DEFILED – Episode 9

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Regina was missing in her own thoughts,she knew the dangers abortion can cause,but harboring a baby in her womb was the last thing she can think of,especially when she is still under the watch of her parents..Her mother had noticed the change in mood of her daughter,but Regina was smart enough to convince her by telling her she’s just having her period…

This time,she called Mantebea with much haste,she knew the time was ticking slowly..


Regina:..Where are you?

Mantebea:..Am preparing to go to work

Regina:..Please,when are we gonna get rid of this thing

Mantebea:what?..the baby?

Regina:yea,my mom nearly fished me out..I had to be smart to fake a period

Mantebea:..Ok..we gonna meet after the Junction Mall…Don’t be late

Regina:..Ok…just that?

Mantebea:..Have some cash on you


Mantebea:..I’ll get back to you later


Mantebea was worried,she knew the kind of risk she was going to send Regina through,her mind was not at peace,but she was out of options,Regina is her best friend,and she’s not ready to see her messed up because of some ignorant man…

Akosua was already present at the office,she was watching through the window to see when Rama would arrive,the suspension letter was to be given to Rama by the receptionist immediately she arrives….

“Songs of Akosua

How lovely a man He is

But who am she to dare miss

When my heart loves a heart

but that heart also loves a heart

When all in my heart gives way

I fight to hold him to stay”

Akosua’s eagerness to clear Rama off the road was going to work for her,but how sure is she Aquila will forgive her for fueling the suspension of Rama?

Her mind quickly went back to the anonymous serial caller,she seem not to be too disturbed,she looked at the picture for sometime before trying to call the number…

“The number you called does not exist” came the reply..

Oh sh*t,what is all this sh*t about..somebody has my naked pictures out there,and I can’t even trace the person..hmm…she lamented..

It was 8:45Am when Rama reported to work,the receptionist greeted her with the letter which she threw into her handbag,she went forward to sign the register before dashing into her office..

She seem to have forgotten about the letter in her bag,or perhaps she didn’t just care to open it…

She went through her regular duties as usual,smiling and tossing from left to right as she relaxed in her executive chair…

Akosua was waiting to hear Rama dash out of her office,but she didn’t,she was confused..

Why is she not coming out?..or she is not disturbed about that?..or what is keeping her inside there?…Akosua asked herself..

Rama was still in the office after two hours of reporting,Akosua couldn’t just relax.she was confused whether the letter was really a suspension letter or something else,she got up angrily and went straight to Rama’s office…

Rama:..Do you understand the essence of being modest?,don’t you know how to knock?

Akosua:..Are you talking about modesty?..hahahaa..I don’t get pimped on office desks

Rama:..Pimped,and what is that supposed to mean?

Akosua:..You don’t know?..or you’ve not heard?..Well,everyone here knows you got laid in your office..

Rama:..Shut that dirty mouth of yours before I shut it for you

Akosua:..I think its time you read the letter you took from the front desk


Whaaat?…A suspension letter?…and what evidence do you have to get me suspended?..there is not camera here in my office…So how come?…….Rama cried out

Akosua:..Maybe there is secret cameras..just that you don’t see them..but they do see you..And you the only one who knows the guy…You know what I mean

Rama couldn’t believe what she was seeing,she quickly went straight to the office of Ragnar,she looked straight into his eyes whiles handing the letter to him..

Ragnar:..Yes..Did you or you didn’t?

Rama:..Did I what?

Ragnar played the video from his laptop for Rama to see,she was so embarrassed but had no place to hid her face,and with tears,she went back to her office to pick up her bag…After she explained what has happened to Araba,she left for the car pack..

Ndego:Madaam madaaam!!!

Rama:..Not now Ndego

Ndego:..Oh Madam..weytin do you..why you dey cry so

Rama:..Ndego I have been suspended

Ndego:..Oh…what you do?..

Rama:..Its complicated

Ndego:..Oh sorry Madaam..but who make dem suspend you

Rama:..I know Akosua is behind this…she actually hid a secret camera in my office,which caught me having romance with a guy..

Ndego:..Oh..Akosua make dem sack you sake of you pleep guy


Ndego:..diz girl no dey mind inn own errr?..because i no disgrace am yet she dey think say she go disgrace my Madam errr

Rama:..What are you talking about?

Ndego:..Oh Madam nothing

Rama:..You want me to sign you a check or not?

Ndego:..Ei Madam…this one you wan tempt me such

Rama:..Now you have my contact…call me when you are ready for a GHS5,000 check

Ndego:..I go call you Madam…walai…5,000?…kai

Aquila was his office and was not aware what had happened,then his door opened suddenly

Akosua:..Hello baby boy

Aquila:..Hey Akosua,it would have been better if you knocked

Akosua:..Sorry,I just wanted to tell you what you have not heard

Aquila:And what is that I have not heard?

Akosua:..Well..Rama your whatever just got her a$$ suspended


Akosua:..You mean you don’t know why?

Aquila:.Of course I don’t

Akosua:..Remember when you guys busy locking lips during office hours yesterday?

Aquila:..You mean that got her suspended?

Akosua:..Yeah of course..

Aquila:..And how did you know about that?…and why is she the only one being punished?

Akosua:..It does not matter,don’t cry loud..or else you will follow her…

Aquila:..Am worried

Akosua:..You don’t have to worry baby,am here for you..

Aquila:..Akosua,I need some privacy,please leave my office now

Akosua:Oh cmon relax

Aquila:..Do you want me to push you out

Akosua advanced and tried kissing Aquila,He landed a slap across her face which got her landing on the floor like a dead log..

Akosua:..Did you just slap me?

Aquila:..And I will do that again if you dare come near me again

Akosua:..I’ll make sure you pay for this..BET me..

Aquila:..What can you do?..get me suspended?..

Akosua:..Just wait and see

Aquila:..You can do your worst

Akosua went out shamefully and sneaked into her office,she knew she has just done a cos 90 job,she got Rama suspended because she wanted to get Aquila for herself..But she ended up being slapped like a mid day criminal…There was nothing she can do again…Threatening Aquila was just null..

Ragnar was standing face to face with Mantebea,He kissed her softly on the lips,she responded and pushed him to the wall,She has being waiting for this,her second day in his office,and He couldn’t keep his chill..They kissed for some couple of minutes…….Then Ragnar started feeling dizzy,slowly and slowly He fell like a log and was soon snoring like a pig..

Mantebea had dipped her fingers into a drug which can make one pass out,and during their kissing session,she offered her fingers to Ragnar..which He sucked gladly..Gladly into her trap…

Mantebea quickly tied him in his washroom and pushed some papers into his mouth to prevent him from shouting in case He should wake up…She went straight to his desk and took his phone,used Ragnar’s finger to open the fingerprint security…and there it was…Sex tapes..

Whaat?..Akosua is also his victim?..God help her…she needs to pay to get this video…Mantebea said…

She took all his ATM cards,Visa Cards,Cash and some documents…After that,she left the office premises without anyone having any proper identity of who she was….

Rama cried her eyes out,she was angry at the same time,she knew Akosua was behind all this,she prayed Aquila wouldn’t be suspended too…Then she heard a knock on her door..

It was Aquila

The two embraced and went back to the room..

She tried to explain but Aquila motioned her to stop,He caressed her until she drifted into sleep..and He also did…and the two slept clinging on to each other…

Akosua had seen Mantebea leave,she saw that as an opportunity to go pleasure herself,the door to Ragnar’s office was ajar,she stepped slowly inside and saw nobody,she was about leaving when she heard some kind of noise coming from the washroom..she run there immediately…and there He was…stripped naked and tied like a Sallah goat..

Akosua:what?..who did this to you…She said whiles helping him out..

Ragnar:..Where is that girl?

Akosua:..Which girl?

Ragnar:..Mantebea?…What,,she took all my valuables..I am dead

Akosua:..You mean a girl did this to you?

Ragnar:..We have to find her immediately

Akosua:..Wait,..did you say we?

Ragnar:..Of course we

Akosua:..Nope..why should I help you?

Ragnar:..Because I have our sex tapes on my phone and laptop

Akosua:..Whaat?..You mean you have been filming us all this while? not time to talk ok,we just have to get her

Akosua:..So you sent me the nude pictures yesterday?

Ragnar:,,what are you talking about?..I did not do that…now come let’s find her before we become “celebrities”..

Akosua was missing,she just followed him out like a sheep and He drove out like crazy…and where are they going to look for Mantebea??…

Ndego smiled as He saw them leave the office,He knew the bad card has just been moved…And He was ready to strike now…but now,He is gonna confide in Rama….Check mates…

…to be continued






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