DEFILED – Episode 3

� Danny Biitka

As usual,the office premises was quiet to the core,the clicks of computer mice could be heard everywhere,and a little chirps of stilettos…

Rama was busy working on her computer when she heard a knock…

And gently walking through the door was Aquila,He started work today and was taking time to say hi to the staff….Rama was surprised,couldn’t anyone tip her this guy got the job,Araba was absent too….she was by herself today..

Aquila:Hello,good morning

Rama:Errrm Ya,good morning

Aquila:I remember you from the Interview room

Rama:Yes,I was there

Aquila:I got the job and just passed by to say hi.

Rama:..You mean..Hi to me or?..

Aquila:..I mean the staff..just to familiarize with them

Rama:..Ok..Am Rama..Economist,In charge of Budget Reviews

Aquila:..Am Aquila..the new Accountant..Nice meeting you..

Rama:Nice meeting you too..

Aquila:..My office is next to yours,I hope we get to interact later..

Rama:..Oh ok..I hope so..

Aquila:.Ok I should get going…Catch you later

Rama:..See you too,thanks for coming..

Aquila:My pleasure

OMG!!…Was that him?…He came to my office?…But why didn’t they tell us they have employed them in the first place…I feel like He invaded my privacy…I wish Araba was here…

Her encounter with Aquila sent chills through out her body,goose pimples appeared on her ebony glow skin as she held her jaws between her palms to catch some warmth..She was surprised and happy at the same time..

It means,If He has gone to every office,then he has being to Akosua before coming,and I know that girl will behave in a strange way to gain his attention..She said to herself as she returned to her seat.

Rama came out of the office at noon,it was break so everyone was either going to the canteen or driving outside to a restaurant nearby,She looked around,and there he was,smartly dressed and his face buried in his phone,Rama gathered courage and went over to him..

Rama:Hi Aquila

Aquila:,,Hey Rama right?

Rama:..Yea,what are you doing her,ain’t you going for lunch

Aquila:..I will,am not sure where to go yet.

Rama:Oh,we can go together in my car,there is a restaurant around

Aquila:..Thank you,Am waiting for one Akosua,she offered to pick me up,she’s gone to pick up her bag

Rama:..Oh cool..nice..then am gone..see ya!

Aquila:See ya too..

I knew it,this girl did just as I guessed…hmmm…what am I going to do now…just look on as she takes him like that?…Hell No!…She told herself and she drove out of the office premises….

Workers were back to their various offices after two hours break,Rama was in her office contemplating on how to deal with Akosua,then she heard someone get into her office

Aquila:..Hey Rama

Rama:,,Aquila,whats up

Aquila:..I need you to give me this year’s budget allocations..

Rama:..Oh ok…please sit,let me print it for you

Aquila:thank you..

Rama:How did your break go

Aquila:..Mmmm..not soo well

Rama:..what do you mean by not so well?

Aquila:The lady was busy talking on the phone the whole time we left..I felt soo silly..

Rama:..Oh cmon…Maybe she’s nervous

Aquila:..I wished she was,let’s talk of something different

Rama:..Look,you came for this sheet..not a convo,we can talk later…If you ain’t aware,our CEO is the mad type..Understanding level very low..

Aquila:..Ok I hear…am just trying to know more about my new partners

Rama:..You can do that later after work…

Aquila:..Thank you..

Rama:Thank you too…

The kind of relieve that swept through Rama’s body was tremendous,she knew she has gotten a big chance to pounce on Aquila and do what Akosua couldn’t do,she immediately planned to get his number after work,and another idea came into her mind…

Why don’t I drive him home today after work….Perfect Idea…She said to herself..

She quickly took up some files that had to do with the budget and went straight to Aquila’s office..

Aquila:Hey Rama

Rama:I forgot to give you this…Its the budget statements for the previous years

Aquila:Thank you..

Rama:..I have to leave now

Aquila:Soo fast…?

Rama:..I have work to do…we can talk after work.


Rama:which route will you take home,am going towards spintex

Aquila:..Oh good..I live at Legon…I can hop in for a lift then

Rama:Good,come to my office immediately we close then


Rama:I’ll be waiting

Rama went back to his office with smiles on her face,she knew she had gotten hold of Aquila in a good way,she started packing her stuffs,went for her dressing mirror and went on to remake her facial looks…make ups,hair and contact lens to make her a slayer….she sat comfortably and waited until she heard Aquila come in..

Aquila:Hey,sorry I came late,I wanted to finish off some work..

Rama:..Oh don’t worry,was doing same here(She lied)..Can we go now?

Aquila:..Oh ya,after you..

Immediately they stepped out of the office,Rama saw Akosua descending the stairs,she had this look on her face,Aquila was talking on his phone so he didn’t pay attention to Akosua.

Rama:Hey whats up,I have not seen you the whole of today

Akosua:.Ya,am not feeling too good..Hey,what are you doing with him…That is the guy I told you about yesterday..

Rama:..He is going my way,so am giving him a lift in my car

Akosua:Please let me do it..let me drop him

Rama:..Then you should speak to him

Akosua:..Oh c’mon.please ask him to

Rama:..Well,if you can’t..Then I can’t help you..He wants to know more about the annual financial reports and I will be taking him through it,that is why He is going with me…you can have him tomorrow if you wish..

Akosua:..Hmm..Safe journey then

Rama understood the facial expression on Akosua’s face but she didn’t give a damn about it..After all what..?

The drive through traffic was not a strange sight to Rama,she knew shortcuts like google map,she meandered through tight corners until she got to a free road that linked her to the less free traffic prone highways,she agreed to drive Aquila to his home,which she actually wanted to,the conversation between them made them get to know more about each other.

Aquila is the only child of her Mom,Ms.Lina,she is woman in her early forties,but still looking soo fresh and young,Aquila never saw his dad after he left them angrily some many years ago when his parents had a quarrel,He was fifteen then,He came back to Ghana with his Mom to stay here permanently after staying in the USA for decades..

Aquila was single,He likes having fun and being with his Mom…

There two were raised by single parents,so they all kind of felt how it is to be with a single parent,but to them,it wasn’t a big deal…

Aquila alighted at a rather huge mansion,Rama was surprised but couldn’t ask him anything,Aquila proposed she came in to meet his Mom,but she didn’t want to rush things so she declined,they exchanged phone numbers before Rama drove to the Chinese Restaurant to buy herself a dinner pack.

She reached room earlier to catch her favorite TV series,she sat to watch as she had her supper,then her phone came to life,It was Aquila calling to confirm whether she’d gone home safely…

Rama was happy,but she doesn’t want to loose Akosua her friend,she called her and they had a hearty chat,but none mentioned Aquila..

What happens between us remains within us..she told herself after she hanged up…

She refreshed her whatsapp list,and started a convo with Aquila who was already online,they had chit chat deeper into the night before they bid each other goodnight..

Aquila declined Rama’s request to pick him up the next day,well..its his decision…

Going to bed,she prayed God give her a clean heart to win the heart of Aquila…She wished she had magic to place a love charm on him to get things working faster…But patience is golden..she thought

She drifted into the sleepy world with a mild smile on her face….

…to be continued

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