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“I’M SORRY” – Short Romance Story

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I’m Sorry ~~~

by Annie Gracie ~~


I'm Sorry


Kobby was writing his final exam in senior high school when he came across beautiful Annie. He developed a sudden love for her – love at first sight.

They got to know each other and began a relationship which seemed like a perfect one. But there was Annie’s twin sister who lusted madly after kobby.

As they progressed, Kobby and Annie were admitted into different universities, Kobby in his country and Annie overseas. They promised each other to stay committed before going to their different schools.

But with the other beautiful girls seeking for Kobby’s attention in the university, can he really stay committed to the one who he is madly in love with? Will Annie ever forgive him if he breaks her heart?


Find out in this mind blowing story.


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7 thoughts on ““I’M SORRY” – Short Romance Story

  1. The prologue looks splendid

    Bring it on but I hope it wouldn’t be like TA
    RASHA that I have vehemently follow for
    more than two years now

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