Hannah – Episode 12


© Oyindamola Oloruntobi


Tomiwa was surprised when the guy bent to cut the rope used to tie his hands while the other presented him with a plate of food. Now his surprise heightened, a while, most likely, hours ago, these guys were doing everything to ki*ll him without actually putting a knife to his throat a pulling a bullet to his head and now, they are giving him food? Maybe the food was poisoned, well that was a easier way to die, less painful than a bullet or maybe it wasn’t, for now he was hungry so he would eat, poison or no poison.

“Oga Ade, chop fast fast, we go reach those your oga side tomorrow morning.” Tomiwa smiled inwardly so they finally believed him but that still didn’t mean they wouldn’t or couldn’t ki*ll him if they so wished. After eating, Tomiwa was allowed to sleep and regain a fraction of his strength then he led the two guys to Shanawole’s house in the early hours of the next day. chief had instructed them to let him go which they did but they took his phones; the android and a smaller one, his wallet with the little cash in it, his driver’s license was broken right there but they were kind enough to let him have his National ID card, he couldn’t complain na, which human in his or her right mind would when you were just seconds away from death, at least they gave him his life, for all he cared, they could break the ID too, he didn’t care, he just wanted them to drive off so the trekking could begin before day break. He decided to go a friend’s place first to sleep before calling his wife and going home.


Hannah was full of joy as she saw Tomiwa walk into the house, she ran to hug him with tears running down her cheeks, the children also came to welcome their father, it was a sober moment for the family of four, they’d gone through a lot lately. Hannah moved swiftly to clean Tomiwa’s wounds, there were cuts on his lips and face, he complained of body ache and there were bruises on his back. She treated him to a delicious meal, prepared a warm bath for him and let him sleep. The rest of the day went by without incident, Tomiwa slept with both eyes closed for the first time in a long time but he was still suffering from a mild case of paranoia. Tomiwa’s reassurance that all was well came when detectives Wale and Segun came visiting the next day and promised to take up the case and make sure the culprits were punished.

Little by little, Hannah moved their things out of the room to the one bedroom mini flat they’d rented with part of Tomiwa’s savings and monetary assistance from her father. The family was recovering from the ordeal and they worked hand in hand to stabilize Tomiwa. It is needless to say that Tomiwa has learnt that all that glitters is not gold.



He walked out of the house and looked up at the sky, it was a lovely day that God had made and for the first time in a while, he was glad and could freely rejoice in it. He was vindicated at long last, he could now walk on the street without looking over his shoulder, indeed, he felt super human, to his kids, he was a hero, to the community and the government, he was a good no, patriotic citizen. Wait, he laughed to himself, he was a beneficiary of corruption, the same corruption he always complained about; he could have serve a jail term but officer Suleman had pushed some buttons and pulled some strings and he walked out of the police station a free man. He’d declined witnessing against Scorpion and his gang in court; he was content with the role he’d played thus far. He was glad to be back with his family, religiously minding his keke business and being very cautious with his dealings lest there be a recurrence. He smiled again and got into his tricycle, started the engine with his family seated at the back, he rode out to start the business of the day.


Her father had gotten her a ‘container’ shop, she was really glad that baba had changed his attitude towards her, she went about her business with fulfilment but she still had her mind on expansion but she didn’t despise her humble beginning. The past few months had been a transition for her family, one which she drifted through like a dream.

She sat on the bench in front of her shop and exchanged pleasantries with her neighbours. It felt good to live normally again. The weeks when Tomiwa had been working with the police had been terrifying, she feared for the safety of her family but now that was all over. She was glad to have Tomiwa back to his normal self, her dad not treated her like his child and her big sister, Ruth, now associated with her like a sibling.

‘God bless my family’ she muttered to herself, life was indeed a journey of free will in that one could do as he/she pleased or do the will of the creator.


Thanks to Oyindamola for sharing this wonderful story with us.

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  1. indeed it’s a thrilling story and there is a lot to be learnt from it kudos to you and more grease to your elbow

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