New Story : Judgement On Earth

Judgement On Earth

A Story By Akoto Alexander


Judgement on earth is a story narrated by two men the first man Professor Awude, a terrible sex addict, who lectures in a renowned university and takes advantage of female students, numbering each of his victims in a diary.

His sexcapades continue but would there ever be an end to it? What or who would be his judgement?


Obed loses his mum and siblings to a fatal accident. His father due to the terrible incident of which he was a survival turns a sex addict, bringing in ladies of different kinds into his house.
Obed decides to take after his father and begins with the maids in the house. And during his exploration, he earns himself a terrible curse.


This story teaches an important lesson in life, you reap what you sow.

Starts on 23-11-2017


Link to All Episodes


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