Judgement On Earth – Episode 1

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My name is Obed Narh and today is my 55th birthday. I am supposed to be celebrating this wonderful day with my family and friends but unfortunately for me I find myself at a place where no one cares for his brother or neighbour. The motto of this place remains “EVERYONE FOR HIMSELF, GOD FOR US ALL”. I find myself in the midst of thieves, murders, fraudsters, pick pockets, drug barons, rapists, gays, hoodlums, social outcasts, miscreants and a little innocent people like myself. I find myself at a place where, what I will eat, what I will wear, where I will go and even when I will sleep is determined by my fellow human being. I find myself at a place where I have come to respect FREEDOM very much to the extent that I will exchange anything I have just to see myself out of this place. I thought it was all a dream some years ago when I was first brought here but sleeping and waking up every morning here has brought to my inquisitive mind the fact that I will be here for a very long time, maybe I might not even get out of here alive and even if I do survive till am free once again, where would I go from here. The family that I wanted to build once has deleted me out of their mind and the person who I tried to please that led me to this place has also never for once passed by to check up on me even!!!!! My world crushed because I was to stubborn to hid to advise. I have stepped wrongly on a lot of toes, I have played and tormented many hearts, I have ruined lives of many innocent girls, I have destroyed many wombs and shuttered the dreams of many ladies, I know my doings have also brought to some ladies life most expensive sickness, I know some ladies are now lesbians because of the heart breaks I brought to their lives, whiles others have turned into big time men players, I know because of me many young female souls have been led to their early graves and finally I know very well that millions of curses have been heaped on my head, I believe strongly that those curses I received played a pivotal role for me to get here and in fact my “JUDGEMENT ON THIS EARTH”, met up with me and that is why I find myself in JAIL(Country no Vesh).



Episode 2


It is about 10am on a sunny friday morning and the prisoners are preparing to go to the field for some labour work at the Osei Tutu plot. Two(2) prisoners meet and this is what ensures between them.

1st Prisoner: Charlie day break again

2nd Prisoner: Oh my brother, how is your day?

1st Prisoner: Fine oooooo. But………..

2nd Prisoner: But what?

1st Prisoner: Yon know, its been a hard time behind these walls for 25 good years.

2nd Prisoner: Did you say 25 years?

1st Prisoner: You heard me right feeling boastful.

2nd Prisoner: You’ve been here for on 25 years and you’re singing praises for yourself. Well for your information, I’m ending my 33 years jail punishment just next Friday on the 5th of August 2016.

1st Prisoner: Ehh!!! Then you grow for here papa. I think you need to be awarded for standing this harsh conditions for over 30years. In any case, is that the reason for the Accra-Tema motorway on your head?

(They both laugh over the joke)

2nd Prisoner: But what do you think these grey hair stands for? I have been around in this world for a long time. I am 77years old, just that I still look young and have got my swag on.

1st Prisoner: You mean “Prisoners Swag”?

2nd Prisoner: Nonsense

(They once again laughed over their own made up joke).

1st Prisoner: I am sure you are right.

2nd Prisoner: Hey Charlie, call me that young man.

1st Prisoner: You call the Prison Guard a young man? My friend, are you looking for trouble this morning?

2nd Prisoner: Oh stop that my friend. What is wrong with calling him a young man? Isn’t he young enough to be my son?

1st Prisoner: Anyway why would you want me to call him for you by that name?

2nd Prisoner: It is because he has been in this prison for only 3years.

1st Prisoner: (Looks scared approaching the prison warder). Sir……… Sir…….. Sir. Can you please come with me to see the man sitted under Pawpaw tree?

2nd Prisoner: Why? Are you afraid of him that you speak so softly like a shy virgin?

1st Prisoner: Of course I should be afraid of him.

2nd Prisoner: Why should you be afraid when you are already in prison? Where else can he possibly send you again if not here?

(Meanwhile the guard who had heard the prisoner’s call comes closer)

2nd Prisoner: Massa how are you? Please help me buy some cigarettes?

Guard: How many sticks?

2nd Prisoner: Just one(1) packet.

(After guard had left)

1st Prisoner: I have to respect them so that they can help me not to finish my 50years sentence that I must stay here.

2nd Prisoner: That may be a good idea though, I don’t see what you will be going out there to do after 50years of being here. I pray you survive the second part of your sentence with good health and strength!

1st Prisoner: Anyway what brought you here?

2nd Prisoner: My friend, it’s a very long story but I will cut it short for your understanding.

(Guard comes with the cigarettes).

1st Prisoner: I want to hear it all.

2nd Prisoner: You see, it is a long story full of sorrow and it remains very fresh and indelible in my mind. (He lights a stick of the cigarette and takes a deep draw on it).

1st Prisoner: I believe it must be an incident that really worries you very much. All the same I would love to hear it if it doesn’t bother you so much.

2nd Prisoner: It was was 37years ago in the Garden City, Kumasi. I was happily married with three(3) children until my wife travelled together with my children making life very uncomfortable and ……………..

1st Prisoner: Come on and what?

2nd Prisoner: Well it was like this. I was once a Professor at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


…to be continued


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