.

Oh really? Mr Osaz voiced out in alarm as he adjusted his sitting position.

Yeah sure.

And who else knew about this will stuff apart from your lawyer? He asked again with rap attention.

Just me and my lawyer.

Uhm… A little muffled and then he continues with his question. So who are to benefit from this will if I may ask?

Please inspector, why are you asking all these or is it also part of the investigation or something? Mr Kevin asked in alarm as he felt that the inspector knows too much.

I’m really sorry sir if you must’ve find this improper but the thing is I am beginning to read meanings from this conversation with you. But sir, before I come to conclusions I will like to know all the beneficiaries on your will probably that will give me more clues to my findings.

Alright then, I only have two people from my family who should have benefited from my will. But unfortunately I lost my elder brother and it remaining my immediate younger sister who is an imbecile so to willed my property to her wouldn’t sounds good, you know?

Yeah that’s true, Mr Osaz commented.

So I decided to will the lion share to my only daughter, some part to my sister, and even my lawyer too, I deem it good to have him in my will since he has been serving me well. Though I only assigned him some little amount of money in the will, that’s all.

OK sir, but did you mention to your lawyer what you want to adjust in the will?

Uhm… Yes, ehm… Actually, I had asked for his opinion as my confidential lawyer if it’s wise to add someone from the outside to it and he didn’t find it awkward. More reason I called of lately to remind him, and about the day he had promised to visit me so we could do all the necessary things.

This person you want to add to your will did you by any chance mention it to him or her?

No, not at all. Of course I didn’t mention it to Chris.

Did you mean Chris Nathan? The one who was shot in same location with your daughter?

Yes exactly. Mr Kevin exclaimed sadly.

Alright sir, I think I am Okay for now. And I should be able to work with what I have at hand. Once again sir, I’m really sorry if I have caused any inconvenience. The inspector had quickly apologize as the will stuff which should have been a secret thing is now being put to open.

You are under arrest, do not make any funny moves else we will be forced to shot you. Inspector Osaz voiced out quickly to the two men they’ve just found in the building. He had been trailing Barrister Kwan Bosco for the past two weeks having thoughts that something fishy about him is going on somewhere. Fortunately for him, he saw the Barrister with strange man on hood while trailing him. But they only had few minutes discussion between them. Although he didn’t know what it is they’d talked about since he wasn’t close enough to hear what their discussion is all about. But somehow he still feel that Barrister Kwan Bosco however have an ulterior motive or rather he knows something about the shots that lead to the death of Miss Elaine Kevin, and it’s the same shot which almost claimed Chris life.

The inspector who have successfully trailed the hood man to an uncompleted building at the outskirts of the town had quickly called for backup and immediately they arrived they’d hastily stormed the uncompleted building.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Barrister Kwan Bosco was arrested as the men who were also arrested earlier have made an open confession to have been responsible for the shooting of Christ Nathan and Miss Elaine Kevin. They’d also confessed that they’re sent to do the job by Barrister Kwan Bosco as that’s what they do for a living.

However, Barrister Kwan Bosco and the killers, having found guilty of murder. They’re all sentence to death by hanging.

Chris on the other hand has been operated on, and the surgery which was successful. Although Mr Kevin has put it upon himself and as an “act of love”, he pays for Chris treatment. He make sure he’s been treated in the best hospital he could think of in Lagos.

Nevertheless, Chris who has now grown in good health having narrowly escaping death few months back. He had a new smile on his face now. Reason not far-fetched because he has just been promoted as the director and the manager of Kevinz Group of Companies (Nigeria) Ltd.

At last smile was restored back into his life and now he could freely breath the freedom of good health and a lasting peace in his marital life with his patient wife Effe.




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  1. Wow great story from a
    wonderful writer! U only know
    your mind you dont know
    what others are thinking
    about you… You are an
    excellent writer.. keep it up… 5

  2. This is excellent…. The only thing i notice is that, from the jailbird picture a lady was holding knife which she use to stab a guy but i didnt read such in your story…. All the same i will rate this write up 5…. Thumbs up

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