More Than A Friend – Episode 7

� Olasunkanmi Opeyemi Ajibola

David: The idiot won’t do it, I swear!

As I heard what David said last, I just turned back and stretched the sweet out of my mouth a bit, holding it with my lips, Mary moved closer, folding the mistress’ lesson note she was holding, we got closer to eachother and she grabbed my head so that I won’t shift my head again and say no, as our lips touched oneanother, I dont know how the sweet went back to my mouth and our lips began to move slowly and rhythmically, I noticed that the note she was holding dropped and we were lost in the realm of passionate kiss.

The girl was an expert, I was not a novice too even though that was my first French kiss, I have watched different Nollywood, Ghallywood movies, I would rewind any kissing scene as much as possible and I used to kiss mirrors and palm (lol), so, I’ve prepared myself enough for the emergency and I was able to face her in the presence of the class, the kissing was still going on as if we had eachother in mind before, the girl’s hands were not stagnant (you know) and mine too were somehow doing what their hands do in Ghallywood movies, all I could sense then was the students’ voice and some closer guys shouting

“Wa sere Henry! Your papa dey kiss! Oshe! Give her! Show her! Tell her! Etc” while the ladies were shouting “eeeeeeeh!!!” I sensed that the noise became silence, the next thing I heard was the sound of cane on someone’s (Mary’s) back “Pheeeew! Pheeeew!!” Twice, as I opened my eyes the cane landed on my back too twice and the person exclaimed

“In The Class?!!!”. I started looking at the floor and I said in my mind, “And they finally pushed me to it!”

Mrs Adelaja was standing, holding cane with her mouth wide opened, when she finally saw that I was the one she looked at my face again to confirm because that was the last thing she would expect from me. “Henry!” She exclaimed, “This is not truth, I can’t believe this is you, the upcoming head-boy/assistant, both of you should follow me to the principal office now” she commanded and told the class she was coming for their own punishment. We got to the principal’s office and she narrated everything to him, it was not funny to hear the principal’s response,

“This one (pointing to Mary) may do it. But this boy (pointing to me) will never do such. I find it difficult to believe this, if truly they did it, go and give them the punishment they deserve” principal said and the mistress was more angry, she looked at me again and I started dropping tears, cursing David and Co in my mind. We were taken to the school mini field that looked tlike bush, she measured a very wide, large and long space for us to clear on or before next Friday, she left.

“So, my 1st kiss led to this punishment?” I said in my mind and shook my head sideways in soberness.

Farmer was better than the two of us in the school that week because farmers do rest, but ours was a reversed case, Mrs Adelaja must not see anybody helping us, Saka (a friend) that tried it was given where to clear too without any excuse, who could near us again and change occupation from student to farmer.

Deborah came to meet me on Thursday afternoon when the school was dismissed, I was thinking she would be jealous of what happened even though she was not in class when it happened, I was sure that David would have narrated to her with exaggeration, she ran to meet me as I was leaving the mini field to the class;

Deb: Ope; (pity face)

I: Deborah, you’re here (looking guilty)

Deb: Sorry ehn, (smiling) but how did it happen? It pained me I was not there, I would have seen how you kiss, (smiles)

I: Deborah, I was pushed into that and am not happy with it at all. So, I won’t be able to explain how it happened.

Deb: Of course I know, David told me that he led the team that pushed you but he did not know it’d be like this, I wish I could help, I feel your feeling dear, don’t worry you’ll finish it tomorrow or come back this evening.

I: Thanks a lot, am surprised with your words.

Deb: You’re welcome, since Monday that you guys have left class, we have so much missed you, especially these three people, (me, myself and I)

(We both smiled)

I: Don’t worry, I’ll be back fully for you and you alone on Friday (Tomorrow), we both laughed and started going home. ******fast forward******

I was very weak by the time I got home, I didn’t tell my mom about the kissing incident neither was I praying that she should know. I finished eating and strolled outside for fresh air, I remembered I was not with my phone, I went back in to take it so that I’d call Deborah and thank her/hear from her, as I returned back outside, I saw David and Saheed in front of our house, both were holding a cutlass each, I was looking at them smiling small-small, they looked at me for a while and was smiling too, they just passed by me and went inside to greet my mom,

Dave and Saheed: Good evening ma,

(When I heard them greeting my mom, I joined them inside to know what they were up to because since Monday that we were caught kissing, I and any of them had not had a conversation till that evening)

Mom: How are you boys?

David and Saheed: We’re fine thank you ma. We came to call Henry, we were given a punishment of cutting grass today in our class for making some noise, they said we must finish it before tomorrow, we could not finish our portion during the school hours, so we decided to go back after school.

Mom: Ope, and you didn’t tell me this since, what if I had another work to give you?

I: (I played along) Ermmmmm… I just finished eating, I was about to tell you when they arrived.

David: I-D-10-T (pronounced “I-D-TEN-T” Id10t farmer, go, take your cutlass and let’s go and finish our portion with Mary (he used I-D-TEN-T so that my mom won’t understand that he called me idiot, and he added Mary so that I’d understand better in case I have not)

Mom: Anyway, no problem, you guys should be careful with cutlass o and be vigilant in case of snakes.

(I was inside looking for my cutlass) David and Saheed replied “Alright ma”

Mom: But, I’v not seen you before (pointing to Saheed)

David: Ah! This one, you can’t know him, he’s the one that stole N250,0000 from… (Saheed hit David’s head from behind)

Saheed: Ah! David! You don’t even know what to joke with anymore. Don’t mind him ma, he’s joking. My name is Saheed, I’m also their friend.

Mom: (laughing) I already knew Dave, he’s a comedian. (I came out with cutlass)

I: Don’t mind that thing (Dave) ma, Saheed is our friend, classmate and… and… and our partner in crimes. (we all laughed)

Mom: Funny boys, come home early o.

We left home, headed to our school, nobody talked for the 1st three minutes, David just slapped my head from back, “Paaaaaa!” And was ready to run.

I: You drink trophy? You want me to beat you to death so that you’ll push me into another trouble right? E no go work you.

David: You dey craze, trouble abi wetin you talk? You no well, tell me say you no enjoy that French kiss made in France (I was smiling and Saheed was laughing). But Henry, like seriously, am sorry because it led to punishment, had I known, I’d not have supported you doing that, forgive your bro for that.

I: I was not angry with you guys joo, it’s just paining me that they caught us.

Saheed: But guy, you bad o, if mistress no enter before nko? You go pull her skirt up finally? But mistress bleeped up o I swear!

I: Skirt? Was I pulling anything?

David: Ah: “Were o mo sa!” (Mad boy no know) sebi I tell you say hin dey spirit that time.

I: Na una sabi.

We got to school and began to cut the grass, praying that Mrs Adelaja should not think of coming to school for anything that evening, the remaining part was not that much again as Dave and Saheed worked like tractor,

Dave: You and Mary should be able to finish this tomorrow,

I: Yes of course, thanks so much guys.

We left school and went back to our different homes.

Friday morning, Mary and I have resumed to the field, no talking since Monday as if we hated eachother or we were shy, we worked for like five minutes and she decided to rest as she used to do almost every five minutes, I broke the silence,

I: Emmmmmmm… Mary, am very sorry for putting you, a lady into this type of punishment that’s not meant for ladies. (Looking sobered)

Mary: (as if she has been expecting me to talk) No… Henry, I should apologize instead, you know I have spoilt your image, name and future post. Those three things at once just because of kiss, I should have volunteered myself to be punished alone but I would die if I face this alone, Henry pls forgive me, am so sorry.

I: (I reasoned to what she said and I felt her concern) Don’t worry, all will be well with the name, image and the future post, “Que Sera Sera” (What will be, will be)

(We both smiled) we continued cutting the grass…

I: (clears throat) Baaaad girl (laughing), your lips succulent die!! (Laughs)

Mary: Hahahahaha…. you too be badoo, this your innocent face can confuse even the gods…

(We continued the naughty chat) In the next few minutes we finished everything, went to apologize to Mrs Adelaja, she said she has heard how it happened from Salamot, that our friends boosted our morale, she advised us and told us that she lied to other teachers that we wanted to fight, that’s why she punished us. I was happy hearing that, we thanked her once again and left for class.


We first went to the tap to clean up, then straight to the class as we were both weak somehow, we entered the class with boned face forming

“We don do am finish! Nothing do us last last! Na we be this!” Some part of class were laughing, some said ‘welcome back kissers’, some said ‘when next’, I just ignored every comment and went to my seat, the class began to murmur heavily that the class captain was frustrated and shouted,Kwat op making a noise! Am writing the names of noise members!” instead of “the names of noise makers” he corrected himself immediately while some students were still laughing. Deborah came to welcome me back to the class,

“Take, this is your Agric note, I’ve helped you to copy all the necessary notes excluding Mathematics, all you need to do now is to read them up” she said as she was smiling.

“Wow!” I exclaimed lowly as I was out of words for what the girl did, I just leaned to the side a bit and hugged her very briefly before Mrs Adelaja sees us again, I was very sure that she would buy land for us to clear (three plots each) if she catches us again, I told Deborah to bring her ears closer, I whispered into her ear,

“I love you so much” she smiled and responded,

“It’s not official enough” (we both laughed out). David heard our voice from the next roll and said,

“See them, Henry, you’ve come again abi? Don’t worry, your next offence shall be “Sex inside principal’s office” and the punishment will be “forever in the farm” Bascart!” About 3/4 of the class burst into laughter while I responded, “you no well”

******Fast Forward******

Our ladies were already plaiting their hair, we guys were already in long sleeve shirts, it was not a dream that we were already in SS3 first term. We would treat past questions more than the normal class work, I would always be with past questions and calculator, how Deborah used to come to my seat reduced by 30% precisely, Quazeem (the closest friend to Michael) was suddenly closer to Deborah, Michael would always ask me to confess the relationship between Deborah and I, while I would reply nothing whenever he asked. They announced that the school prefects would be chosen in the following week…

******Fast Forward******

On that stressful Monday, neither Adewale nor I was able to enjoy the class likewise other prefects to be due to the annoying interviews in the staff room. We were in the staff room for the last level of the interview and that was around 1pm, they released other prefects-to-be to go to their classes while only Adewale and I were remained.

Mr Fash: Adewale, how old are you?

Adewale: 17years old sir.

Mr Fash: And you? Williams.

I: (smiling) 18 years old sir.

Mr Togbe and Mrs Adelaja: Kwhat!!!!!!

Mr Togbe: So, you’re older than him…

Adewale and I: (looked @ eachother and smiled)

Alhaja Falade: This is a “short man devil”

All the teachers: (laughs)

Mr Fash: You can go to your class.

Closing bell was jingled, after the necessary prayers and some announcements, the principal was coming with white paper containing the names of the prefects, I changed my position on the queue and moved to the front, I zoomed the names on the paper with my eyes I discovered that the 1st name on the list was longer than the 2nd name, (and my name is longer than Joel’s name), but I could not see clearly what was written there, I moved a bit closer again and zoomed again and I was able to see that it ws my name but I could not see the post written in front of it,

“Chai! This principal wise o, he don cover the posts sha” I said in my mind and started preparing for the speech I would give in case I was the head boy.

The principal started calling the names one after the other, all of us were set on the corridor facing others, he began to assign the posts as it was written on the list from lowest to the highest, the senior girl was from art department, Deborah was the assistant senior girl, Mary and Kayode were the social prefects, Rachael was the health prefect, Roliat and Salamot were the laboratory prefects etc the principal continued

“…and the assistant senior prefect boy of the school is…… Adewale Joel Johnbull while Williams Henry Opeyemi is the senior prefect boy for the year 2010/2011 and he happens to be the youngest head boy in the history of this school since 1989.” As he finished the announcement, he left immediately, the microphone was handed over to Mr Fash, whole students were shouting at random, I didn’t know what to do next, Joel and I hugged eachother.

I collected the microphone,

“(sighs) Wow! It’s surprising! Well, I return all the glory back to God for making it possible. A lot of thanks to the principal, Mrs Adelaja and other teachers (I looked @ Mrs Adelaja’s face and she was just smiling) for the decision that favoured me. Bundles of thanks to my friends for their support, and to my lovers, a huge thanks to you guys. All I need from you fellow students is your cooperation, perfect one and with that, everything will go peacefully, now to my Number two (Joel), (I moved closer to him and put my left hand around his shoulder) he has for once been my Number one, but now I call him the 2nd head boy and not the assistant. Thanks to you all.” I dropped the microphone. The assembly was dismissed, some hefty guys from commercial class came up and carried me and some were shouting “youngest! Youngest! Youngest!” They went round the school when I was busy laughing and shouting on top of my voice,

“Don’t let me fall o!!! “. That day, I was happy from within me.

?To Be Continued


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