The Prognosticator – Episode 6

� Adebayo Luqman Adekunle

Dupe: Can you see now? Please go and
open the door for your visitors.
Me: ** Disappointed ** ok, i walked to my
door, opened the door, standing before me
was CNN and Tola (his girlfriend) i ushered
them in, i can see the surprised on CNN face
when he saw Dupe in my room. They
greeted each other, All of us sit on the
Tola: Good Afternoon sister, how are you?
Dupe: am fine ma
Tola: What is your name?
Dupe: Dupe
Tola: Modupeoluwa, what a beautiful name.
Dupe: Thank you ma, and what is your name
Tola: i’m Tola by name
Dupe: you are so beautiful aunty Tola
Tola: * Blushed* Thank you sister mi, you
are also a beautiful lady with ecstatic and
magical voice. ** Both of them laughed**
CNN: Hello, who is this please? * he placed
his phone to right ear and went outside to
received the call*
Tola: Uncle pesman what do you have in the
house, am feeling hungry
Me: Nothing dear, but the Hollandia yogurt i
bought for my bae remain sha, you can have
Tola: Aunty Dupe hope you won’t mind
sipping a little out of your drink?
Dupe: Its yours sister
*** Tola poured the yogurt into glass cup
and sipped it, pesman! pesman!! pesman!!!
CNN called my name from outside, i went out
to meet him***
CNN: Is that not the girl we met at nairabet
shop in the afternoon?
Me: Yes she’s, any problem?
Cnn: No problem pesman, but how come
she followed you to your house, i mean
did you met again, how come pesman tell
Me: After you sent me out of your house
CNN : *cuts in* guy i didn’t sent you out of
my house, i had a visitor
Me: Ok, After i left your house, i met her on
my way to my house, we talked and she
followed me, she said her house was boring
and she needs my company
CNN: Guess you have programmed her?
Me: programme ke? I was about to start the
programme before you interrupted us with
your bad luck, guy i hate you
CNN : lol ( Lol means… Laughing out loudly,
lots of laughs commonly used for laughing
in 9ja, if you
were engaged in a chat with a Nigerian guy
or lady on social media you might been seen
this slang most of times)
Me: Have you programmed Tola?
Cnn: Before nko? I no dey dull myself like
you nah
Me: No problem, Thank God we are visiting
“Fayemi” next tomorrow, i will surprise you
CNN: its 7pm already, hope you have set?
Me: Set? Are we traveling out of the country?
CNN: no, we are going to Ghana, have you
forget we played gamble at nairabet shop in
the afternoon?
Me: Oh! I rememberd, so we are going to
France to watch the match live and direct?
CNN: Pesman be wise, we are going to Dstv
viewing center to watch the match not
Me: I don’t think i can follow you go o
CNN : Because of that bae in your room?
Me: Yes boss, because of her
CNN : woman wrapper ( woman wrapper
means one who like woman according to
our 9ja pigin, but oyinbo people do called it
Me: Thanks
*** CNN and i walked back to my room, we
met Tola and Dupe Gossiping, only God
what they were discussing about. They kept
mute immediately we walked in***
Dupe: Pesman, aunty Tola said they are
going to Dstv viewing center to watch
England match and i want to follow them.
Me: ** Felt bad, This girl must be mad o, i
want to stay back at home with you, you
are now telling me that you to follow tola to
watch match. Football is meant for guys
not for ladies**
Me: No problem dear, we are going together
**i can see big grin on CNN face, he stylishly
mocked me*
Tola: Let start going then, time has gone
We left my room, i locked my door, put the
key where i used to keep it.
Four of us headed to Dstv viewing center
like a happy couples.
We entered the viewing center to met full
house, omo 9ja guys love football oo see
how this place is full, we found one empty
bench we sat on it, Tola sat, CNN sitted
next to her, i sat next to CNN , while dupe
sit next to me.
My mind wasn’t on the ball we are watching
at all, all i was thinking was how
to become the official boyfriend of Dupe, I
sit continued watching the ball with fake
smile on my face, without knowing the
jersey colour of England nor Iceland.
37min of the match i heard heavy shouting
of Goal! Goal!! Goal!!! Up England.
I quickly stand on my feet jumped up
shouting with them, Goal! Goal!! Goal!!!
Dupe also stood up, i hugged her so tight,
before CNN whispers to my ear.
“Guy what makes you happy? Don’t forget
we played this match with 5k, England
scored you were jubilation, don’t you know
if England won this match your 5k is gone,
but if Iceland won you will be 40k richer”
I gently sat down like someone who lost his
flight fare to USA
Dupe: Don’t be panic pesman, Iceland will
Me: I pray so
Dupe: *smile* you don’t have to pray,
Iceland has won already
Me: Hmmm ** surprised, seems Dupe had

To be continued


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