The Prognosticator – Episode 7

© Adebayo Luqman Adekunle

First half ended with England led with 1-0
we went outside the viewing center to catch
some fresh air.
Cnn: If England win this match, i will fight O.j
Me: who is O.j?
Cnn: The guy that gave us this game
Me: Does he collected any money from you?
be free he gives out the game
Cnn: What of the 5k i used to play it?
Me: That’s what they called gambling, don’t
forget my jamb fee is also involved
Cnn: that mean you are not going to
this year again
Me: God forbid, i will
Dupe: Pesman i want to talk with you *she
moved closed to me*
Me: Here i am ** We excused ourselves from
cnn and Tola**
Dupe: I don’t know if you will believe me on
this or not. You know when i said you will
have a visitors it comes to passed?
Me: Yes its, hope no problem this time
Dupe: No problem pesman but
Me: But what? Tell me please, second have is
about to start
Dupe: Don’t worry about the match, Iceland
will wins with 2-1 your bet ticket will win
Me: How did you know i played bet?
Dupe: I was at your back when you played it
in the afternoon, But that’s not the reason
why i said i want to talk with you
Me: ok tell me the reason dear
Dupe: pesman i love you, i don’t want
something bad happen to you
Me: ** Fear** please talk to me, what’s the
Dupe: Something is telling me that you
should not sleep in your room this night
Me: ** Relived ** if i sleep in my room what
will happened?
Dupe: I don’t know but my instinct is telling
me something bad will happened
Me: Thanks for the info dear, i will find
somewhere else to sleep
Dupe: Please do, i love you so much
Me: I love you too, but can i sleep in your
Dupe: I wish you could, but my sister is here
with me, am not living alone
Me: Ok dear, you are such a wonderful lady, i
kissed her forehead
“Hmmmm this girl is something else o”
“please who is this girl self?”
“seems she is seeing vision”
“she said i picked 1000naira when i went to
bought yogurt for her which is true”
“she said i will have a visitors and i had”
“now she said i should not sleep in my room
that something bad will happened”
“Am yet to convinced”
“she said Iceland will wins 2-1”
“Let me wait till the end of the match, if
Iceland wins i will believe her”
We walked back to the viewing center for
the continuation of the match, to cut the
long story short Iceland won 2-1, i was
extremely happy because of 40k i just won,
all thanks to “OJ”
Dupe: Oga pesman didn’t i told you Iceland
will wins 2-1
Me: yes you said it, you are a Godly sent
Dupe: But don’t forget what i told you, on
no account you should sleep in your room
Me: No problem dear, i will not sleep there
Cnn: congratulation guy, our ticket is won,
we are now 40k richer
Me: Am happy bro, but how are they going
to pay us? Because i don’t rememberd when
we give them our bank account
Cnn: they don’t pay through bank, they are
paying with cash
Me: how?
Cnn: We will go there tomorrow by 12pm
with our winning tickets, once tender the
ticket to the lady that played it for us, she
would pay out our money
Me: So the ticket is very important?
Cnn: Yes, without it, they won’t pay our
money o, pesman keep your ticket safe
Me: Ok boss, please let’s seeing dupe off, she
is going to her house
Cnn: Dupe why nah? I thought you will sleep
in my friend’s house?
Dupe: No sir, my sister cannot sleep alone
Cnn: ok o
** We followed dupe to her house, her
house is not too far to mine, After dupe
entered her room, we also headed to our
destinations, on our way, i stylished told cnn
about what dupe told me**
Me: Guy na your house i want to sleep this
night o
Cnn: you must be dreaming, what of your
own house? Moreover don’t you see my
queen beside me? Let me tell you incase you
don’t know, Tola is sleeping in my house?
Tola: No problem uncle pesman, you can
sleep with us, you and your friend will sleep
on the bed and i will sleep on the floor
Cnn: No way, you cannot sleep in my house,
maybe next time
Me: Ok guy goodnight, i left him and Tola, i
don’t know what next to do, i brought out
my phone scroll through my contact to
called some of our friends, maybe i can sleep
with them. I called like 12 numbers, some
are switched off, some don’t pick, some said
they were not in town, some said they were
having visitors. I tried all my possible best
but all went in vain, i don’t see where to
pass the night, i made up my mind to sleep
in my room *** .
pesman act like a man,
nothing will happened to you, Yes you are
right nothing will happened to me, i
reasoned with my inner mind ***
I opened my door, entered my room, i was
shaking like xmas goat that is waiting for
his judgment, i switched off my phone
hiding it somewhere, i says some prayers, i
asked for God protection over my life, off my
wears left only boxer and singlet
(underware) on me.
I lay flat on my bed to sleep, but sleep eluded
me, i couldn’t sleep, i was scared.
proper closed, my door
was closed ** Pesman don’t scared, you are
saved ** i was still in thought that i don’t
know when i slept off
A ray of flash light flashed across my face,
my eye swanged opened to face the reality,
there were two guys in my room with local
gun and cutlass held firmly in their hands,
my heart
skipped like 10sec before it started to be
beating faster, my underware was soak
my sweat, i felt like ground should open and
swallowed me, one of the guy moved closed
me and landed hot slap on my cheek, my ear
started malfunctioning immediately, i can’t
hear clearly ( Am doomed i’m not president
buhari oo, who will fly me to London for ear
Guy1: Stand up, where did you keep your
phone and money?
Me: My lord, i don’t have any money on me
sir, and i just lost my phone this afternoon
Guy2: Don’t tell me you don’t have any
money and phone in this room, if we search
your room and found money and phone,
you are in trouble.
The second guy went outside, entered again
with chair in his hand, oya sitdown on this
chair my friends, he commanded me
I sat on the chair, he unzip his bag brought
out a robe and tied me down to the chair,
mouth was also plastered.
They started searching my room looking
what to stealing. My mind flashed back to
Dupe, her words continued ringing on my
head ” Something is telling me that you
should not sleep in your room this night, i
don’t know what is going to happened o,
but my instinct is telling me something bad
happened pesman please don’t sleep in
your house”
Pesman you are doomed and dupe warned
me ooo, how wished i could turn back the
hand of time

To be continued


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