The Prognosticator – Episode 4

NB: This is the first work of Adebayo Luqman Adekunle, do look beyond the errors and enjoy the story. And please drop your comments, suggestions and criticism

� Adebayo Luqman Adekunle 
*** We walked in to a nearby nairabet shop.
I almost
fainted with what i saw, because it was my
time of entering any gambling shop, the
was well furnished with plasma tv, alot of
monitors, couch, Ox fan and alot of
advertisements poster were pasted on the
wall. The place is too crowded, o boi naija
no dey work ni? Or is bank sited here? I said
CNN: guy shey you go play?
Me: You mean nairabet?
CNN: No ludo game
Me: i don’t know how to play it oo, maybe
next time, you will have to teach me.
***Baba o, Baba agbalagba (Elderly man)
The king of gambling, Baba na you oh, even
after you, na you, Baba i dove my hat for you
oo. Baba wetin dey for the boys nah? Wetin
you bring for us nah? Na you we dey wait
for since morning o, The king of gambling
himself. The people keep hailing O.J the guy
that just walked him, (The guy name is OJO
so O.J Is abbreviation of OJO ) baba shey na
goal goal you wan give us or over two point
five (over 2.5 ) we are fully ready oo, they
keep hailing O.J
This guy must be guru for this game o, see
as they keep hailing him like celebrity, if dem
born him well let him meet me at playstation
center. Him go hear am, i thought within
O.J: Thank you my guys, you just make my
day, and i will also make your week by given
you just seven odd (7 odd)
*** People continued shouting, some
people starting jumping up, i can see joy in
their faces***
O.J: Like i always said, your father is poor,
your mother is poor, you are not an okada
(bike) rider, you are not a bus conductor,
you are not playing nairabet and you always
bought new jean trouser and shirt during
this baba buhari Regime, my friend you
must be a thief.
*** This O.J guy must be mad oo, must i
played nairabet before i can buy new
Me: CNN what’s the meaning of (7 odd?)
Cnn: Don’t ask me yet, let O.j give us the
game first, i will explain latter.
*** omo ale! bas***d!***
As O.j continued his sermon, one damsel
beautiful lady walked in to the nairabet
dressed in a simple pink gown and pair of
sandals. Her hair, thought undone but was
neatly packed, her face was a little oily and
her legs too, she greeted us and say please
can i charge my phone? She asked nobody
in particular, i quickly moved closed to her,
collected her phone plunged it to
unoccupied socket beside my seat, i later
discovered her name was “DUPE” – more
about dupe later.-
O.J: As you all know that am a diehard
Arsenal fan
but this week it is not matter of my club, let
me tell you the fact this ongoing Euro 2016
is full of supprise you won’t believe – unless
you watched it , “Iceland” is my banker this,
you know
“Iceland” is playing “England” kindly play
“Iceland” straight win, That is my seven (7
odd) for this week, best of luck to you guys
*** People starting the betting with huge
amounts, some bet it with 5k, 7k, 15, CNN
also bet it with 5k
Phone vibrated, its message mtn with their
vexatious messages, i will check it later i said
to myself***
Me: CNN oya tell me, what is the meaning of
seven odd?
CNN: seven odd means seven cool thousand
naira #7,000
Me: I don’t understand
CNN : ok, “Iceland” was given 7 odd, it
if you stake “Iceland” with #1,000, if
“Iceland” win the game/match against
“England” you will collect #8,000 so #7,000
is your gain, if you play it with #2,000 you
will collected 16k so 14k
will be your gain
Me: Cool business
CNN: Yeah! Very cool business
*** Phone rings , it was my mum calling***
Me: Hello ma
Mum: Hello how are you?
Me: I’m fine ma
Mum: Have you seen alert?
***oh its true, i called her 3days back,
requesting for Jamb fee***
Me: Actually i received one message about
5min ago, but i havnt check it either its alert
or not, i will get back to you after
confirmation ma
Mum: Ok take care bye
Me: Bye ma
**hang up**
I brought out my phone from my pocket to
check the message, behold It was an Alert
*** You acct 305xxx has been credited with
NGN 7,000 on 30 June 2016 12:33 by cash
dep 3rd party- shola Bal: 8,245,17CR.
I read it again again and again, i placed call
my mum again**
Me: Hello mum, thanks a lot, have received
Mum: You are welcome son, use the money
to register your jamb not for gambling in
playstation center
Me: Ok ma, may you live long to reap the
fruit of your labour
Mum: Amin bye
Me: bye ma
***hang up, turned to CNN ***
Me: Guy please you will borrow me 5k make
i also nacked the game
CNN : You mean money?
Me: No, it’s sand, please nah borrow me
CNN : see pesman, i don’t have such amount
with me here. Don’t you know i also played
that game with 5k and nothing on me
Me: ok no problem
*** I quickly rushed to the nearest ATM
machine to withdraw 5k out of 7k sent to
me by mum, i was so lucky when i reached
there, there is nobody there, i made the
withdrawal and rushed back to nairabet
shop, i played the game with 5k, CNN and I
about to walked out of Naira bet shop when
Dupe walked on us. Chai! … I nearly forgot i
helped this fine girl plug her phone***
Dupe: Please brother where is my phone
Me: let me get it for you, i unpluged the
phone and handed it to her but not until i
collected her number
Me: Guy it seems that I’m having feelings for
that Dupe girl oo
CNN : Who is Dupe?
Me: The girl i helped charge her phone at
nairabet shop
CNN : Pesman put your mind at rest, you
don’t need to be worried. We are
going to Fayemi’s house in the next two
days, i believe all girls in this area will be
running after you, so forget about dupe till
we come back from Fayemi’s shrine.
Me: I trust you my guy.
*** We are in amidst of our discussion when CNN phone rang, he picked the call and talked like 57sec before hang up, he faced me and said***
CNN: Guy you have to start going.
Me: What happened?
CNN: Tola is coming here, she just called me
*** Tola was CNN girlfriend, They have been dating for 3months, 3weeks 3days now, and time is also 3:33pm funny enough***
Me: *** In jealously voice*** no problem.
Afterall this is your house .
CNN: Stop talking like kid, do you want me to be doing “programme” in your presence?
*** “Programme” is a code for having sex with opposite sex, yoruba do called it
Me: So you are even planning of doing a programme with her?
CNN: Before nko? Tola must hear it today
Me: *** Felt bad*** no lele, guy let me start going, i left his room went outside, and walking to my house. I brought out my phone, insert the earpice and play some cool music, i was totally lost and gone in the music not remembering i was on the road, i was also shaking my head to the ryhmes of the music. Suddenly someone tapped me from back, i was shocked with the image i saw
To be continued

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