The Prognosticator – Episode 3

NB: This is the first work of Adebayo Luqman Adekunle, do look beyond the errors and enjoy the story. And please drop your comments, suggestions and criticism

© Adebayo Luqman Adekunle Pesman

One Adage says “show me your friends to
know who you are”
CNN is about to ruin my life by Getting me
with “babalawo”.
I don’t regrets having him as a friend but
I’m now having different feelings for him, i
could remember he once told me that he
do anything to make money. hmm, I hope
CNN is not proposing my life for ritual,
maybe its a
planned work with “fayemi” (babalawo)
CNN: what are you thinking?
Me: I heard arsenal wants to sign Jarmy
CNN: how has that related to what we are
discussion? See guy, you need to see
babalawo, he will help you out with spiritual
power, you will have more than “seven
girlfriends” at a time.
*** “Seven girlfriends” at once? on hearing
this my head spark like naked life and
neutral wire that touches each
other. ***
Me: I am afraid of the side effect and
perhaps the consequences
CNN: side effect? Mumu guy, you heard
spiritual power get side effect? Guy let
me tell you only oyinbo medicine dey get
side effect.
Me: ok! Lets go then i am ready, i can’t wait
to have “seven girlfriends” at once
CNN knocked on the door like five times, but
“fayemi” did not open door for us, i placed
my right ear on the door i can heard
“Fayemi” reciting some incantation, i
heard it clearly but can’t remember it again.
Five minutes later, the door was opened
Fayemi standing before us, he dressed in
white up and down to match, white Agbada,
white trouser, white cap and white pair of
shoe, Mr white i almost said.
*** omo see this man o, is this babalawo or
swagger man? See dressing code, my mind
is telling me this man is going to dupe me
CNN: Ekasan baba (good afternoon sir)***
He prostrated, i also joined him – when last
did i prostrate for my father only God
Fayemi: Eyin omo mi bawo ni? (my sons
how are you?)
Me/CNN: Dada ni sir (fine sir)
Fayemi: Ewo bi mose mura, mofe malo si
ipade awon babalawo ni ewole yi, sugbon
eje kin Saree dayin lohun kin to malo. (see
the way i dressed, i was about to leave for
babalawo meeting before you walked in but
let me quickly attend to you before I start
get going)
Me/CNN : Ese sir (Thank you sir) *** We
on the mat facing fayemi who sitted on
wooden chair***
Fayemi: Oya Mon’gboyin ( now i am
CNN : Baba ore mi yi ni momu wabayin, bi
esen wo yii, ose tonbo lomape omo odun
merin lelogun, sugbon koni obinrin afe sona
kankan, mowa so fun wipe ise aye ni,
sugbon ni kete ti moti mu wasi odo yin,
momo wipe oro re ti dayo. (baba i bring this
my friend to you, as you are seeing him he
will be 24years old by next week, but he had
no girlfriend, and i told him it was the work
of witches form his family, but now that we
are here in front of you, i believed his
problem is solved)
*** Na you get problem not me, bas***d
Fayemi: Beeni oro yin ti dayo, sugbon moti
pe fun ipade awon “babalawo” ti monlo,
ewa malo si ile todadi otunla ki epada wa.
(yes your problem has been solved, but i’m
running late for the babalawo’s meeting i’m
attending, you can go now and
come back in three days times)
Me/CNN: Thank you sir *** we left***
On our way home CNN and i kept discussing
on random topics, we about to reached my
house when he suddenly stopped walking,
and this conversation followed
CNN : oh! I almost forgot I haven’t stake
Me: *** Relived i Thought he wanted to faint
when he suddenly stopped walking***
you and this Naira bet sha, since you have
been playing you haven’t win a game and
you keep losing your money.
Ps. Nairabet is a football gambling betting
by most Nigeria youth, am also among
nairabet player thou… Nairabet must pay our
money o
CNN : is it your father money?
Me: That’s why you didn’t has two trousers
CNN : Na your father get this one i wear?
Me: You mean the trouser?
CNN : No, gown
Only if he puts on a gown

…to be continued

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