The Journey After – Episode 6

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As soon as I recovered from the shock of seeing Jaiye at my door, I tried to shut it in his face but he was quick to put his foot in blocking my attempt.

”Relax Nimi, I just want to talk”

I looked at him, quite skeptical about his sudden attempt to have a conversation when he had avoided it for the past four months. It was obvious he could feel my hesitation because he immediately tried to persuade me.

”Seriously Nimi, Our divorce is getting finalized in about a month. We had some good times in the past, don’t I at least deserve a few minutes of your time?”

My good sense was telling me, he deserved nothing and I owed him nothing but my inquisitive self wanted to know what he had to say so I foolishly let him in.

Jaiye took a few minutes to look around and then he came to sit on the sofa.

”You have a nice apartment here babe”

I didn’t miss the ‘babe’ in the statement and I quickly corrected him.

”I am not your babe anymore”. He laughed at that and I couldn’t help but smile at that retort.

”So how is my baby doing? And I am referring to my real baby in your stomach not you”

”Whatever, she is fine though. Getting close to the day. I am getting quite eager about it.”

”What makes you think we are having a girl. It is definitely going to be a boy trust me,” he smiled.

”In your dreams Jaiye, in your dreams”

”Okay so now that the baby is almost here and my mum is back in the village, I was hoping you will finally put an end to all this foolishness and come back home”

I sat there stunned for a moment. This definitely needed clarification. ” What foolishness exactly are you talking about Jaiye, I don’t think I understand” I said, confusion evident on my face.

”Nimi, please don’t play coy with me. You wanted to prove a point by moving out and filing for divorce, fine point taken. Can we just tell the court we have resolved our issues and continue our lives?” He said with all cockiness and confidence.

I laughed when he was finished. It was actually funny. He was so clueless it was funny.

”So you think this is a joke? You think I am trying to prove a point?”

”Of course, why else will you do all these unnecessary drama as if I would actually let you raise my child without me”

”Jaiye, get this straight, just in case you have been confused. I am never coming back to you. I loved you and was content trying to deal with our issues but constant violence is where I draw the line. I will never subject my child to growing up around such bitterness”

”Point of correction, it’s our child and not yours. Secondly, there was no constant violence. I only hit you maybe three times…”

”Please stop spewing rubbish Jaiye, you only hit me three times and that makes it okay?”

”It’s not about it being okay. You caused it on every occasion I beat you. You cost me my job and you insulted and beat my mother”.

”Jaiye I did not beat your mother and please enough of this costing your job thing. You know what, I am actually glad it happened because it brought out your hidden flaws”

”You are happy it happened?” I could see the anger brimming in his eyes and I immediately got up and started to shift back.

”You are happy you destroyed a perfectly good life for me? You are happy you turned me into this person I have become? This person I totally hate? You are happy?”

”Jaiye, please leave my house. I think you have overstayed your welcome. We will see in court”

I kept moving back as he advanced towards me, I took a quick look around searching for my phone so I could call for help. I knew there was no escaping the violence as he came. As I made a move to grab my phone from the table, he had anticipated my move and beat me to it, throwing it to the wall. I stared in shock as it shattered to pieces. I resorted to begging him.

”Jaiye please, I am carrying your baby. please just leave”

”So now you know that is my baby? Now that I think about it, are you sure that baby is mine? All those late nights at work, is that baby actually mine? I am thinking maybe that is why you found it so easy to destroy my life and then leave me, you want to go and marry your baby daddy right?”

”Jaiye, listen to yourself, you know I didn’t cheat on you”

”Now I am a liar? You are a life destroyer Nimi and this world is better without you in it”

”When did you get so bitter Jaiye, why? What happened?”

”You happened my dear Nimi” he said as my head swerved to the right from the effect of the slap he just gave me. I held my big stomach trying to console my baby that it was okay even though I didn’t feel so sure. He pushed me so hard, I hit my back on the wall and fell to the floor. I tried my best to cushion my fall to save my baby. The next kick was direct to my belly and that was when the real fear crept in. As he came towards me, I felt the tears roll down my face. I began to scream.


He grabbed me by the neck, choking me hard. I desperately tried to pull him fingers off my neck but his hold was so strong. He was looking straight into my eyes while killing me. I decided not to struggle anymore. There was no saving grace for me. As I felt the life inside of me slowly give way, my only regret was the child inside of me who never got to experience life. His eyes held no emotions, just plain cold and deadly. I eventually closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness that welcomed me.

…to be continued



  1. Wow this is cruel, jaiye went too far on
    this bitterness of his. A man controlled by
    his mama is nothing but a child or lemme
    say a fish.


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