Love Really Is Strange – Episode 32

By Lydia Jonathan

�So? How did it go, any luck?� Mimi rushed to the door as soon as I got home and opened it for me, so as not not alert the family that I just got home

�At least let me come in, I frowned and she stepped aside for me to come in

I got in and shut the door, the warmth of the house enveloping me, and I breathed in the warm air, having been outside in the cold, with thin clothing. Just then, there was a thunderclap and a heavy downpour followed after

�Thank God� I said under my breath, staring at the downpour through the window

�It’s as if the rain was waiting for you to get home first� Mimi spoke, and my head whipped up to look at her. I shrugged and we went to our room

I dropped my bag and avoided her stare and made my way to the bathroom, locking myself in. Mimi didn’t bother knocking and I was grateful. I had my bath, brushed my teeth, before coming out with a towel round my body, as I threw my worn clothes into the laundry basket

Mimi was now lying on the bed on her back, still not saying anything, but I could feel her gaze boring into me. I did nothing to answer or give in to her while I put on my night wear. After I was done, I twisted my hair in a bun and crawled into the other side of the bed

I was about closing my eyes to sleep when I felt myself been turned around, and I was now facing Mimi who had a frown on her face

�Why won’t you tell me what happened. Was it that bad? You still didn’t get to meet him?� she asked and I sat up. She did same, but her frown turned to a pitiful look cause I remained silent

�I’m so sorry Liz�, she made to hold my hands but I raised them up to rub my face before removing them and placed them on my lap

�I met him actually� I said, and her head whipped up, but she had a questioning look

�So, how did it go?�

�I waited for him to finish up, since he won’t see me without an appointment in his office. He did finish up and I waited and met him outside. I told him I had to talk to him, but he didn’t answer or say anything. He just stared for a while before turning to leave

�Hey� she called me, as I finished explaining. �It’s going to be okay� she assured, but even she knew it wasn’t that easy. I nodded and gave her a strained smile. We decided to not talk about it anymore and sleep

�Aren’t you hungry?� Mimi asked

�No� I replied, as I drifted into sleep


The next day,we left the house for the caf�. We went about arranging the place and soon the place was open, and customers trooped in. My workers all had smiles on their faces to see me back at the caf�. Can’t blame them, I’m glad to be back also, after taking a break to try to get to talk to Evans, but not even succeeding.

�Oh my gosh, I missed you� I felt someone jump before I could even register who, the person’s scent enveloping me

�I missed you too� I smiled as I hugged her back. We pulled away later and she had a smile on her face. �Do you know how scared we were?� Stephanie frowned a bit

�I’m sorry I made you guys worry� I smiled and my eyes landed on Princess. She too came and hugged me before they took their seats in their favourite spot

�We heard about Evans. We’re so sorry Princess said and Stephanie nodded

�He still doesn’t remember? She asked and I shook my head

�Hey� don’t worry, he will remember� she held my hands, giving a reassuringly smile while I gave a strained one.

After a while of gisting, and they filling me on on what has been happening, they finally left and Mimi and I went on about our work. My eyes from time to time, scanning the opposite building, hoping to see him, but no luck

With a dejected sigh, I closed the last window before turning to Mimi

�Are you ready?� I asked,as we finished for the day and ready to head home. She nodded.

�Let me just get my purse from the inside” she ran inside. I stood waiting for her when suddenly the front door pushed open

�We’re closed� I said to the intruder, my back turned to the front door, as I pressed away on my phone, but the footsteps came closer. I turned to tell the person away, but my breath got caught in my throat and I suddenly got tongue tied.

�So I thought about it, since you know about my accident and you want me to remember whatever�….. he trailed, looking away from me, while I stood still, still not believing Evans was actually here

�You said three days?� he turned back to look at me. I tried talking but words didn’t come out, so I nodded instead

�You’ve got it� he said and turned to walk away. I snapped out of my stunned state and stopped him

�When, when will you be free?� I asked cautiously, hoping he won’t change his mind

�I’ll call you� he replied. He turned and opened the door, my brows creased as a frown made a way to my face and as if sensing my confusion even with his back turned

�I got your number from Henry� he said and left the caf�

I smiled as I turned around to do a happy jump, but bumped into Mimi instead who had her hands crossed over chest, a smile tugging on her lips

�So?� She asked, a little too excited.

�So what’s the plan?� Mimi asked while we were at the caf�. Customers weren’t much this morning, and the lady workers were handling the few

�I don’t know� I shrugged

�What do you mean you don’t know?� she asked, sounding confused. �Why then did you ask for three days if you don’t have a plan?�

�Its the only thing I could think of at that moment, and I didn’t think he’d agree to it. Plus it’s been four days since he promised to call, but he hasn’t

�You’re unbelievable� she breathed out. �So what if he calls now�

�I doubt it� my face turned to look at my phone resting on the table as I sighed in resignation. �You know what? It doesn’t matter anymore. I guess it’s never going to work out� I turned back to her and she had a �You’re joking right?� look on her face. She opened her mouth to say something but the sound of my phone ringing cut her off

We shared gazes, before she nudged me to pick it up

I checked the caller id and didn’t recognise it

�Its unknown� I whispered to Mimi

�Of course it’s unknown, it’s a new phone and sim, now answer it� she gritted out

�Okay, okay� I breathed out and pressed the phone to my ear after swiping answer on the screen.

�Hello?� I asked, but the caller remained silent on the other end

Mimi looked at me quizzically, but I shrugged

�Hello?� I tried again, and then he’s voice came up

�I’ll meet you in twenty minutes� he replied and dropped the call

I dropped the phone from my ears, and Mimi was staring at me with questioning eyes, waiting for answers

�He said he’d meet me in twenty minutes� I said dropping the phone on the table. She remained quiet as if registering what I just said before her her eyes widened in realisation

�He’s coming?� she asked

I nodded and she beamed clapping her hands. �Told you he’d call� she nudged me, while I gave a strained smile

�Why, what’s wrong� her smile dropped when she noticed my less enthusiasm.

�Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he called, infact excited, but now…..

�Now what? She enquired, her brows furrowing

�Now I’m scared� I breathed out. I told him I can make him remember me, but honestly, I don’t know how. What if after the three days expires and I can’t still make him remember. And what if he doesn’t remember me at all, then what? We just go back to him not noticing me, and me being miserable?

�Hey� she squeezed my hands lightly. Why not take it a step at a time. He’s going to be here soon, for you, and I know you’re dying to see his face� she chuckled, causing me to smile

�You see….� she smiled �Look, even if he doesn’t remember you, why not make these three days a memorable one. Make new memories with him, even if it doesn’t last, make it count. Okay?�

�Okay� I nodded, breathing out. �I can do this� I got up and Carried my phone and turned to go take my purse inside when she stopped me�

�What?� I asked

�Don’t tell me you’re going to see him like this�

�Yea, why? I looked down at my outfit which was a boyfriend jean with a T shirt that read �I’ve got no worries�

�You’re going to make him remember he loved you, and you’re very much still in love with him, not make him think you want to join the hippie convention� she said pressing away in her phone. My face scrunched, as I realised she just insulted my fashion sense and was about to say something, when she raised he finger to stop me

�Hi, can you please come to the caf� she spoke to someone on the other line

�And please come with a dress� she paused for sometime before saying �For Lizzy� before hanging up. She turned to me. �Stephanie’s gonna be here soon� she beamed

Stephanie came in ten minutes. �I brought shoes too� she announced, smiling, and they both pulled me in, and went about giving me a make-over as stephanie had called it. Soon they were done and it had been exactly twenty minutes. My phone beeped and I picked it up. It was a text from Evans which read �Come outside�

I showed them the text and they clasped their hands happily, almost pulling outside. They reached the door to the caf�, and left me to go on, the smiles on both their faces like a mother handing her daughter over for marriage.

Taking a deep breath, I sent them both a grateful smile and pushed the door open. I clutched my purse to my side as I made my way to Evans who was resting on his car, clad in a tucked in long sleeve shirt with trousers, with hands of the shirt folded to his elbow. He looked really, really handsome and I felt my nerves come back full force as I walked slowly over to me. As soon as he saw me, his frown dropped as he took in my appearance. I was wearing a black beaded sheath dress which stopped well above my knees, with silver purse and sandals, which we argued about. Apparently stephanie brought the sandal as a back up cause she had a feeling I won’t wear the killer heels she brought also, and she was right. In all, I think they did a great job as I felt Evans eyes on me, even when he doesn’t remember me. it felt nice.

I got to where he was, offering a little smile

�Are you ready?� he asked, backing away a little from his car. I nodded and he opened the door, to the passenger seat for me to enter. I thanked him and he closed it after me, turning to the other side. He entered and closed his door also, putting the car in ignition

�Where to?� he turned to ask me

…To be continued


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