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Same field, fresh grave, wrong victim

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Same field, fresh grave, wrong victim.

It was a snowy and wintry night. The breeze was hawkish and it whistled frigidly through the closed louvres. It made me breath into my hands, and it was clammy and cold. My hands cringe and a shudder of chills slid down my spine.
The silence was threatening and it caressed my soft skin like in the cool summer breeze. The iron tongue of time has told the surrounding darkness that midnight was upon the earth. I knew it was coming. The feeling of untamed anxiety told me so, just as it does every night.
The house was silent and dark, my parents and niece were upstairs, sleeping peacefully on their comfy beds. I unlocked the back door and step out onto the porch and into the cold, frosty February night air. Creeping out at midnight was now a hobby, even though it wasn’t a self will, it was more like a compellation of a strong force coercing me against my wish.
A shudder runs through my whole body, but not from cold. It’s the sign, the first sign of me transforming into the beast. I leapt off the porch and the frozen air caressed my skin like freezer burnt vanilla ice cream beneath my bare feet. The prickling sensation traces through my veins.
It happens….. . All my bone twists and turns to become a new structure and I grew larger, my whole face pushing out, my nose and mouth melting into one to form the snout.
My teeth enlarge and curve as they change into the shining fangs, the ones i’ll use for tearing and biting with. My fingers shrunk and paws replaced my hands. A huge long tail grew out of my anus tearing the pajamas I was clad in. The tail was long and curly with a brown fur.
I felt no pain as all this happened to me, only a feeling of sheer joy and terror all at once as my heart beats faster, so fast I can hardly breath. I’m panting, drooling and stood on all fours. My body of a fifteen year old boy had transformed into a huge dreaded beast. I could feel my stomach gnawing at me, I knew i was hungry for human flesh which tastes just like pork and the blood, the sweetest wine ever.
I headed for the next street after ours bounding, my feet’s thumping on the frozen ground with my tail wriggling behind me. The street was a long dark stretch of road during the day, it was just a shady place lined with old, gnarled trees and vacant lots where nothing had been built and nothing was ever going to be built.
You would never be afraid of it by day, but at night it was a different place. A lonesome place, a place of darkness and strangeness. A place of terror and fear. There were no houses nearby, no streetlights. It was pitch black. As black as black could be. Dark as the deepest night. The tall trees blocked out the moon and the stars, casting their long shadows across the road.
Every night, you sit there in the comfort and safety of your home, but you have no idea of what is going on outside in the darkness. Not far from your home, there is a dark and lonely place. You may not know about it, but it’s there. All over the country, in small towns and cities, there are so many of these dark and lonely places.

I continued bounding with loud squeaks and growls, then stopped before a van. It was a large, black van. The van had always been there every night with my prey but how it got there was a mystery.
I got to the car, my body began to shrink to the size of the van before i hopped in. My prey was at the front seat, behind the wheels. It had a long blonde hair which seemed like a pony tail and its head has a oval shape.
The figure glanced back and it met my bloodshot fiery eyes. it was a female. The victim was a female, my favorite. She turned her head back, back to the wheels. She knew what to do and she ignited the car engine and drove off. . .
She drove through the streets of the little village and out into the countryside. The black car hurtled down the little country roads until we were in the middle of nowhere. She pulled over to the side of the road and stopped.
She hopped out while I followed suit and walked to the same field, same field I used the other night. She stopped before the numerous graves and glanced back at me for the spell to be cast out. I looked at her with an evil grin and she cringed ferociously.
“dig up your grave!”, I said as I tossed a shovel to her. She picked it up and began digging. After almost an hour, she unearthed an empty coffin and stopped to regain her breath. “You look good”, I said but i got no response. “I bet you taste good too”, I growled loudly and licked my lips hungrily. I couldn’t wait so I headed for it and hit her with my tail which paralyzed her. I began mutilating her body tearing her apart with my sharp shining fangs. Blood gushed out and I drank to my satisfaction.
I tore her chest open and took out the heart gleefully. I threw it in and began chewing, savouring the taste. It was a scrumptious meal. I licked my lips which was dripping of blood, cleaned my hands off and rolled the body into the grave. a paper slid off and fell to my front. I smirked and took it. My eyes grew wide and my face went pale as soon as I read it.
“Dear Ms. Ledger, Your test results came back. We regret to inform you that you have Leprosy and it is contagious. We have arranged for you to be treated at a special isolation clinic. It is located on an isolated street off the coast. A car will meet you there at night at 12. Please make sure you are there…”

The end…

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