Why I Can’t Love – Episode 5



� Jones Kwesi Tagbor


Mr Robert, the head teacher never got any conscience. He insisted on his request. I said OK I will do it. He stood up and came to lock the door. He came came back to me and started fondling with my brea$t and squeezing it. From the brea$t he zoomed into unzipping my dress. There I held his hands and I said that was an office so we should continue when school is over. So he should sign the letter for me. He said OK but he would do that after school when we complete our task. I dressed up and left the office. I quickly called William when I got to out of the office. I wished you saw how my heart was racing when I was making the call. I nearly allowed myself to be used by Mr Robert, because I became aroused when he started fumbling with my brea$t. I never knew I could escape that trap. William said �my dear is everything ok? � I said with the racing heart � William this will be your very last time of sending me on such dangerous adventure. Do you know that man nearly had his way through me? � � Oh my God! but I hope he didn�t succeed? � he asked. I remained quiet.


William: � sweetheart, hello are you there? �

Me: still silent.

William: �sweetheart but I thought we planned this together so why would you stoop so low?�

Me: still silent I just cleared my throat for him to know that I was still on the line.

William: �Hello �

Me: �do you really love me? �

William: �yes I love and am always there for you. Just talk to me babe �

Me: �so what will you do if I should tell you that Mr Robert had his way? �

William: �well! I will take full responsibility because I asked you to do it so I will still love you. �

Me: �you are such a darling. I love you soo much. I just wanted to see how caring you are and with this response from you am convinced. I�m safe for you. He didn�t sign the letter but he tried romance with me. I promised of giving him the real food after school so please I want you to get back immediately and complete the deal before school closes. � that was our conversation over the phone. Within 30mins William was on campus. He managed to remove the camera from the office without the head teacher�s knowledge. He called me to his car and played back the tape. I realized he got upset after seeing him fondling with my brea$t. He said he was not going to let this man go Scott free. I told him he should handle this case with the highest level of professionalism because without that it will mean that the tape will go viral for other people to see just for evidence. He said I shouldn�t worry. He asked of the letter and I told him it was with him. William transferred the video file to his phone by the help of his laptop and straight he moved to the head teacher�s office. When he got there according to the report he gave me, as soon as he entered, the head teacher asked him whether he left something behind and he said �yes�. He said he left his phone on his table the last time he came and wanted to see if it was still there. The head teacher said probably he left it at a different place because he would have seen it. William said he wanted to check maybe someone might have seen it and placed it on any of the shelves. William started searching and and then secretly removed the phone and said he has found it. The head teacher was happy and said that was good. William went to seat and when they were chatting he started playing the video. He increased the volume so the head teacher could also hear. The head teacher started showing some facial expressions of surprise. He became uncomfortable even as he was seated in a fully air-conditioned office. Then William gave him the phone to explain the video. The head teacher said he could explain. � I�m listening, go ahead. Is that what you do with your female staffs over here? � William asked. Mr Robert started sweating. He said � boss please it is not what you think. Please let�s fix this matter here. I know your relationship with the lady in question but please I will do everything you want me to do just to let this case remain here I beg of you. � Mr Robert pleaded with William. William asked him why he did that and he said it was just because he has a weak ego and that led to that. William asked him to sign the letter for me with immediate effect. Mr Robert quickly signed the letter. After that William asked him to call me to the office. When I got there I felt the tension in the room. Mr Robert gave the letter to me and asked me to sit down. Then William said for his punishment, he will make sure he is axed from GES completely for sexual harassment of his female staff. After passing the judgement he said I should stand up so that we leave the office. I felt bad for Mr Robert so I asked William to reduce the punishment because it was too harsh for him. Besides he has children to take care of but William said � if he struggled before getting food on his table, next time he will know how to protect his reputation�. He walked out of the office, straight to his car and away he was gone. The secretary was even calling him but he wouldn�t mind anybody and away he went. I called him on phone and he said I should come to his house after school so that we talk. I also came out of the office without saying anything and straight to my class. I went to William after we�ve closed. I pleaded with him to reduce the punishment for the head teacher. He accepted my offer and said, instead of total dismissal, he would make them demote him to become a class teacher. Now my transfer letter was ready so I was to leave that school to my next new station in the following term. My joy was that I won�t be there to be seeing my head teacher become a class one teacher or something else just because of me. My conscience won�t allow me. I spent the night with William that day. It was all fun. The video he watched also increased his libido. I made him your actually feel like a real man that night. In fact I gathered the experience from Richmond to satisfy my prince charming. William was just the type of man I needed in my life. He has that patience for ladies. He do advise me on many issues, he makes sure that I was always happy. We stayed happily eventhough we were not legally married but my parents were aware about his presence around me. Before the term went to an end , the disciplinary committee consisting of the director of education at the district level, other head teacher�s, William and other stakeholders of the school sat on the issue and the final punishment was read out to Mr Robert. He was made to teach class two (2) and his rank in the education field was also reduced three levels down. Anyway I will say it serves him right because you don�t eat your cake and have it back. My time was due for leaving to my new station and because I don�t have my own car, William decided to take me with his car. On our way to my new station something mystery happened. We were involved in an accident. The tragedy of my life. Hmmmm life.

Did we survived the accident? What was the cause and what happened to me. Let�s go to the next episode.

To be continued


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