I break this greetings into fragments and proliferate it to your doormouths.
From one, two or betterstill every parts of the world.
This month was sheenly made for you all
For all, I repeat for us all.
I break these greetings to the doormouth of the poor,
Dedicates it to the less privileged and all
Who thinks of an unsure tomorrow.
Don’t lose hope,
For once there is life, there is a certainty of hope.
I disperse my greetings to the filthily rich ones,
The ones who lacks nothing.
Who may see bliss,
Who may see bliss in the verses of these lines.
I dedicate this poem to everyone
Who, one or two ways contributes to the development and growth of another.
Even without seeing you guys physically,
I congratulate God for your life and the life of your mothers.
I dedicate this poem to those in an aura of destitute,
Those who can hardly make three square meals.
Fret not friends, joy cometh in the morning,
You shall mourn poverty with a great mourning.
I dedicate this poem to you all,
This is december where evil happens without restriction.
These evil won’t be proximal to your abode,
Neither shall it cause you to whimper
For today is December the last and greatest embers of every ember.
First poem of December
Modest King

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