Judgement On Earth – Episode 6

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� Akoto Alexander

Now every finger is pointing at no one but Dennis. Lawyer Akuffo was by now boiling with rage and the things that were running through his mind was nothing good when he finally releases it out. He murmurs to himself “so this foolish boy is paying me back with evil right? After I have secured admission for you at the Polytechnic you now lure my daughter to you at the room I rented for you. I believe he must be defying my daughter by now. Hmmmmm I will rent another room for him at the police station should I meet my daughter there with him. He asked the girls around when was the last time they set sight on her daughter? Some said a week, whiles others said 3days, others also said a different thing and all this mentionings got Lawyer Akuffo more furious. He called the line of Dennis but he was not answering, he had left the phone behind when he was going to class but Lawyer Akuffo taught it was deliberate simply because both lines were not being answered by the 2people.

Lawyer Akuffo immediately left the hostel to the Regional Police Headquarters to lodge a formal complaint and further stressed that Dennis had kidnapped his daughter against her wish. He requested to see the regional commander who was his secondary school mate and when he gave a long sermon to his friend on how good he has been to this boy who is now paying him back with evil. Upon hearing this and knowing who lawyer was he delegated his finest men from the Panther’s Unit to go to the residence of the alleged kidnapper. When they go the entrance of Kumasi Polythenic, lawyer Akuffo saw Dennis rushing back to his house. Lawyer smiled and told the Inspector sitting in his car with him, look at that boy in the white shirt rushing out of the school, he’s in a hurry to go and devour my daughter, let’s follow him closely and see where he ends up, he might be heading towards where he has kept my daughter and if I catch him red handed with my daughter erh I swear I will throw him in jail personally, ungrateful good for nothing gold digging nonentity. The Inspector gives a command to his boys to be on a standby for a quick response the moment he gives a signal through his walking talker. They followed Dennis in a close distance till he entered a house, the police then took cover in the trees around the house Dennis entered waiting for a command from their squad leader. When Dennis got to his room he rushed to see if Dufie by now had called back seeing his missed calls earlier on in the morning but to his surprise there was nothing like that. He packed some few things of his, to head back home and visit his sick father, but before, he planned passing by Dufie’s school first before going home. As he stepped out of his room and moved out of the house with his bag behind him, lawyer said to the Inspector See! See!! See!!! He is running away from us and the blunder he has committed, please don’t let him get away. The Inspector gave a command and his boys dashed out from the trees and bushes they were hiding from.



Freeze!!! Was the only thing you could hear, but Dennis was still moving because he knew he was not the one he was being referred to. Rather he increased his walking tempo to pave way for the police to run their business smoothly. The next thing he heard was a gunshot in the air, which made him to lie flat on the ground. The police quickly rushed to where he was laying and started beating him mercilessly, you foolish boy we told you to freeze and you were trying to play smart by running away, you will see what will happen to you when we get to the police station and the beatings still continued. Dennis by this time was bleeding from his nose, mouth and body as the a result of the boots and punches he received when he was laying on the floor. Thankfully the Inspector gave a command for them to stop and asked that no one should touch him again until they got to the police station. He ordered them to put him in one of the land rover cars they came with. Meanwhile lawyer Akuffo was still sitting in his car enjoying the view he was seeing, he got angry when the Inspector got down from his car and gave the order for them to stop beating him. Dennis by this time was dumbfounded as to what was going on, all he was asking himself was what wrong has he done that we subject him to this ordeal, all the same he kept mute till they took him to the police station. There he could ask for the reason why they have treated him like a thief that has been caught stealing from someone. In fact he had it in mind that he will call for the assistance of his future father-in-law to deal ruthlessly with this unprofessional policemen who had mistaken him for someone else. Little did he know that the person he was planning to call upon was the brain behind his misery this hot Friday afternoon. As they got to the police station, Dennis was locked immediately in the Panther’s Unit cell where harden criminals that had been apprehended were looked. He was drenched in blood and his white shirt was now red in colour. His ribs were really hurting him while his head had increased in size, he hadn’t received such beatings ever in his life because he knew his background so he never involved himself in anything that will warrant such beatings in his life, as if that was not enough his new room mates gave him a really welcome party. They gave him a beating twice what he received from the police earlier on.




Season 2

Episode 2


Dennis took a hell of a beatings when he was locked up in the most dreaded cell comprising of the harden criminals in town in the Panther’s Unit cell. Later the cell leader commanded that the new comer should be left alone. The beatings had given Dennis a branding of face, his face had swollen that not even his parents or siblings could identify him should he come in contact with any of them at the moment. The cell leader asked him his crime for bringing him to the toughest cell in the whole regional police station, Dennis disclosed to him that he didn’t know of any crime or wrong he had done and that he was yet to be told the purpose of his arrest. What he knew was that he was on his way to visit his sick father and before that he planned to pass the KNUST campus to check on his girlfriend and on his way, he met this police officers who mistook him for someone else. The cell leader by now looked at Dennis perplexed, he asked him 3 times if he was sure he was telling the truth to everyone present in that cell and to which Dennis repeated the same answer to him. That night was the longest night Dennis had ever witness as he was made to sleep at the bunker(cell toilet). Dennis couldn’t sleep because of the severe headache he was having as a results of the beatings he had been subjected to in the afternoon. The night was the longest night ever that Dennis had witnessed in his life. He felt cold and dejected and the smell of the toilet close to him was no an easy thing and the mosquitoes around were also not friendly at to him. All he prayed for that night was for the sun to just rise for day to break, as slow it was the tortoise came out of its shell gradually. The sun was out finally and the other inmates started receiving visitors and food from their family members and friends who came visiting. Who would visit Dennis and bring him food was a question only God knew answered to, later the cell leader gave Dennis a left over of the food he ate but Dennis had already lost the taste of food. His mouth was filled with wounds and injuries due to the beating he received the previous day. He pleaded with the cell leader to speak with the police officer on duty to place a call through to Lawyer Akuffo but unfortunately his appeal didn’t materialise in any way possible. The police officer on duty told the cell leader that an order from above had been stipulated down that no one should attend to the needs of Dennis until further notice. Hmmmmm Dennis was at the cross path of thought because he still didn’t know what was the cause behind this unlawful detention and assaults from the police officers who arrested him. All he prayed for now was for the senior officer in charge of the case to come and read out his charges to him. All Dennis was told by the police on duty was that, when time for his statement to be taken comes, he will be brought out for a CID to do so or if the commander or anyone who is handling his case wants to see him or needs to see him, he will be brought out so he should restraint patience. The most annoying and painful thing was one of the female officer’s on duty said that pained Dennis to the marrow was, “hey you ungrateful virgin kidnapper you think you are the only criminal in that cell? Do you think you are the only criminal in that smelling cell? Better shut up before I move all of you to the latrine!”. This statement of the officer triggered anger in all the other cell inmates and this brought to Dennis another beating spree. The beating was so bad and severe that Dennis passed out in the process, I mean Dennis collapsed. When the inmates saw Dennis not to be moving again they quickly called the counter officer in charge that morning that Dennis has collapsed and if he is not quickly rushed to the hospital they might loss him. As all this was taking place the father of Dennis was at the verge of dying so he was also rushed to the Okomfo Anokye Teaching hospital.



When the poor, the weak and the meek suffers violence, who speaks for them? Hmmmmm if you don’t have money, power or know anyone influential person to speak for you when you are in trouble or crisis, you will then know that Freedom and Justice sometimes is very expensive. But the elders say the animal without a tail, gets its body cleaned by is the almighty God.

*What will be the fate of Dennis?

*Will he survive this torture?

*Will he be able to see his sick father?

All answers to this questions will take place in the subsequent episodes about to be released. Don’t miss any episode because you might miss out on a lesson that will help unravel a misery in you life.





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