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The Journey After – Episode 7

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The Journey After Episode 7

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I woke up with a start and the way my head ached with no remorse made me shut my eyes immediately. I gave myself a few minutes for my head to calm down before opening my eyes again. The hospital room was empty and that made me wonder how long I was out for. Then it all started coming back to me gradually, everything that happened to me before I must have gone unconscious. I remembered my baby and quickly lifted the sheets to check but my stomach had gone down. I saw the incision scar from when they must have brought my baby out and I immediately got up to go check my baby but the pain in my head and wave of dizziness made me lay back down. Is my baby alive? Or did Jaiye actually take it all from me? I saw the bedside bell and rang for the nurses.

Few Seconds later, two nurses came into my room quite happy to see me conscious.

”Madam, we thank God you are finally awake, the doctor is on his way to check on you”, the first nurse said quite kindheartedly.

” Thanks nurse, please where is my baby and how long was I out for?”

Before she could answer, the door opened and the doctor came in, to my utmost shock it was Taiwo, my long time family friend. I could not even dwell on the shock of seeing him again after about 5 years, I just needed information about my baby.

”Taiwo? Please can somebody tell me how my baby is? I want to know what happened please?”

”Nimi, you need to calm down first, let me check you to make sure you are okay”.

As he continued with his check up, I was getting more nervous. I snapped at him when he asked how many fingers I was seeing and other stupid questions about my date of birth and my mother’s name. I finally got upset.

”Where the hell is my child? I shouted, totally frustrated.

It was at moment that Chisom walked in and she was carrying my baby in her hands. The relief and joy I felt at that instant was beyond description. I ignored my pounding head and immediately sat up refusing to pay attention to the nurse’s protests. Chisom did not waste a second and immediately placed him in my hands. He looked so perfect and I did not even notice the tears until the first one dropped on him. The joy that such perfection could come out of my marriage with Jaiye was overwhelming.

”Nimi, you were in coma for 2 weeks. I am so sorry I was not there to stop Jaiye, if I had known, I would have insisted you stayed with me”, Chisom said.

”You can’t blame yourself for Jaiye’s mistakes. I am just grateful my child came out alive”

”Nimi, we had to do an emergency caesarean section when you came in because your water had broke. Your baby was able to survive at 32 weeks without being put in an incubator because he was actually big. He was weighing 2.1kg. You also suffered some head trauma which is what led to the coma and you had some cuts and abrasions to your neck. We will keep you here for a few days more just to make sure you are okay before releasing you to go home with your baby”.

”Okay thanks Taiwo, I am really glad I had somebody familiar around to take care of me. See you going all serious on me now. The doctor” I laughed as I made jest of him. Taiwo and I were quite close growing up and he got married about 3 years before me.”

As soon as Taiwo and the nurses left, Chisom sat down and gave me more information.

”Thank God I came in at the right time. Jaiye actually left you in the house there without calling for help. The police actually caught him the next day, he made no effort to run. It was like he had given up on life you know. He looked so resigned. He hass being charged for attempted murder and the good news is that the Judge was informed of the new developments and situation and he formally dissolved the marriage. You my dear, are a divorced woman”.

I thought I was going to be happy but I just broke down crying. I did not feel any relief that Jaiye was going to court or that I am not divorced. I felt so sad at how things turned out. I never imagined that Jaiye and I would have this kind of ending. He was such a good guy and we were genuinely happy at some point.

”Chisom, do you think I did this to Jaiye? Did I actually destroy his life?”

”Nimi, you can’t blame yourself for what is happening to Jaiye, he actually tried to kill you. He just had so much bitterness inside of him that he could not let go and you can’t blame yourself for that”.

I just kept staring at my son as he slept and started bombarding Chisom on how he had been eating. He still did not feel like mine yet as I held him.



The only way I had gotten through the last six months was with the help of Taiwo and Chisom. I finally found out Taiwo lost his wife during child birth a year after their marriage so his experience with his daughter was really helpful. I never thought I would end up being a single mother. Jaiye’s matter was still in court and I was due to go to court to give testimony at the next court date. As I sat across from Taiwo that Friday evening after just putting my son, Remi to bed, I already knew what was coming,

”Nimi, I know you have been through so much already, but I really want to be more than friends. I have been a widower for 5 years now and this is the first time I actually feel like I can move on. I know it’s going to be hard for you to trust…”

I cut him short immediately deciding to put him out of his dilemma.

”Taiwo, I don’t have trust issues. I know that not every man is like Jaiye and I will eventually open up but it has just been six months. You have had five years to deal with your pain, I have just had six months. It’s too soon seriously.

”Okay Nimi, I will wait for you. Whenever you are ready.

”No Taiwo, I don’t want you to wait for me. What if I am never ready? Remi is my priority right now, I am not sure”.

”Nimi, I will wait”

I did not bother arguing with Taiwo anymore. One thing was sure, I was not ready for another relationship at the moment. As I looked at Taiwo I just wondered what the future holds…



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